Amy jo and brandon relationship

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amy jo and brandon relationship

About. Co-producer of the YouTube channel Disney Cars Toy Club (DCTC) along with his friend Amy Jo that features toys from a variety of brands. Their channel. The channel was created by Brandon Haynes and Amy Jo. They have an estimated net worth of $10 million. They started it as a hub for gaming videos then. One such YouTuber, Brandon Haynes, co-founder of DCTC, agreed to speak with me about he and his friend Amy Jo's motivation for their work.

One day, I walked into their room to find them sculpting rouge-colored pencil dresses for their Barbies out of Play-Doh. Taylor had created a few haute-couture bridesmaids dresses complete with scooped necks and flared skirts for Barbie and Ken's upcoming wedding. I was starting to think I had a couple of Vera Wangs on my hands! I asked them where they got such a great idea, and they showed me a YouTube video like none I'd ever seen before.

It was basically a couple of grownups talking in high-pitched voices and playing with their own collection of dolls and toys.

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Turns out that the video wasn't an anomaly. I watched a few of the videos and found them a little odd but kid-friendly enough. I was amused and impressed at how my girls interacted with these videos, so I gave them the green light to subscribe to a couple of them. Even so, I still didn't quite understand why my daughters were so intrigued by the concept of watching adults playing with toys.

My older kids 12 and 15 didn't get it either, and my year-old asked, shouldn't they be playing with their own toys instead of watching other people play? I reminded my Minecraft-obsessed tween that he enjoys watching other YouTubers play the game, but he didn't see the connection.

When Work and Play Intersect As I began to investigate a bit, I found out that there are quite a few adults making toy videos on YouTube as their full-time jobs.

amy jo and brandon relationship

He told me that the channel began as a hub for gaming videos, but expanded as it attracted more girl subscribers. The two of them have many years of experience working with young children and seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. Amy Jo and Brandon were nice enough to Skype with my little girls for an hour. I asked them what they hope to accomplish through their videos, and they told me "if our videos make others laugh, smile, and feel happy, we are thrilled.

So playing with toys for a living definitely sounds like a sweet gig, but why is there an audience for this type of content? When I asked my girls to tell me what they liked about these toy channels, I got an earful. While 6-year-old Taylor simply told me she enjoyed the videos because they were "funny," my 8-year-old had a lot more to say.

She told me about how she enjoyed watching the dolls come to life on the show as the filmmakers animated their arms and legs and talked for them.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm in a relationship with my ex. — Amy Jo Wisehart

She liked how real it all looked, as if her Barbie dolls had truly come alive to star in their own reality shows. When I inquired as to whether she prefers to watch these videos or play with her own dolls, she replied, "both! For example, after watching an episode in which a YouTuber created and later opened a "surprise egg" with a small toy inside, my girls asked to use our stash of plastic Easter eggs to create their own surprise eggs to exchange with one another.

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Q & A Challenge with Rainbow Play Doh Surprise Eggs! Learn About Brandon & Amy Jo from DCTC

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amy jo and brandon relationship

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