Cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

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cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

[Archive] The Chronicles of Cordelia and Angel Long Live The Queen: A The following is an episode by episode timeline of all the C/Aer moments. .. opinion, the best part of the series was the Angel/Cordelia relationship. Angel and Cordelia's relationship shifted in its undercurrents and I'm not Perhaps part of the reason for this evolution is that Angel subconsciously views Cordelia as more of an . He met up with Lilah and the rest is history. Cordelia Chase was an agent of the Powers That Be. When the Cordettes found out about her relationship with Xander, Cordelia was unable to withstand . However, even in this alternate timeline, Cordelia felt compelled to help others and.

Hero - Angel and Cordelia cried in each other's arms over the loss of Doyle.

cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

Parting Gifts - Cordelia kisses Angel in an attempt to get rid of the visions. Angel saves Cordelia from Barney. Cordelia hugs Angel and tells him that she knew he'd save her.

Angel cooks breakfast for Cordelia.

cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

Somnambulist - Cordelia refuses to believe that Angel has turned evil. They have a conversation on the roof where Angel says that he knows he can trust Cordelia to stake him if he were to turn evil again. Expecting - Angel worries about Cordelia when she doesn't show up for work.

When Cordelia worries about her pregnancy, Angel assures her that she will not be alone. Cordelia tells Angel and Wesley that she knows she can trust them with her life. Eternity - Angel lies about Cordelia's performance, because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Cordelia ignores her admiration of Ms. Lowell, when trying to figure out what happened to Angel. Sanctuary - Cordelia trusted that Angel was making the right decision regarding Faith.

She still decided to go on vacation though. War Zone - Cordelia gets to bandage Angel's wounds again. Angel makes a joke about Cordelia's love of money. To Shanshu in L. For the first time that I can recall, we actually see legitimate fear on Angel's face as he holds Cordelia's hand in the hospital, while she is having the nonstop visions. Angel fights Vocah and cuts off Lindsey's hand in order to save Cordelia.

When she returns to normal, Cordelia tells Angel about all the people she saw and that they have to help them. Angel assures her, "We will. Judgment - Cordelia comforts Angel when kills a demon he didn't know was good. Untouched - Cordelia warns Bethany, "Don't bone my boss.

Dear Boy - Cordelia fears Angel might be losing his mind when he starts seeing Darla everywhere. Darla - Angel tells the group that he doesn't want Darla to go through the pain of dealing with having a soul alone like he did. Cordelia tells him, "You're not alone. Reprise - Angel warns Cordelia to move before taking a book from their office.

Had it been anyone else, I don't think there would have been a warning. Ephiphany - After his ephiphany, the first member of the group Angel went to see was Cordelia. Angel drove Lindsey's truck into the house to save Cordelia. When Cordelia has a vision, Angel catches her. Disharmony - Angel sticks up for Cordelia to Wesley and Gunn when they wonder if she maybe made a mistake with her vision.

After Willow calls to inform him about Harmony, Angel rushes to Cordelia's apartment to save her. Angel tries to warn Cordelia that because of the nature of being a vampire, Harmony will turn her.

cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

Angel finally wins Cordelia over by buying her clothes. Dead End - Cordelia cries in Angel's arms after getting the vision of a man stabbing himself in the eye. Angel brings a bunch of sandwiches to the office, because he couldn't remember what Cordelia liked. Cordelia tells Angel that she loves him, and when he smiles she adds, "And you should do that more often. Belonging - Angel's eyes bug out of his head when he sees Cordelia in the bikini.

Angel wants to rip the director's head off for being rude to Cordelia. Angel moves his hands in a suggestive manner on his axe, while describing the bikini to Wesley and Gunn. Over the Rainbow - Angel freaks out when they determine that Cordelia was sucked into the portal. Wesley suggests they come up with a plan, and Angel says "Screw Logic," and that he just wants to jump through a portal and rescue Cordelia.

Angel tells Wesley he can't lose Cordelia now, "I just got her back. Even though Cordelia said she loved Groo, she still left with Angel. Heartthrob - Cordelia gives Angel a big hug when he returns home.

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Cordelia gets Angel to open up about Buffy's death. Angel puts himself in between Cordelia and James. Even though they hadn't figured it out themselves yet, James could see that Angel and Cordelia were in love. That Vision Thing - Angel refuses to leave until Cordelia opens the bathroom door and proves she's alright. Angel gets Fred to take Cordelia home and stay with her.

Cordelia tells Angel that if she didn't have the visions he wouldn't need her anymore, and he assures her that isn't true. Wesley has to almost literally drag Angel away from Cordelia's bedside. Angel chokes Lilah when she won't mention Cordelia by name. Angel goes to a hell dimension to rescue Billy in order to save Cordelia.

Angel kills the psychic hitman that has been sending Cordelia the false visions. Angel threatens to kill Lilah if she uses Cordelia to get to him again. Over waffles, Angel tells Cordelia that she's more important to him than beating Wolfram and Hart. That Old Gang of Mine - Even though she doesn't want to because Angel asked hereventually Cordelia talks to Fred about getting out of the hotel for a little while.

Carpe Noctum - Angel gets jealous when he sees Cordelia flirting with those other guys in the gym. Cordelia told Angel that he's handsome. Angel makes it clear he doesn't want Cordelia to think he's a eunuch.

