Claire bennet and peter petrelli relationship quizzes

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claire bennet and peter petrelli relationship quizzes

Claire Bennet Biographical Information Full name Claire Bennet Death June 13, Claire was born to Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon, two people She has her friend, Zach, videotape her stunts to document her tests of her healing ability.e Her strained father-daughter relationships with Noah and Nathan are. Take the Quiz: Heroes Family Ties. Heroes is a What relation is Nathan Petrelli to Arthur Petrelli? Brother What relation is Noah Bennet to Claire Bennet?. After a few extremely vivid and powerful dreams, Peter calls his politician brother Nathan Relationship Status in love with Simone Deveaux, the daughter of his hospice patient. She is an art Peter Petrelli's popularity ranking on CharacTour is # out of 5,+ characters. Claire Bennet xx.x% like TAKE QUIZ.

Claire tests the "Jump, Push, Fall" theory to see if Annie really did kill herself by falling several stories onto the outline of Annie's body, but the girl who recognized her, Gretchensees her heal from above. Claire eventually tells Gretchen the truth about her ability, to Noah 's disapproval. However, Noah respects that Claire is old enough to make her own decisions now and does not call the Haitian to wipe Gretchen's memory.

Claire becomes suspicious of Gretchen when she starts acting strangely around her, but it turns out that Gretchen was only crushing on Claire, which she expresses with a kiss. The following night, Claire and Gretchen are taken by Psi Alpha Chi to a slaughterhouse for their initiation. Once at the slaughterhouse, an invisible person tries to impale Gretchen on a large meat hook but Claire takes the fall.

She also reveals the assailant as Becky, who promptly flees. This incident scares Gretchen to the point where she decides to move across campus where she would be far away from Becky, leaving Claire alone.

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Samuel later apologizes to Claire on Becky's behalf and offers her a new family to go to where she will feel accepted for who she is. After Thanksgiving dinner, Gretchen arrives to tell Claire how much she misses her, and she agrees to be her roommate again, but first, Claire tells her that she is going to check out Samuel's mysterious carnival.

Gretchen says that she is going with her. When they arrive at the carnival, they are greeted by Samuel, who shows them around. After witnessing an act of violence against Samuel, and his empathic response, Claire decides to stay at the carnival for the weekend and sends Gretchen back home. At the weekend, Eli 's persistent observation causes Claire to feel suspicious, which is only made worse by the discovery of Noah's Primatech files in Samuel's trailer.

Once she realizes that Samuel killed his own brothershe tells him that she is leaving, and he lets her go in the hope that she will forgive him. Upon checking her phone messages, she is struck with the news of Nathan 's death, and arrives at his funeral by taxi to pay her respects. Later, Claire is confronted by Sylar when she returns to college, who plays a game with her in an effort to make her understand that they are not so different because neither of them want to be alone.

Claire admits how much Gretchen means to her and starts holding her hand in public when Sylar leaves. When Claire returns to Noah's apartment, Lauren informs her of of the true nature of Samuel's powerso she decides to return to the carnival to warn the carnies. Samuel admits to his crimes and Claire arranges his surrender.

Before Samuel can be escorted out of the carnival grounds, Eli shoots at the carnies, injuring Claire and killing Lydia. Angered, Samuel locks Claire and Noah in a trailer and buries it with his power. They are saved by Tracy Strauss, and once back on the surface, Claire informs the carnies of Samuel's plans to bury the crowd in Central Park. Once the battle is over and Samuel is arrested, Claire decides that she can no longer hide who she is either way, and makes use of the local news reporters by jumping from a Ferris wheel and healing in front of them, and revealing the existence of evolved humans.

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You can help by expanding it. Evolved Human Abilities Claire can regenerate. Claire exhibits the power of rapid cell regenerationa trait that allows her to recover from almost any injury in a matter of seconds. She also feels relatively little pain from even serious injuries, including burns and compound fractures, although she did grimace when her hand was damaged while retrieving a class ring from a running garbage disposal. She has not yet reached a limitation in her powers.

