Chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

How Ramadorai groomed his successor at TCS - Business

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

It is alleged that Ramadorai is the father in law of N. Chandrasekaran and he ensured that has become the Chairman of Tata Sons, and hence this issue has again come to the fore. Relationship Between Ramadorai and Chandrasekaran. In , Chandra became Ramadorai's executive assistant. For some time after that, the joke within the company was that 'TCS' stood for 'Take. N Chandrasekaran was appointed Chairman of Tata Sons, his brother N Ganapathy Subramaniam became the new COO of TCS while eldest.

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And yet, company officials and industry experts, in conversations, also speak of him aggressively pushing forward his perspective when needed. For instance, inthe company, along with GE, opened up an all-women BPO centre in Saudi Arabia, which eventually gave the company a significant competitive advantage in bidding for projects across the Gulf region.

Many within the company were initially opposed, worried over how it could affect relations with the government over there and in the community, but Chandrasekaran put his foot down.

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The new Tata Sons chairman is also bluntly pragmatic at times, especially in the way he views the digital transformation of Indian IT. In the middle of an interview with this correspondent inhe got up, switched off the voice recorder and stated flatly: TCS has struggled to build a stronger consulting practice and seems reluctant unlike Infosys or Wipro to go out and simply acquire smaller firms for crucial competency such as automation, data analytics or design consulting.

Infosys Prize 2010-Mathematical Sciences

Crucial future sectors for the Tata Group such as automobiles, steel or even defence are ones he is unlikely to be familiar with. And yet, experts say, this will not be a significant problem. In-depth domain expertise is obviously left to the heads of the various group companies.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

How much experience does he have in this regard; keeping in mind the significant restructuring that will be required at Tata? At TCS, he was in charge of breaking down the massive monolithic entity that Ramadorai left him into twenty business units that worked smoothly.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

His job as Tata Sons chairman will likely be the opposite. How does he plan on cleaning up after the Mistry affair, restoring order to the board and managing his relationship with Ratan Tata and the all-important Tata Trusts? Other corporate problems such as the AirAsia India controversy, the Tata Nano affair or even the Tata Docomo issue apparently found their origins in this curious and disruptive backseat managing.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

He never applied for any other job, starting at TCS as a software programme in My father was a lawyer but when my grandfather died, my father had to look after the family properties that included farmland.

I went to a Tamil-medium school till class X.

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After my 10th standard, I moved to Trichy in Tamil Nadu to study further and had to stay in a hotel it was not a hostel, he clarifies near the school. I used to go back home every six weeks.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

So far, I had led a protected life. By then, I had missed an academic year. In Octoberhe succeeded S. His rise in TCS was fast. The transition was well-planned.

The Rise and Rise of N. Chandrasekaran – Quintessential Tata Man

But his public role became apparent only somewhere around Has his role changed drastically—from a manager to a leader? But a leader must have the ability to dream, to take risks and be accountable.

chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship problems

Besides, a leader should be able to build trustworthy teams and inspire them. How does he manage his time, juggle so many roles he is on various other bodies like the Confederation of Indian Industryand yet remain calm? I also use many gadgets to streamline my activities Chandra is an Apple Inc fan and uses the latest iPhone and iPad to schedule his appointments.