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Seras Victoria, Hellsing Alucard, Dracula, Anime Love, Manga Couple, Manga Anime, Got Caught~ Hellsing Cosplay, Hellsing Alucard, Manga Couple, Seras . Well, that takes care of another one,” said Seras Victoria, as the busty blonde looked down to the remains of the creature she just ble Hellsing: Blood Feeding . You have 2 questions here, and so there are 2 answers to provide. Your first question, Why did Walter want to kill Alucard, has little to no real.

Where the heck did the time go? Just then, the silliest idea entered her mind and Seras snickered at how cute and funny it was to imagine Integra as a one-year-old vampire, a small round-faced, chubby-fisted, monster-child with fangs. She sensed reflective thoughts about the past swirling around in Seras's mind. Now, the draculina was snickering. Integra turned slightly in her seat situated in front of a beautifully crafted vanity table made of mahogany.

With piqued interest, she glanced over her shoulder at the spiky blonde-haired vampire behind her. Her female confidante was wearing a pink and white t-shirt styled nightgown that depicted two cuddly kittens playing with a ball of yarn stretched across her large bosoms. For them, it was just something to whet the palate, something to placate their persistent thirst for blood. I cannot imagine what kind of barmy visions you have going on inside that foolish head of yours. Integra understood now that it was always easier to read minds of those whose blood you share.

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She couldn't help it. It was too easy to picture Integra as a baby, like in the old photo albums she saw a couple of times of Integra growing up. Only now, that cute pudgy baby with those sweet blonde curls had demonic red eyes. It was difficult to ignore the vision. Integra saw the mental image in the draculina's head much to her dismay. She did not see why it was so amusing. I know you're fifty-three but you don't look a day over thirty-three. And just so you know… you were a very cute baby—minus the fangs and red eyes of course.

It had been a while since she spoke to Arthur inside her inner world, a world she discovered while transitioning into a vampire. She gently tipped the glass up and swallowed the last mouthful of sweet red port.

When she set the glass back on top of the table, a troubled sort of thought entered her mind before she could stop it. Again, it was too late. Integra knew what the other woman was thinking. It came to her as flashing images, like that of a silent movie shown from an old reel projector. She also sensed trepidation in the other woman, cold and slick, it slid down her spine. Integra's back straightened sharply.

George's Cathedral that I would never give up on you or Alucard—do you remember? I do not regret a thing, Seras. I lost the battle against that lunatic. But if I were to choose again I would make the same choice, so don't even entertain such thoughts," Integra chided. That was just the kind of reassurance the younger woman needed to hear. Seras threw her arms around Integra's neck, hugging her from behind with her cheek pressed up against the side of her head.

I just wanted to make sure you're all right. I know that being a vampire is nothing like being human even if we still look human. Do you miss it? You can tell me, you know. She did however take pleasure in the floral scent coming off the other woman.

For a moment, Integra wondered if Seras used that fancy bath soap she bought for her as a gift from the last time they went shopping. And, well, there are a few things I long for once in a while," Integra admitted. I can tolerate it a little better these days and I know it won't kill me, but staying alert during the day is difficult sometimes.

I get tired so quickly if I get too much daylight. Truly, I still don't know how you and Alucard make it look so easy. I suppose that kind of vigour comes with time and experience. These mortal remnants clinging to my conscience are truthfully becoming harder and harder to grasp. Standing up straight, she released Integra from her awkward embrace and went back to brushing her hair. Of course, we will always oversee each case and offer them all the advice and manpower the Hellsing Organization can offer.

The training you have given the anti-freak squad is impressive. You've done a splendid job, Seras. But never forget that you are my commander first. They can keep begging all they like, but I will not let them have you. Together with our own paramilitary forces, England's forces and King Charles' support, supernatural threats don't stand a chance. And, no they don't. Integra closed her eyes peacefully. The brushing sent a course of delightful chills and prickles cascading over her skin.

She let herself relax a little and murmured, "Hugh is still vexed at me for not attending this year's opera ball, though. Even Sir Morgan did not attend this years' ball.

The wounds are still too fresh. She had heard that saying so many times. That's not what I was going to say, and you know it.

You sacrificed a lot to put a stop to Sergiu and his group of crazies. You did what you had to do. Why do you have to be so stubborn? Come now, you know Alucard is not as rough around the edges as he lets on.

He's in a better place now. Not once has he encouraged that I eat another human being. Now that's reassuring," Seras teased, unconvinced. You know that, right. It doesn't matter if you are human, a monster or some kind of fairy… he'll do whatever you order him to do. Is that a line from a movie? Immediately, both women turned to look at the middle of the room and scowled at the deliberate interruption.

Integra, have you seen my…" Seras groaned, cutting off her creator. Why do you always barge in on us?

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You mean busy nittering away like two old hens? Other abilities that would definitely fall into the eldritch would be how he takes and keeps the souls of others inside himself by drinking their blood and then able to summon them later as undead slaves.

