Asami and mako relationship poems

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asami and mako relationship poems

Oct 18, Yeah, Mako doesn't look like he's focused on his relationship with Asami of the Fire Ferrets' training session, Asami brings the new uniforms. Since Korra and Asami went to the Spirit World for vacation, Mako continued his job Things has changed when Korra found that her relationship isn't simple as . So this is why I love the Korra/Mako/Asami love triangle . When they have some down time, THEN they can discuss their relationship and get some closure and.

One must not always look at a character as a reflection of themselves or what they would do. It happened for other circumstances.

The relationship had some mature circumstances thrown at it. Mako aspires to be like her: However, you will notice that Mako easily opens up to Korra because Korra and Mako challenge each other and can easily be comfortable with each other. Then when Korra got kidnapped Mako realised what was really important was Korra and that confidence, security and contentment would easily follow if he is honest with himself.

That is why I loved it. You evaluate to make them better; the best they can be. Mako, as Korra, had some real true complications. Mako was essentially right. We know with experiences with Aang that Katara was his natural council and that he did less than wise things too out of being rather emotionally hyperactive or too invested.

asami and mako relationship poems

Of course, I loved Zutara better because I think Zuko may understand Katara in some cases better but after much thought I must say that Aang was wiser here. Like Mako instinctively understood that in her zeal to fix things as the avatar Korra forgets about repercussions about her actions.

This was the first thing that happened in Republic City when she arrived. Korra went overboard with the Triple Threats making Lin question her tactics. Where Aang does not engage in action and can pretty much be passive in his avatar duties while more prudent in his interpersonal relationships Korra is the antithesis.

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Katara gave advice to Aang to be more an engaged avatar while Mako gives advice to Korra to not be an overzealous one. I think both relationship types matter and both are full realised characters in their own right due to be able to do something like that. Mako and Katara are not merely cheerleaders. Avatar "I'm a badass free-spirited goddess" Korra?

I'm not so sure she's gonna be eager to settle down with anyone. The young industrialist smiled at Mako reassuringly. I'm sure Korra will say yes.

Ikki tells Asami that Korra likes Mako

So, uh, I guess Mako wins. Just because I'm planning on asking her to marry me doesn't mean she'll say yes. It's her decision, and I'll respect whatever choice she makes.

We're going to go out for dinner and a probending match, and I'm going to ask her after that. I've got everything I need all picked out-" "Including your clothes? I can dress myself-" "That's a bald-faced lie and you know it, Mako," Asami joked, poking Mako's forehead.

I'll put together an outfit for you that's formal enough that it suits, but not so formal it's suspicious. I hate you both. Mako loved seeing her this fired up.

asami and mako relationship poems

It made his heart do cartwheels. In the end, he'd allowed Asami to pick out an outfit for him, consisting of a maroon suit, red ascot, and a lapel pin in the shape of the Fire Nation sigil.

It wasn't an excessively formal getup, but he still felt overdressed next to Korra's considerably more casual choice of the exact same outfit she normally wore.

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He stuffed those awkward feelings back down inside himself, though. He was nervous enough already. He patted the bag he had slung across his shoulder, making sure everything was still there.