Australia and new zealand political relationship quotes

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australia and new zealand political relationship quotes

As the New Zealand coalition government begins to take the reins, there are questions arising about how the generally close relationship with. being integrated into the Australian market, or choosing political isolation Merchandise trade between Australia and New Zealand has flourished since .. a number of occasions that ANZAC defence co-operation required?to quote. Lange's. When Australia and New Zealand fight, rarely does it go beyond the gravity of Over the last week, however, relations took an uncommon turn.

Joyce, the deputy prime minister whose previous global claim to fame was a weird and protracted battle with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard over the biosecurity risk of their dogs, is a proud Australian.

Australia–New Zealand relations

He was born and bred there. He leads a party called the Nationals. But his father — James Joyce, no less — was born in Dunedin inconferring on his son automatic citizenship. For Joyce, this revelation was not just unwelcome. The Australian constitution, enacted inprohibits anyone with dual citizenship from standing for parliament. Yesterday the dual citizenship furore engulfed a seventh MP, when crossbench senator Nick Xenophon announced he has UK citizenshipthanks to his father hailing from Cyprus, then a British territory.

australia and new zealand political relationship quotes

It is more than just a personal humiliation. The coalition commands a one-seat parliamentary majority. The first European landing on the Australian continent occurred in the Janszoon voyage of — Abel Tasman in two distinct voyages in the period — is recorded as the first person to have coastally explored regions of the respective landforms including Van Diemen's Land — later named for him as the Australian state of Tasmania.

The first voyage of James Cook stands as significant for the circumnavigation of New Zealand in and as the European discovery and first ever coastal navigation of Eastern Australia from April to August In particular, South Australia was founded and settled in a similar manner to New Zealand, both being influenced by the ideas of Edward Gibbon Wakefield.

Whereas Maori iwi endured the Musket Wars of the period — preceding the former in New Zealand, indigenous Australians have no comparable period of the experience of warfare amongst each other employing European-introduced modern weaponry either before or after their own confrontations with European settler society.

New Zealand participated as a member of the Federal Council of Australasia from and fully involved itself among the other self-governing colonies in the conference and Convention leading up to Federation of Australia. Ultimately it declined to accept the invitation to join the Commonwealth of Australia resultingly formed inremaining as a self-governing colony until becoming the Dominion of New Zealand in and with other territories later constituting the Realm of New Zealand effectively as an independent country of its own.

In the Olympicsthe Festival of Empire and the Olympics the two countries were represented at least in sporting competition as the unified entity " Australasia ".

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Both continued to co-operate politically in the 20th century as each sought closer relations with the United Kingdom, particularly in the area of trade.

This was helped by the development of refrigerated shippingwhich allowed New Zealand in particular to base its economy on the export of meat and dairy — both of which Australia had in abundance — to Britain. The two nations sealed the Canberra Pact in January for the purpose of successfully prosecuting war against the Axis Powers in World War II and providing for the administration of an armistice and territorial trusteeship in its aftermath.

The Agreement foreshadowed the establishment of a permanent Australia—New Zealand Secretariat, it provided for consultation in matters of common interest, it provided for the maintenance of separate military commands and for "the maximum degree of unity in the presentation Here in New Zealand, Barry Soper says something big has changed: They've become the ugly underbelly of the friendship we once had.

The unequal treatment of tax-paying Kiwis living there is one thing, but it's the deportation of what they say are New Zealand criminals, those who've supposedly been sentenced to more than a year in jail, that should have us all in a fury" — see: Aussies the ugly underbelly of friendship we once had. Soper points to the next potential clash: As the Guardian's Eleanor Ainge Roy explains, she was outspoken last year, prior to the New Zealand election, saying "she would find it 'very difficult to build trust' with a New Zealand Labour government following the accusations that the party had colluded with the Australian Labor party in an attempt to 'bring down' the Turnbull government" — see: Australia and New Zealand 'not friends' after deportation row.

The same article quotes Australian National University political scientist Prof John Wanna forecasting the death of the close trans-Tasman relations:

australia and new zealand political relationship quotes