The bullets for the Jackal do a wee bit more than pierce through any armor, to say the least. Lampshaded by Luke Valentine even: After one of Alucard's shots misses him, the entire hallway behind Luke gets blown up "A pistol It's surprisingly easy to rip him to shreds.

The hard part is making him stay shredded. A non-video game version and in this case it's Alucard's pools of souls that he's collected from drinking the blood of his victims. The reason Alucard is nigh unkillable and to resistant to normal vampiric weaknesses is because any damage done to him can be directed towards his familiar pool.

So every time he "dies" he really just sacrifices a soul inside himself to take the damage. When he releases all of his souls he is a singular entity and thus vulnerable enough to kill by piercing his heart. The first instance are Tears of Blood when he is dreaming of the day Abraham defeated him. The second instance follows Anderson's death after he used Helena's Nail. Alucard truly believed with all his being that Anderson was capable of beating him as a human.

As Anderson became a monster, Alucard was heartbroken that he'd thrown away everything about himself that Alucard respected, though he understood the reasoning behind the choice. Most supernatural things in the series stem from him in some way. Heaven and Hell help you if you have to fight him. Both in regards to taking down himself or his enemies. Blowing Alucard to pieces is how most people attempt to defeat him, although it never works out how they planned, since he's a regenerator.

On the other hand, Alucard just likes to shoot things full of holes For the Evulz.

More Teeth than the Osmond Family: His smiles would do an Anglerfish proud. Never seen naked or any of that sort, but there's a reason why he's on the Tall, Dark, and Handsome list. Alucard sprouts extra pairs during his battle with Rip van Winkle. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: You know, that Dracula?

Anyone who doesn't run is in for a bad time. He never questions whether God exists - in fact, his contempt for Him is so complete it almost wraps around to meet Anderson's zealotry from the opposite direction.

Nifty wide-brimmed red hat. He loses it about halfway through the series, though, along with his shades. He has extraordinary regenerative powers, being able to build himself back up from a pool of blood. He has a few. Most of them involve way too many eyeballs. And when he's opening his mouth to feed, he'll reveal a maw full of huge, dripping fangs that doesn't even remotely belong in a human face, and either snarl, laugh or both. Night of the Living Mooks: Contains an armada of the undead composed of the souls of every single person he has ever drained of blood read: Or at least when he's under Integra's direct influence.

Just like Anderson, he's completely disgusted by Maxwell slaughtering millions of innocent civilians in London and there's a few other points in the series where he expresses disdain for artificial vampires who kill innocents to satisfy their own Drunk with Power egos or petty, boring pleasures.

Alucard usually mocks, tortures, and kills them in short order after that. More or less a straight example up until the later part of the OVA, where his more sympathetic qualities begin to show.

As Girlycard, he fulfils this role to Walter in The Dawnfor rather obvious reasons. Alucard admits he and the Major are alike in Volume 4 as "incorrigible warmongers.

We slaughter our enemies and sacrifice all our allies. We'll keep killing until there is nothing left but to destroy ourselves. It will never be enough.

We are incorrigible warmongers, aren't we, Major? His comparison with Anderson in Volume 9 is thus far more accurate. Now, That's Using Your Teeth! How he stops one of Rip Van's bullets. It broke his jaw. With Integra, but whether it's romantic or not is Odd Friendship: With Walter, most predominately in The Dawn. Seems to have something of a strange relationship with the Queen as well, as they are both quite fond of each other.

Most likely has something to do with the fact that she has known him longer than anyone still living, like Walter. As far as we know, the oldest vampire in the series.

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Whether or not this is supposed to have romantic undertones is a Shipping issue. Every soul he has consumed, including Rip Van Winkle and the Dandyman, are summoned to fight. By the events of the OVA, he has thousands to millions of souls. Alucard considers Anderson the only human he will allow himself to be defeated by. It's implied that, since the time of Abraham Van Helsing, no one else has really measured up.

Alucard is not only sincere, but pleading when urging Anderson not to use Helena's Nail to become a monster. When Alucard is the one acting like this, you know something very, very bad is about to happen. He even cries tears of blood at the end of their fight, openly mourning the temporary loss of Anderson's humanity and his eventual death. Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: In his true form, he has a stereotypical Romanian vampire accent.

It goes without saying really, considering the whole vampire thing Seems to be this for Seras, along with Integra. It starts out very rocky, but they become more respectful and affectionate with each other as the series progresses. Seras is even gifted with one of Alucard's only genuine, non-slasher smiles after Millennium's defeat and her finally embracing the better aspects of her vampire nature.

His conversation with the Queen of England show him to be quite the gentleman. He speaks with her in a soft, kindly tone and openly compliments her. He also openly shows affection for Seras once she embraces the full power of being a True Draculina. Or at least very close to one in terms of power. See Superpower Lottery below.

Alucard's monstrous powers are kept in check by a series of four magical gates, called the Control Art Restriction System. Alucard has some access to these via the "Cromwell Approval", but Integra herself must authorize their level of use for the most part.

