Boys and girls relationship in iran

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boys and girls relationship in iran

On the other hand, although HIV in Iran is a concentrated epidemic and mainly . Unmarried girls and boys should not have premarital sexual relationships. These families allow their children to have relationships before they want to get married. The ways boys/girls in open-minded families start. The origin of direct relationships between males and females in Iran is . Such men were alien to the notion of equality of sexes and assumed any girl who went .

In case of discovery, the person will be confined and imprisoned. Ahvaz Southern IranJuly 27th Mehran Hamrahi Ghazal, 18, is checking out a manteau in a boutique. After the Islamic Revolution and the mandate for Islamic veil, choosing the right clothing became a challenge for women and girls.

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Women and girls are obliged to wear manteau or Chador. The manteau should be in a style not contradictory to Islamic rules, otherwise the person would be confined and sentenced to pay a fine.

Ahvaz Southern IranMay 8th Mehran Hamrahi Fatima, 18, and Farzaneh20, are wearing makeup and getting ready to go to shopping.

boys and girls relationship in iran

Iran is the seven largest consumer of cosmetics in th world and the first consumer in Middle East. However, the police chief has announced that those girls who wear lots of makeup will be confined.

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He has called these girls void of identity and morally disordered. Ahvaz Southern IranJuly 10th Mehran Hamrahi Mohammad, 27, has a tattoo on his chest and arms.

Though having tattoo is considered as abominable in Iran, some youth are very interested in having a tattoo. Ahvaz Southern IranJuly 1st Mehran Hamrahi Azin, 30, is praying in his room. She is grown up in a Muslim family, but found herself inclined toward Christianity during her adolescence. She has not converted her faith officially, and secretly prays to Jesus Christ.

The fine for conversion of the faith is the death penalty in islam and those who leave Islam will be sentenced to death penalty. Ahvaz Southern IranJuly 21st Mehran Hamrahi Navid, 22, is drinking alcoholic beverage with his friends in the courtyard. According to Iranian law, if a person drinks alcoholic beverages, he will be lashed 80 times. If he is lashed again for the same crime, he will be sentenced to death.

However, 60 to 80 million liters of alcoholic beverages are smuggled into Iran each year and most of its consumers are the youth. Ahvaz Southern IranMay 16th Smoking the cigarette is not restricted legally in Iran, however the girls are afraid of smoking in the public places. The radical Muslims and traditional people consider this as a abominable act for girls and they might annoy them.

Mehran Hamrahi Ali, 26, is talking to his girl friend, Feri who is They prefer to meet each other in their home which is safe.

boys and girls relationship in iran

Relationship between single boys and girls is illegal in Iran and meeting out the house might lead them to confinement. Ahvaz Southern IranJuly 19th They are enjoying the loud music while driving the car. The result is that during the past few years, marriage rates in Iran have fallen and divorce rates have increased.

The divorce rateincreased by 7. The birth rate also dropped 7. It's not just about money The white wedding offers a way for couples to ensure they are compatible before making a costly mistake which may result in a socially unacceptable divorce.

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While cohabitation may not be acceptable for many Iranians, it is still prevalent, especially in metropolises like Tehran. She told Middle East Eye that there were several factors behind the rise of the white wedding, not least economics and rising costs, including that of gold. Although the conditions are very different today compared to decades ago, society still looks at a divorced woman as someone with a [serious] problem.

Thus, women are afraid and try to escape.

boys and girls relationship in iran

Emotional relationships also play a part. The way the society looks at things is important as well. The disapproval of the Iranian authorities is not in doubt. While there is no law which formally bans white marriages, couples who are proved to be having physical contact outside marriage face severe punishment including being flogged.

boys and girls relationship in iran

I suggest instead to use the words 'black co-living'.