Asuma and kurenai relationship problems

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asuma and kurenai relationship problems

With so much story packed into Naruto, it's easy to miss the most And believe it or not, this relationship has been in the works since the earliest . Mirai Sarutobi is the daughter of Kurenai and Asuma, and packs a punch Iruka would pull pranks and consistently get into trouble with elders in the village. I plan on making the Asuma-Kurenai relationship different from canon as you . what will cause some problems ahead pertaining the council. Lol no, Asuma and her were both useless and did nothing. really done is continue the Sarutobi line by being pregnant with Asuma's child. . women bathe in the nude without anyone thinking its a rather severe problem?.

By Boruto, they live together with their many animals. The problem with this couple isn't their existence, but the fact that they are sweet, kind, and adorable, but are generally uninvolved in the story. They live together and raise animals, but they weren't given a child like many other couples, and are consequently left out.

asuma and kurenai relationship problems

It hurts the show to leave such a sweet couple out of the core cast. Asuma and Kurenai Asuma and Kurenei were a beloved couple from Naruto, two ninja leaders who fell in love. The couple is very important to Boruto, though, because they gave birth to a fan-favorite character: By the next generation's beginning, Mirai has become an accomplished ninja, a mentor to Shikadai Naru, and a formidable guardian of Hokages.

Mirai is serious, dedicated, and loyal. Other ninjas often want her to loosen up, but her rigid devotion is part of her charm.

Mirai simply wants to be the best ninja she can be and make Shikamaru, her psuedo-brother, and her late father proud. She's a stoic soldier with a heart of gold. Her parent's relationship gave fans the gift of her wonderful presence. Sumire and Magire Sumire is a fascinating and complex character. Magire, instead of being complex, is just creepy. In Boruto, he shows his affections for Sumire by stalking her. Later, he leaves her creepy notes and attacks her friends.

Granted, the second half was under possession, but he still starts off quite uncomfortable. The Naruto series have never been that great at showing unrequited love, as Sakura, Naruto, and many other admirers were intense, overbearing, and uncomfortable.

However, Magire's feelings for Sumire take the cake. While generally well-meaning, he still decides to follow her around and make others uncomfortable. This botched one-sided relationship only serves to make Magire a terrible trope of a "nice guy," and does nothing to develop Sumire at all. Overall, it only serves to hurt the show.

Orochimaru and Science Orochimaru is not the one for romantic relationships.

asuma and kurenai relationship problems

However, his adoration and devotion to science and his experiments is as close to true love as he'll ever get. As a mad scientist ninja, it's actually quite fitting. While Orochimaru's work has hurt others in the past, it has created one of the best parts of Boruto: Mitsuki is Orochimaru's synthetic son.

He's delightful, well-meaning, strong, and an all around great character. Having an insane, genius father who actually cares for him mostly makes him even more interesting.

In the case of Boruto, Orochimaru's love affair with science has served the show for the better. After all, where would the new Team 7 be without their friend Mitsuki? Sasuke and Sakura Sakura and Sasuke's relationship has always been an odd one. There is strength ot it, as it did stand the test of corrupting darkness, time, and war. Also, of course, they gave birth to Sarada Uchiha, one of the best characters in Boruto.

The only important thing Kurenai ever did was get pregnant

However, that's about where the good things stop. Sakura is completely at the mercy of her husband's decisions. Sasuke is never around. Sarada is confused and conflicted by her parent's lack of affection and near-constant separation.

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While Sarada is fantastic, their relationship in Boruto only seems to bring more hardship and suffering than it brings joy. Sasuke and Sakura may be something that built from the beginning of Naruto, but it's something that just doesn't quite work.

asuma and kurenai relationship problems

This couple's time in Boruto only shows how much they don't fit, and hurts the show in turn. What do you think?

His kenjutsu improved greatly during training, but still was a work in progress. Considering even genin were able to cut this five hundred meters in less than one minute, and he could only sense their chakra in less than ten seconds before the attack, it would leave him defenseless, as he would only have this tiny time window to evaluate the opponent chakra and decide he would be able fight back or retreat.

asuma and kurenai relationship problems

The couple decided to give Naruto tomorrow as a day off, so he could rest for the big day. Naruto then decided to visit Ichiraku's to grab some ramen, he was too tired to even think of making his own meal.

