Coca cola commercial india and pakistan relationship

Coca-Cola Small World Machines: The Coca-Cola Company

coca cola commercial india and pakistan relationship

In , Coca-Cola taught the world to sing through its iconic “Hilltop” ad. More than 40 years later, the brand invited the people of India and. The initiative "Small World Machines", originally born out of Leo Burnett Sydney, provides a live communications portal through a Coca-Cola. According to the caption that accompanied this happy clip, Coca-Cola sought to “ create a simple moment of connection” between India and.

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Taste the Feeling: Watch 6 Ads From Coke's New Global Campaign: The Coca-Cola Company

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Coca-Cola's Share A Coke Commercial focuses on Refreshing Relationships : Coca-Cola India

MerrymakerBoss Pushes me. Promotes me and nicknames including BFF Laughs with me. Cries with meBae Bugs me. The multi-faceted India campaign includes a number of consumer touch points, including marketing activations, digital and social media engagements, in-store marketing and marketing campaigns with Diljit Dosanjh to elevate brand love.

coca cola commercial india and pakistan relationship

The campaign took personalization to a whole new level, connecting emotionally with consumers, and enjoyed tremendous success with the young adults in Australia. In the UK, the campaign first launched in with popular names. Following its success, inthe labels had names of popular cities and holiday destinations from around the world.

Behind Coke's Attempt to Unite Indians and Pakistanis with Vending Machines

Watch the ad here Creative Team on the campaign Agency: Now, the beverage giant is attempting a much loftier goal: Along with agency Leo BurnettCoke created "Small World Machines", two vending machines, one placed in India, and the other in Pakistan, that turned into communication portals.

The idea was to let citizens of both countries -- long embroiled in a bitter political and religious battle -- see and interact with each other, even complete shared tasks. Once those tasks were accomplished, the machines dispensed a Coke. Jackie Jantos, global creative director at Coca Cola, said that the idea of creating stories around shared experiences goes back to the roots of Coke as a brand that started at a soda fountain -- itself a communal experience.

Using 3D touchscreen technology developed by Leo Burnettthe machines project live, streaming video feeds onto the screens of the machine, while also filming through it to capture an exchange.

coca cola commercial india and pakistan relationship

InCoca-Cola put out a creative brief to the Leo Burnett network, asking them to create "new, open-hearted ways for people to come together, while highlighting the power of happiness," according to Leo Burnett CCO Andy DiLallo.

The agency came up with the idea of Small World Machines, but knew that the execution would require them to use entirely new forms of technology. There was no mention of the idea having to be a vending machine, but Mr.

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DiLallo said that the agency wanted to do something motivated by the positive role in society a brand can play. The biggest challenge from a creative standpoint, according to Jon Wyville, EVP-executive creative director at Leo Burnett in Chicago, was that with a normal web camera or Skype technology, people rarely look directly at who they are talking to.

Instead, you're looking somewhere above or below them, at a camera. The agency experimented with using a giant laptop screen with cameras around it, but realized that when people moved their hands to "touch" the screen, they went out of view.

So the idea was to find a glass that was opaque enough to stream sharp images, and could have live video projected through.