Along with the injuries stated above, she suffered an injury where her neck was broken and turned around degrees. This would be fatal for most humans. Indeed, between her tolerance for pain and seemingly unlimited healing potential, Claire is somewhat similar to the X-Men character Wolverine.

claire bennet and peter petrelli relationship quizzes

Panettiere herself even loosely compared Claire to that same character when explaining her powers during an interview. Apparently, Claire cannot heal an injury if a foreign object is obstructing the wound. This is true of other characters with healing factors, who can still heal incorrectly, incompletely or not at all if certain conditions are not met, just like normal humans. For example, in the first episode, the bones of Claire's ribs were sticking out at one point.

After a comment from Zach brought this to her attention, Claire had to move them around a bit before they would heal properly. In this incident, she was clinically dead for hours, only to revive when the tree branch that killed her was removed. Her healing powers restored her to health despite the destructive biological processes that happen to bodies immediately upon severe trauma or death brain death, lividity of blood in the tissues and coagulation of same, etc.

Still, as stated before, there were still limitations.

Claire Bennet

Her upper torso had still been spread open from the classic "Y Incision" made in the chest of autopsy subjects and she had to close the flaps of skin back into place manually before they healed.

In LizardsClaire cuts off her small toe with a pair of scissors only to see it grow back. This suggests that Claire is able to regrow a body part even if it is completely removed. This is later confirmed in Brother's Keeperwhere she loses an entire foot and quickly regrows it. In KindredClaire tells West that she does feel pain, she just recovers from it very quickly. However, in The Second ComingClaire loses the ability to feel pain after Sylar takes her abilitythough in One of Us, One of Them she appears to feel her hands burn when touching the side of the heated container.

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In Cautionary Talesit is heavily suggested that Claire's blood will heal any wound in any person if it is introduced into their system. A painting by Isaac Mendez and Peter Petrelli showed a cheerleader 's body dead at the feet of a shadowy figure, with her head sawed open and her brain removed.

Once thought to be Claire, it was theorized that such an injury might well be fatal. Future Sylar was able to take Claire's ability by telekinetically sawing her head open, and in The Second ComingSylar removed the top of Claire's head and stole her ability without killing her.

Her skull and scalp healed as soon as Sylar put the displaced part back where it was supposed to be. Although Sylar told her that she's special and couldn't die, it's unlikely that Claire could survive complete brain removal or decapitation. In Into Asylumwhen Claire consumes a mass amount of alcohol to win a game, her competitor comments on how she doesn't even look drunk. She later admits to Nathan that her liver heals itself, resulting in everlasting sobriety.

In June 13th, Part OneClaire dies in childbirth of cardiac arrest from a traumatic seizure. For an unknown reason, her power does not bring her back and she permanently dies. Although Sylarafter studying and taking her power, remarks that he wouldn't be able to kill her even if he wanted to and that she will never die, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite have confirmed that methods such as decapitation or incineration would indeed kill her.

On the other hand, she has survived nuclear explosions. She has experimented with the limits of her powers by cutting off a toe.

claire bennet and peter petrelli relationship quizzes

A new toe rapidly grows into place. When her blood is injected into others, they are also healed, even if they were dead for a while, with no apparent ill-effects. It is revealed that her injected blood cannot cure tumors; her rapid cell reproduction would actually accelerate a tumor's growth due to it being living tissue.

claire bennet and peter petrelli relationship quizzes

With the temporary loss of her powers, it is shown that Claire's abilities protect her from diseases, although this also leaves her natural immune system weak, as she has not built up a resistance to any sickness. She has a drinking contest with a man to get more money for her and her father, Nathan. She drinks over 20 shots and does not demonstrate any signs of being intoxicated. She pretends to be drunk to hide her ability from the man.

She later points out to Nathan that her tissue regeneration extends to internal organs like her liver.