After he learnt about the Kyubi and decided to put more effort in becoming a shinobi, Naruto, after some persuasion from Ebisu and the Hokage, decided to cut off ramen, adopting a more balanced diet. However ramen was still his personal favorite and he stopped by at the Ichiraku's at least once a week. After ordering two servings of miso ramen and another two of pork ramen, Naruto noticed that Ayame, who was serving him since Teuchi already went home, was somewhat different.

I may be able to help. Please tell me you aren't selling drugs. No, I'm a shinobi. I don't mind paying to help you. I never said that, why everyone in Konoha is a pervert? Heck, you're like my older sister, geez. As the genin failed to understand the meaning of her words, she continued "You know, a man, who likes other men. You're confounding me with Sasuke-teme, I'm straight. He learnt in the hard way that when you get into a situation where girl and shopping exist in the same sentence, you must leave everything behind and run.

Run like your life depended on it. Run like Orochimaru wanted to become butt buddies with you. Run like an Uchiha when you see Tobirama. Run like an Iwa shinobi when you see the Yellow Flash.

Run like a Nara when you see work Just kidding, Naras don't run, it's too troublesome. Well you get the point. Naruto spent twelve hours with Ayame. What started to simple get together and go to Higarashi's Weapons turned out to be a visit to the hairdresser, then a visit to several female clothing stores, then a visit to the Ichiraku's house to discuss how Naruto could help old man Teuchi, and finally an expensive dinner at one of those overpriced restaurants.

Naruto was happy with his choice of clothes, they were somewhat cool, but still durable and light, so he could move freely. He also replenished his weapons stock and placed an order for a custom made katana, that would be ready in a month time. Naruto considered his haircut somewhat cooler than his previous one, but still was practical, the main reason he opted to modify his hairstyle.

Naruto now wore black shinobi sandals, with metal toecap so his toes weren't exposed to attacks from projectiles like senbon or arrows. The sandal itself was made of a more resistant type of rubber than the one used in the standard issue, providing more durability. He wore black ANBU pants, which tightened around his calves but still were loose enough for him to move without losing any speed or momentum.

On his right tight, a modified kunai holster to also hold shuriken was strapped with white bands. Naruto opted for this modified version so he could quick draw shuriken as well, even though there wouldn't be too many available. Since he never really was a fan of shurikenjutsu, he decided to go for effectiveness instead of sheer number.

He wore a black simple jacket, which he maintained closed, with a single orange strip running from each shoulder to the end of the sleeves. He also emboldened the Uzumaki clan insignia on the back of his shirt. Even being a full sleeve jacket, Naruto wore it with half folded sleeve running until his mid forearm.

He decided to not buy an armor of kinds since he usually preferred to engage the opponents mid-range and his taijutsu instances were heavily biased towards evasion, so speed was chosen in detriment of armoring. Underneath the jacket Naruto wore a mesh t-shirt, chosen to give some extra protection.

Naruto's new hairstyle was a slightly shorter variation of his previous one, which he wore as a side-swept haircut. He decided for this option since the Ayame, and even himself by a lesser extent considered to be kind of ugly.

By side seeping it he could prevent his bangs from falling onto his eyes, even if somehow he lost his headband. Finally Naruto resolved his Hitai-ate dilemma by wearing it as a headband. This choice was that wearing it as a headband instead of a armband not only he could get a protection in his forehead but also his arms movement wouldn't be slightly restrained by the armband form.

He changed the clothing from blue to black, to be more undetectable at night. Quite happy with his new look, Naruto made his way towards the classroom, hoping to not be late. Upon entering the classroom, he realized that he wasn't late, but his new wardrobe attracted some people's attention.

Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara and Kiba Inuzuka, his closest friends, looked at him quizzically before stopping as Naruto gave them a 'we'll talk later look. Sasuke Uchiha quickly glanced towards him, probably expecting to see Iruka, after he realized that it was just Naruto he went back to brood in his own world. Both girls turned out to see the 'new' Naruto and both lightly blushed "Oh kami, Naruto looks hot.

He's handsome…no perish this blasphemous thoughts, I like Sasuke, Sasuke, not Naruto. What a glorious piece of meat. Naruto wanted to seat near his friends, however there was just one available seat, on the end of the class. Making his way towards the seat, Naruto was thankful that he went shopping, judging by the blushes of the girls in his class, it seemed that his new wardrobe caused quite the impression.

Taking his seat Naruto realized that he could see the entire class from his spot. Choji, Kiba and Shikamaru were sitting together, the first one was eating, as usual, the second one was playing with Akamaru, as usual and finally the last one was sleeping, yep nothing new as far he was concerned.

