Code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

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code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

In Code Geass Lelouch admits that his half-sister Euphemia was the closest thing he had to a first love and his relationship with full-sister Nunnally is Lelouch as the narrator hooked up Alice (Nunnally) with the White Knight (Suzaku) then Nunnally might just be an What's more, genetic sexual attraction is a real issue. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion premiered in , then its sequel I saw pretty fanart and lots of memes but I think it was the connection to CLAMP that Even back then I knew it had problems, from laughable facial. Lelouch and Kallen seem to have a problem with their relationship, so they go and get counseling. But is it really a problem? Please R & R!.

Lelouch would bore me if he were an all-powerful rebel, and not the brat he frankly is. Not to mention he can be funny! Even if he loves someone, he thinks in terms of using them. In the first episode, chess is a gambling game that Lelouch plays in order to wound the pride of arrogant elites and to placate his boredom. That is, either winning or losing can be complicated in itself because, again, humans are involved, not chess pieces. The Black Knights are disturbed to learn Zero can magically brainwash people, but his ability to manipulate without geass can be just as horrific.

He commands Shirley to forget their relationship thinking that will save her from being involved with him, unprepared for her to fall in love with him all over again as they continue to interact. Ignoring the coming sequel, I agree the resolution of his character arc as tied to the end of the show is perfect.

I also believe he always had a plan like Zero Requiem up his sleeve based on this philosophy. Perhaps he had other potential outcomes, but this one for sure when he thought Nunnally was out of the picture. Then again even when he found out she was actually alive, he still went through with it.

I guess it would just break my heart if Lelouch were planning to be resurrected without their knowledge in that moment, as much as I like to acknowledge his moral flaws. However, he is the primary opponent of Lelouch for most of the show so I can understand in that sense how people can hate Suzaku. But Suzaku is kind of neither? He comes off as cheerful and sweet, but he believes just following the rules of the Britannian empire is the best way to end imperialism.

Even his optimistic demeanor is sort of a sham given his actual misery and suicidal ideation, all coming from a horrible childhood mistake that led to the colonization of his country. I definitely know what you mean about him not being fun to watch. Suzaku just makes me sad, since he is primarily a tragic character to me as a victim of colonization.

He never catches a break like Lelouch does, which makes sense considering he is the oppressed one in their society. His position is a double-bind: But really, social progress is secondary to his personal atonement. However, Suzaku does so publicly and has to face the backlash from the Japanese as well as Britannians personally while Lelouch has an alter ego. On top of that Suzaku makes his identity public on purpose, out of a mix of respectability politics and psychological self-harm.

His reasons are rather unpalatable, which is probably what makes him unsympathetic to fans. Lelouch better understands him after that and ideally the audience would too, but instead I have to read shallow takes about how Suzaku is a liberal.

Where are all the jokes about how Lelouch is a white guy anarchist? And of course, Suzaku does eventually give up on working within Britannia to ally with Lelouch.

code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

Oh my gosh, I have so many feelings about that episode. I had always liked Suzaku from episode one. Then the reveal of his backstory and suicidal ideation completely broke my heart. Like you said, I felt like I better understood him and just how much pain he carried around, very much like how Lelouch carries around the pain of his family tragedy.

code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship problems

The way he presents himself, as nice, noble, and self-sacrificing, suddenly turns into kind of a tool. Not to be maliciously deceptive or self-serving exactly, but to make his presence less of a burden on others.

The racial aspect to his trauma that exacerbates his self-loathing and isolation also struck a chord with me. Suzaku can fully embrace it, since he can leave it behind by faking his death and taking up the role of Zero. His wish to die finally comes true, but with an unplanned rebirth. He finally kills Lelouch like he wanted, but as agreed between them in an elaborate plan and he even weeps for him. Even in politics I imagine the new Zero as more of a figurehead, but this is all speculation.

In the alter ego and marginalized identity analogy, I suppose that means if you anonymize your identity you depersonalize and lose human connection. Though the timeskip that glosses over Lelouch convincing Suzaku to join his plan with C. I think only once the efficacy of the Britannian Empire was totally destroyed in his eyes and Lelouch demonstrated his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace particularly with no public redemption or glamorthen Suzaku could join him.

They could only reach the ends they did through the other. As I said before their relationship is the core of the story, so my love for the relationship and the show go hand-in-hand. It was my introduction to this particular dynamic, at least to this extreme i. What appeals to me about Lelouch and Suzaku is they were friends in the past, and you can tell they would still be friends if not for their situation.

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It makes their strife compelling! You want them to reconcile no matter how much they hurt each other, which is why the ending is so satisfying. There may be romantic feelings, sure, but they can hardly maintain a friendship over the course of the show, much less a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Lelouch has a habit of not realizing how much he loves people Shirley, etc. This essay puts it in better words than I can: The lead up to Zero Requiem gave them lots of time together to reconcile, romantic or not.

