Africa and uk relationship

Britain has no hope of catching up with China in Africa

africa and uk relationship

Africa matters to the UK now more than at any time since the end of Empire. Renewed relations can, and should, be an important component of. When Britain will no longer be the gateway to Europe, it is imperative that it strengthens its relationship with the rest of the world. Africa is key to. — Press release. UK announces major investments in future of African youth through education and voluntary family planning. New UK aid.

So the UK must step up its support now, to work with African countries to build opportunities for the growing numbers of young people entering the job market every year.

Creating jobs for millions of young people is vital to ensuring the stability and economic prosperity of the continent. Trade can support the creation of millions of jobs and stimulate the trillions of pounds of investment needed to help countries ultimately move on from a dependence on aid.

africa and uk relationship

This is why — working with the International Trade Centre — we launched the SheTrades Commonwealth programme, an ambitious venture to boost the role of women in international trade, in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. This power of trade is also why the Department for International Development has funded the TradeMark East Africa programme, which has significantly reduced the time it takes to clear and transport cargo through Mombasa port and beyond, encouraging trade in and out of Kenya.

Another sign of our long-term commitment to trade. But there is also a lack of public and private investment in many African countries. We want to leverage British expertise to help change that. For example using our financial industries and the City of London to foster deeper capital markets and strengthen links between the Bank of England and other central banks.

At the Commonwealth Summit the Development Secretary announced a package of new initiatives to deepen the partnership between the Department for International Development, the City of London and African nations. It included the launch of a learning partnership between the Bank of England and central banks in Sierra Leone, Ghana and South Africa, as well as support for developing countries to access global capital markets in their own currencies.

There needs to be a huge increase in private sector funding if the UN Global Goals are to be met by There are several other ways I want to highlight this morning in terms of our work with our friends in Africa.

africa and uk relationship

We know that another important way to support African partners to make the most of the demographic dividend by supporting women and men to choose when they have children.

We know that 37 million women across Africa want to have access to family planning options. And we know about the wider societal benefits of empowering women to take control of their life and health choices. For over 20 years, DFID has been a world-leader in supporting women and men to access family planning. Our support planned through until is helping to save the lives of over women by preventing maternal deaths.

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And it reaches almost 20 million women with voluntary contraceptive choices. Family planning should feature on the finance agenda, on the infrastructure agenda and on investment agendas.

This is why the UK is delivering a step change in our support for access to voluntary family planning, doing more to empower women to take control of their lives and their health choices.

For every extra year a girl stays in school, her future wages rise by 12 per cent. This is why we have given such strong support to the campaign to secure 12 years of quality education for everyone, including all girls.

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We will continue to do this because it is absolutely in our national interest to do so — terrorism, illegal immigration and modern slavery do not respect borders. That is why we also work closely with African partners on the UN Security Council, the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, which is meeting today, and — of course — the Commonwealth.

In the decades since, the Chinese have gone at it with a vengeance; Britain is now pursuing a similar plan a full 41 years later, and unlike China, it lacks the capacity to significantly upscale its aid efforts.

The Chinese do it with huge infrastructural projects, ensuring that increased productivity can be facilitated by energy supplies and adequate transport, including rail. Small dreams On her trip, May herself became a viral sensation by twice attempting to dance. Her nickname, the Maybot, was appropriate to her game but robotic efforts.

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She seemed stuck in a handful of body movements with absolutely no ability to pivot. The notion of using aid to stimulate trade — especially trade of benefit to the aid sender — is as old as the hills.

The major beneficiary was meant to be the sender, whose generously donated equipment would need maintenance, repairs and upgrades, and bring in revenue receipts over and above the value of the original donation.

Of course, they now reap the benefits, as the bounty of their investment in Africa is fed back into their domestic economy. So even if May somehow makes good on her pipe dream, she should be careful what she wishes for. Napoleon warned that China was a sleeping dragon, and the world should be aware of what it could do should it awaken.