Bones and booth relationship fanfiction

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bones and booth relationship fanfiction

So, who loooooved the ending of last night's Bones? Who was screaming at Booth and Brennan that opposites attract? Anyone? Well, I was. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - S. Booth, T. Brennan "Hey, Bones ," Booth casually strolled through her office door, a file in one. The best of the best Booth and Bones stories:) If you'd like to add a story please Bones - Rated: T - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 11 - Words: 47,

You need common ground. She felt like she was babbling.

What point was she trying to make? But he was agreeing with her. Brennan wasn't sure why that annoyed her. She didn't understand why she felt suddenly sad, hopeless even, as she went on and on, basically attacking somebody else's relationship.

Then, she realized something. And with this realization came the feeling of being hit in the head with a two-by-four. Or having an anvil fall from the sky and land on top of her with so much force that it made her slowly sink into the ground. So this is what catching up to your reality felt like. She really wished that Angela was here right now.

She wanted to talk about this with Angela. Instead, Brennan found herself leaning dangerously close to Booth while they watched their psychologist kiss Daisy on the platform. Now that she had had this epiphany of sorts, Brennan understood a few things. She understood why she had felt so disappointed when Booth agreed with her.

Booth was always telling her about love. Just a few weeks ago, he had given her a speech about how there was someone for everyone, someone she was meant to spend the rest of her life with. And if she was honest with herself, she'd have to admit that she wasn't talking about Daisy and Sweets being opposites.

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She was talking about herself and Booth. And Booth, supporter of all things fairy tale and romantic, had agreed with her that any romantic relationship between them would never work out, because they were so different. Before she could even finish processing this information, she became angry with Booth. He was so infuriating! He was an infuriating hypocrite! He taught her about true love, and "breaking the laws of physics". He insisted that there was someone out there for her, told her that she was better than Smurfette because she had beauty and brains.

He bought her Jasper. And just when she thought something was going to happen between them, he seemed to change his mind. He agreed with her that two people who were opposites couldn't have a good relationship.

bones and booth relationship fanfiction

She looked at him for a moment before muttering something. Maybe she shouldn't have said that. She was pleasantly surprised when Booth gave her a huge smile that made her heart skip a beat. Love's a pretty powerful thing.

I don't…I don't think anybody would ever truly love me, Booth. But she believed that it was the truth. She was a workaholic scientist with poor social skills.

bones and booth relationship fanfiction

She didn't understand pop culture references, and when she tried to use one, she almost always messed it up. She couldn't imagine anyone loving that, loving her. Brennan was surprised by how much her comment had upset him. Booth vehemently shook his head. She was frustrated with him too. And she was going to win this argument. She opened her mouth to say something else, but Booth stopped her by putting a hand over her mouth.

Booth took the hand away from her mouth, and stuffed it nervously into his pocket. He answered the phone on the second ring. Angela's incoherent, frantic ramblings were nearly impossible for him to understand. Booth slammed on the brakes of the Sequoia only realizing what he had done when he heard the horns blaring behind him. He maneuvered the truck off the road and into a U-turn, his previous plans immediately forgotten as he flipped on the siren and raced toward the Jeffersonian.

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He tried to calm his nerves, but images of him and Bones kept playing in his mind: Bones giving a speech in front of the Egyptian consulate on the night they almost kissed, Bones dressed up as a skeleton performing on that silly kid's show on a night when he had later gone home and had sex with Hannah, Bones crying her eyes out in the seat next to him on the night that she had realized that she had missed her chance, a night when the last person he wanted to be with was Hannah.

Angela had only said that she thought they were dead; she didn't say that they were. Booth knew he was playing with semantics but right now it was all he had. He had to have another chance to talk to Bones, she couldn't die now. He couldn't let her go. Booth sat beside Brennan's bed, her hand laying limply on his own. They said that she lost a lot of blood. They repaired what damage they could and have been giving her fluids and blood to try and replace what was lost, but they told me she was still a long way from out of the woods.

She didn't know what to say but her tear filled eyes and quiet nod were as comforting as Booth could stand at the moment anyway. The two women exchanged glances before Cam spoke, "Yea, we remember. Maybe I can just tell you two a story. Bones, she, she already knows, don't you? Angela leaned closer to Brennan from the other side of the bed. Anyone within a hundred miles of these two knew how they felt about one another, and they'd personally spent seven years watching the two of them together.