Like you said, they keep hurting each other but you also always want them to make up with each other.

Relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch Predictions

The foundation of their relationship, that summer at the Kururugi shrine, is so innocent. I think for him they represent the time in his life before he killed his father.

Their friendships represented those better, peaceful times. The show frames her relationships with Suzaku and Lelouch as a symbol of purity and love, sometimes to the point of being a bartering chip between the two of them. This dynamic is best exemplified by the episode that shows Lelouch and Suzaku working together to save her.

I just love her a lot. Their peaceful friendship is all the more poignant considering they clashed when they first met. How they became friends over the summer at the Kururugi shrine is mostly explored in side materials, rather than the show itself.

Sometimes exposing an origin feels cheap or shallow to me such as in the Star Wars prequels or Dangan Ronpa 3but I enjoy them in this case. Anyway, in the side materials it becomes apparent how drastically the invasion of Japan traumatized and changed Suzaku and Lelouch, by essentially trading attitudes.

Suzaku went from boisterous and prideful to reserved and ashamed. Lelouch was already bitter about Britannia, but his compliance transformed into aggression and vengeance. When Lelouch looks at Suzaku, he sees a political pawn.

Despite that, he was shown to be willing to stab them in the back if necessary.

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Suzaku also wished to take responsibility for his actions, and his ultimate goal was to atone for the killing of his father. Though Suzaku did not openly admit it, both C.

C and Lelouch have deduced that more than anything, Suzaku wanted to die to escape the guilt. But when Zero uses his geass on Suzaku when Schneizel cornered them into a suicidal blow, Suzaku become someone who desperately wants to die, but is unable to. After Euphemia's death, Suzaku developed a firm resolve to kill Zero and, by extension, Lelouch.

He considered Zero to be an evil, immoral individual who was only focused on results and cared nothing for innocent lives. Suzaku twice rejected Zero's offer to join him, even when Zero held him at gunpoint. Later Suzaku would continue honoring Euphemia's memory by continuing his quest to change within by becoming the Knight Of One so that he could have the privilege of ruling an area on his own and transform Area He also held a quill given to him by Euphy and customized his Lancelot's shield with a Knight Of Honor as a mark towards her.

After Zero was exposed as Lelouch, Suzaku began to paint Lelouch with the same brush with which he painted Zero.

Suzaku had a hard time acknowledging Lelouch's past actions, such as the Orange and Lake Kawaguchi incidents.

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This struggle was shown during the time he was transporting Julius Kingsley during the European Campaign. During this time, Suzaku had a more hardened personality and seemed willing to use more underhanded tactics, such as attempting to use Refrain on Kallen, though he discards it soon after.

He was not, however, willing to use methods similar to Lelouch's. Suzaku was willing to kill anybody standing in his way, which was shown during the first battle of the Tokyo Settlement for his bloodlust revenge against Zero.

While clashing with the Knights of St. Michael, Shin believes Suzaku's true nature to be similar to his own, that he hates the world and wants to destroy it with the darkness within him. During Kaguya's conversation with the Six Houses of Kyoto, Suzaku showed no remorse for the fallen members, as their execution couldn't be helped. Regardless, Suzaku hasn't lost faith in Lelouch, as he wonders why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way but despises Lelouch for casting a Geass on him to live even though it was Suzaku's goal to die.

After Lelouch reminds Suzaku of his father's past and their confrontation at the Kururugi Shrine, Suzaku realizes that Lelouch is the kind of person who would take all of the lies to make everyone's dreams into reality, indicating that Suzaku's view of Britannia had started to change. After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused.

He then abandons his self-righteous nature and resolves to achieve his goals regardless of the means. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength. This ultimately leads him to make a deal with Schneizel in order to become Knight of One by slaying the emperor, leading to the confrontation in C's world. Since both had lost the ones they loved and had sullied their hands with the blood of thousands, Suzaku finally allies with Lelouch, but his experience in the thought realm with Lelouch and C.

He understands that the cycle of hatred would have to be broken for a peaceful future, and though it can only be done by Zero, no one would accept Lelouch as Zero because of the Geass, and devises the Zero Requiem with him. Lelouch describes him of powerful willpower, as he transforms Lelouch's Geass command 'Live' positively into an energy boost.

He becomes shocked with Lelouch when Nunnally is still alive and declares them both enemies. Afterwards, he shows a vicious dedication to its completion, and takes the responsibility of being 'Lelouch's Sword' to conquer both his enemies and weakness. He fakes his death in his battle with Kallen, reappears under the guise of Zero and stabs Lelouch. Lelouch smiles at him as his death draws near, and thinking of the Geass as a gift that allows one to do something the other can't, touches Zero's mask in an affectionate gesture and offers him the Geass of changing the world.