Those three were his only friends with his age. Naruto and the trio became closer because of their lack of interest in classes. Each one had different reasons Naruto himself wanted to make clear that he didn't needed the teachers help and that everything he achieved, he achieved on his own, the only exception going to Iruka's classes.

Choji wasn't motivated, like his best buddy, Shikamaru, and spent most of the class eating. Kiba disliked indoor classes and tended to skip a lot of classes to play outside with Akamaru. Shikamaru had zero motivation, but over two hundred in IQ, so he would take constant naps, play Shogi instead of paying attention to the lectures but still had no problems in the tests, actually Naruto was pretty sure that if Shikamaru wanted he could easily become the rookie of the year, but quoting Shikamaru himself 'it was too much troublesome'.

Naruto's closest friend was Shikamaru, they would slack off together, and sometimes play Shogi, with Shikamaru actually having to make an effort to win.

After befriending Shikamaru, Choji came next, the boy was nice and a loyal friend and naturally became Naruto's friend. Naruto's relationship with Kiba was a bit more complex, at the start Kiba didn't saw eye to eye with him, mainly because that when Naruto stopped being sabotaged by the teachers he quickly surpassed him, making Kiba the dead-last in class.

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  • Mirai Sarutobi

However they would constantly skip class, and occasionally pull pranks, Kiba stopped resenting Naruto for surpassing him and decided that his grades were his own fault. Naruto even helped Kiba with school work once or twice.

Due to their kinship with the dogs the Inuzuka clan was considered one of the most loyal clans on Konoha and Naruto was happy to have such a loyal friend. On his right corner sat Shino Aburame, who was just… Shino.

He was the good kind of stoic. He treated well those who treated him well and never bothered anyone. But due to his reclusive nature, a shared trait amongst his clansmen, he never really talked with Naruto on a personal level.

Naruto's attention quickly changed to the still passed out Hinata Hyuuga, the heiress to the Hyuuga, the strongest clan in Konoha. The Hyuuga were the traditionalist kind of clan, their division in main and branch houses being one of those so called traditions.

Hinata was unlike the rest of the Hyuuga, which meant she didn't acted like she had a 5 foot pole shoved in her ass, actually she was kind and caring with everybody. Hinata's biggest weakness was his lack of confidence, that made her look weak to her clan, that began to criticize her and therefore making her more unconfident.

Naruto, after being forcibly retired by the sex-ed class, decided to learn by studying the Icha-Icha book series. If that was his most brilliant or his stupidest idea Naruto wasn't yet sure, but the fact is that by judging by her actions towards him, Naruto came to the obvious conclusion that Hinata had a big crush on him. Naruto was first overjoyed when he learnt that a girl liked him that way, but after researching about the Hyuuga, he saw that there were no prospects of a future relationship between him and Hinata.

The Hyuuga clan practiced some mild inbreeding to keep their bloodline 'clean' and there were some few documented cases of women being married off to another clans, much less this woman being the heir. Even though the prospects of a future relationship between Naruto and Hinata being almost inexistent, Naruto really cared about the heiress and hoped to help her with her confidence issues.

Next was Ino Yamanaka, one of the prettiest girls in the class, nah, one of the prettiest girls in Konoha. Naruto had a huge crush on her, but combining his newfound dedication towards shinobi training and Ino being one of Sasuke's most avid fangirls made him forcibly end his one sided crush. Unlike most of the girls in class, Ino came from a shinobi clan, actually being heir to the Yamanaka, due to that she didn't openly despised Naruto like the girls from civilian origins.

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They weren't friends, but due to Naruto's closeness to Choji and Shikamaru, they were on speaking terms. The only thing Naruto disliked about Ino was her fangirl attitude about Sasuke, that in his opinion hindered her growth. Deeply inside Naruto, despite his neutral attitude towards the blonde, cared a lot about her. Romantically speaking Naruto still had a bit of a crush on her, but he hid extremely well. Sakura Haruno was Naruto's first crush, actually Naruto's first love. Unfortunately it was totally one-sided, and Naruto never felt the right moment to make a move on her.

After undergoing a change of personality four years ago, Naruto hoped that his crush on Sakura would end. Boy, he was wrong, before seeing the world with his newfound wisdom, Naruto liked Sakura because she was pretty, she had a lovely pink hair and a cute forehead.