But, you guys know that part. Because Sweets, he didn't know the whole story either. It looked dry and he made a note to ask the nurse for something to moisten her lips with. Cam, do you remember that it was really you that introduced us? Seeing the bags under his eyes as she ran into him at the Hoover only confirmed to Camille what she already knew; he had fallen off the wagon.

She was here to bring him a new case, one that had long gone cold, one that he had no idea how he was supposed to solve. She remembered an article that she had read about a forensic anthropologist who was doing amazing work identifying ancient remains. The woman was a genius, one of the best in her field.

If Booth could stand to be partnered up long enough, she thought that they'd have a much better chance at solving the case. Cam smiled at the memory but didn't answer him because she knew he didn't intend for her to.

We kissed and we almost slept together, but we didn't. She got into a cab and left me standing in the rain. When she saw her stumble into the Jeffersonian that morning; wearing dark sunglasses, her trench coat pulled tightly around her, and the distinct fragrance of alcohol on her skin, she knew that something had happened. When she finally pulled Brennan away from the rest of the group she didn't even try to hold her suspicions back, "You slept with Booth.

Over half of all sexual encounters occur solely because of the consumption of too much tequila. But, no, I think I felt something. I've never really felt like sex might mess something up before, until tonight. Bren, you've only known him a few days. It's just, having sex with him last night didn't feel like the right thing to do. I've never really gone with my feelings before and I'm not entirely sure why I did that last night but it's over now.

Looking back, I know that's when it happened. She was just, I can't even explain it, she was perfect," his voice lowered to a whisper and he couldn't keep the emotion out of his voice, "She is perfect.

Booth ignored her comment and continued, "What happened after that, you guys know. After we read it, we went to talk to him and told him about that first case and Sweets, he told me that I had to take a chance. I told her that I wanted to give us a chance. But, she wouldn't, she pushed me away, she told me that she couldn't love me, that she didn't know how.

I tried, I tried to make her understand, but she just wasn't ready. It was hard to work together after that, and then she decided to run off to the Mokapopo Islands.

I thought that she'd call me, write me. I thought that she'd realize that we were meant to be together. But, seven months, and I never heard a thing. Then I met Hannah, and I, I moved on. Until the moment I saw Bones again when we got back to DC. She jumped into my arms and all those feelings were back. So I did the only thing that I knew to do," "You took another chance?

Well, then Hannah came over here too and you guys know that part of the story too. I had both of them, life was good. She realized that I really meant it when I said that I wanted to be with her. She decided to take a chance on me. Cam had gotten the phone call from Booth shortly before midnight. He had been vague in his reasoning, but the tone of his voice told Cam that this was serious.

bones and booth relationship fanfiction

Cam had said that she'd go check on Brennan and she tried to ask him why, to find out what was wrong, but he refused to tell her. When she made it to Brennan's door, the sight that she saw just left her with more questions.

Brennan stood in front of her, her hair matted to her head, wet and wavy, her clothes soaked with rain water, her eyes red with tears. What did he tell you?

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She knew Seeley well enough to know how he would've responded. But, I suppose it's better than not feeling anything at all.

Cam closed her eyes, not at all sure what she was supposed to do about this. How long had he been in love with Brennan?

bones and booth relationship fanfiction

Cam knew, even when she was with him, that his heart belonged to his Bones. She also knew that he wasn't going to be able to deal with this. Booth was going to do one of two things, he'd run away with Hannah and never look back at the pain he had caused, or he'd sabotage his relationship with Hannah unable to look at Brennan without knowing what they could have.

Either way, someone was going to get hurt. As Brennan showered and changed, Cam fixed her toast and hot tea, which Brennan simply picked at, not speaking.

Cam tried to find the words to make this right, but nothing sounded right and finally she decided that Brennan needed her presence more than her misguided words of wisdom so she simply sat in silence as she watched her friend try to keep her tears at bay. You look like you haven't slept in days. I haven't slept in three days.

Hours passed with Cam sitting in the living room, absent-mindedly flipping through a novel and trying to pretend that she couldn't hear Brennan's sobs coming from the other side of the wall.

Finally, she gave up and decided that she had to do something.