In the manga, and therefore in the OVA, Alucard is allowed to use any power he has access to at his current restriction level, but only has access to a subset of his powers unless all restrictions are released, and he cannot release any further restrictions without Integra's express permission, and then only as long as she permits, or as long as he needs to destroy an enemy in combat.

How it works in the anime is anyone's guess. Power Makes Your Hair Grow: The more powerful he becomes, the longer his hair grows out.

Although it's kinda difficult to tell where the guy's hair ends and where his shadow tendril things begin. But he definitely has more prehensile body parts than any creature has the right to have. Firmly believes that Humans Are Special and that becoming anything else, no matter the reward, is an act of weakness and cowardice. He has all of the mannerisms and motives necessary for this trope, but he only works for one person and he's absolutely loyal.

Though he's usually composed and a perfect gentleman, he turns into a giggling lunatic in battle. Default expression is a smile full of gnashers. Sometimes with More Teeth than the Osmond Family. He likes to let opponents literally rip him to pieces, apparently just to see the look on their faces when the pieces melt back together. Rage Against the Heavens: There's a reason he's no longer a Knight Templarthough the edge has been worn off a bit over the centuries - hence why he doesn't mind working for Hellsing or using holy weapons.

It was how he became a vampire. At the moment of his execution by his enemies, he decided to defy the God to whom he'd dedicated his life, and accepted power from The same something also made the Major an offer, but was rejected. Heavily implied and confirmed by Word of God in the manga Volume 8 where Hirano states that Alucard was "raped by an Arab" as a child.

Red and Black and Evil All Over: Red coat, scarf and hat over a black suit and shoes. He also has black hair and red eyes. Red Eyes, Take Warning: He has them all the time. It's an active retirement, but when alive he was a mass-murdering caligula Vlad the Impaler. He still enjoys killing and has no internal conflict about doing so whatsoever, though thankfully the majority of his victims in the present day had it coming. Not that his actual eyes are any less scary. His name is Alucardan obvious alias, for, who else, Dracula.

Sealed Army in a Can: His Level Zero allows him to unleash all captive souls within him as his familiars. Since the number of people he has devoured number in the millions, his force is accordingly massive.

Sealed Badass in a Can: Is this in "Master of Monster". There's a magic seal on the door to the room he's being kept in much like the seals on his gloves, that keep his powers in check. When Integra opens the door, she breaks the seal. Alucard chooses to appear in his standard Badass Longcoat form most of the time. If he chooses, he can take on other forms, such as that of a young girl. With his restrictions released, he becomes an amorphous mass that can form whatever he needs, such as dogs that have his guns coming out of their mouths.

He certainly wears the hell out of that suit in the third OVA. When Seras says she can't hit a fast moving target, at night, and without a scope on her sniper rifle, Alucard says she's making a "human complaint", and continuously prods and sneers at her for acting as though she's as weak as a human. He uses his incredible power for some really mundane things, yet rarely bothers to unlock his higher-level restrictions in combat because he's openly contemptuous of most of his opponents, especially when they talk themselves up.

The only people in the entire series who get even close to giving him a real fight outside of Abraham Van Helsing himself are Anderson, the Captain who had an opening volley good enough to make him back off before the fight could really get goingand Walter. Was a bloodthirsty monster before he became a vampire.

The vampire thing just made him worse. Nothing makes him happier than fighting a Worthy Opponent. And maybe his apprentice finally acting like a true vampire. He is the most powerful vampire in existence, but takes orders from Integra. Aside from the common vampire powers Superhuman Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Immortality, spreading his condition to others Alucard can also levitatepass through walls, manipulate shadows, shapeshifttelepathically manipulate people though he needs eye contact for that and heal from as little as ashes.

He was experimented upon by the Hellsing Organization in order to convert him into a living weapon, which is indicated to be the source of some of his more eldritch powers. Most likely how his Healing Factor seems to work. His body taps into the collected souls of everyone whose blood he drank, transferring any wounds he's taken to them.

When Control Art Restriction System Level Zero is released, they all pour out of him into a massive army for him to command, but it also leaves him without his regenerative abilities.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Extremely tall, great hair, and very good-looking, even when he's sporting an extra sadistic grin. Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Can be counted as a source of snarky comments. So long as Integra orders it, he'll do whatever he damn well pleases to his opponents. If they can't stop him, well, sucks to be them. On the good team Hellsing Organization and murders left and right using dark arts and blood magic and whatever else eldritch thing he can do.

It was heavily hinted that Walter began his betrayal when he was about 14 years old, and first witnessed Alucard's power. It could be that he had that kind of reasoning at that time, but later on changed his mind, wanting to surpass or kill Alucard regardless of his death after success.

That would satisfy half of the origional goal of beating Alucard, and in his older age allow him to die, at least satisfying his obsession.

It could also be that he saw Alucard as a real monster, a threat, and decided Alucard had to die, one way or another. A third reason is hinted at by one of his quotes "We are the evening's entertainment. We never truly got a straight answer out of him though, So this will probably forever be shrouded in that mystery unless someone else has stuff I missed.