Cordelia Chase

Even though he doesn't want to because Cordelia asked himAngel talked to Fred about her crush on him. Fredless - Angel gets a kid in a candy store look on his face when its time for Cordelia to bandage his wounds. Cordelia tells Angel that she can soothe his ass off. Billy - Angel trains Cordelia to fight. When Angel turns around, Cordelia is gone. It is later revealed that this encounter— the Powers That Be repaying their debt to Cordelia—allowed Cordelia to pass one last vision over to Angel, giving him the knowledge he needs to bring down the Circle of the Black Thorn.

Had the series been picked up by a network, it would have featured Cordelia voiced by Charisma Carpenter in more high-school adventures. Following a leak of the pilot to YouTubeLoeb expressed some hope that the series may be resurrected in some form. The Cordelia Collection, Vol. These episodes tell specific incidents in which Cordelia becomes targeted: Cordelia appears in the majority of Angel comics, published by Dark Horse Comics during — and set between episodes of the television series.

She appears less frequently in those by IDW Publishing between andmainly in stories set in and after the fifth season. Cordelia typically plays a minimal role in the Dark Horse Angel comics.

However, issue seventeen was a "Cordelia Special", in which demonic items are stashed in Cordelia's apartment.

cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

In the Dark Horse Presents story "Lovely dark and deep", Cordelia lands a role as the star of a demonic movie. The Curseset after season five, in flashback scenes. Old Friendswhich sees Angel battle evil clones of his friends. Cordelia claims to be the genuine article, having returned from the dead, but Angel is unconvinced and kills her; his suspicions prove correct when her body immediately disintegrates like the other clones.

After the Falla canonical comic book continuation of the television series plotted by Joss Whedon and written by Brian Lynchfeatures the characters of Angel and all of Los Angeles condemned to Hell after the events of the series finale " Not Fade Away ".

Cordelia does not appear until the twelfth issue, in which she acts as a guide to Angel in his dying moments; it is revealed she serves in some capacity as a higher power now. The character departs in issue thirteen. Cordelia also appears in a dream sequence within the twentieth issue of Buffy's canonical continuation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eighttitled " After These Messages We'll Be Right Back!

Buffy dreams of when she was in her first year at Sunnydale High; Cordelia's physical appearance is based on the art style of Loeb and Whedon's unproduced Buffy animated series. Conception and casting[ edit ] Cordelia was originally intended to serve as a dramatic foil to the series' main character Buffy Summers. Adapting the concept of the movie into a television series, Whedon decided to reinvent the character of Buffy.

The shallow cheerleader of the Buffy filmas played by Kristy Swansonhad grown more mature and open-minded. Buffy now identified with the social outcasts, such as Willow and Xander. As a result, Cordelia Chase was created to embody the traits of that shallower Buffy. At the same time, Carpenter was critical of her frequent role as the damsel in distress. Charisma Carpenter had originally planned to read for the role of Buffy, but was late for her audition and instead tried out for Cordelia.

Carpenter, who had dressed casually for the role of Buffy—who she believed "could really be herself"—felt unprepared to read for Cordelia because she "was definitely a character to dress for". Although she had only fifteen minutes to prepare for the character, the producers were "really responsive" to Carpenter's audition, and she left feeling confident she had got the part. Bianca Lawson originally won the role of Cordelia Chase, but turned it down due to other contractual obligations.

Lawson would later be cast as vampire slayer Kendra in the show's second season. In the latter, Dr. Lorna Jowett of the University of Northampton describes Cordelia's initial place in the series where "At first glance, Cordelia seems to have the 'normal life' Buffy often longs for.

She is a familiar character from the teen drama: Furthermore, Cordelia's exceptionalism is based on 'real' material privilege rather than supernatural power. She represents in more exaggerated form the unnamed white middle-class heterosexual qualities read privilege of the other characters to the point that it becomes visible. The article focuses on the competitive relationship between the characters. After spending the vast majority of the past episode in her bedroom, Fred has ventured out into the land of the living Just a group of close friends hanging out and eating together.

No world in peril, no drama What does she have to offer? While Fred and Wesley share some similarities and will continue to do so Team Fresley, bitches! His intelligence and skills come through being able to identify demons and knowing how to kill them. Fred, however, is a scientist. Speaking of the wolf, the ram, and the hart, Gavin is a poor substitute for Lindsey.

cordelia and angel relationship timeline progression

Not a whole lot. Lilah and Lindsey shared a great deal of similarities and the fun of those two together was watching them trying to out-do each other. He does do something in this episode that will be more important later in the season Gavin uses these to monitor everything that goes on at the hotel and even keeps transcripts.

I wonder if he kept records of how frequently they went to the bathroom and would send medication to the hotel anonymously if someone had diarrhoea How does one scrub the inside of their mind clean again? Did I fall asleep? I was left asking myself why the P. Cordelia has proven herself a selfless, worthy person to take over from Doyle, so why would the P. He really needs and depends on you. The visions turning against Cordelia makes Cordelia address her previous behaviour and gives us an insight into her mental state.

As I mentioned earlier, Cordy is left asking herself what she can contribute to Angel Investigations and Angel himself if she gives up the visions. Who is she without them? Angel was a broody loner, Wesley was fired and travelling the United States by himself, and Cordelia was a starving, failing actress. By the end of this episode, Angel will have informed Cordelia that he needs her for more than just her visions.

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Cordelia was useful to the group in some way before Doyle passed the visions to her. Even now, Angel has trouble getting through to people and relating to people. Cordelia keeps him grounded and keeps him human, so to speak.

Am I just a horrible person? Because I know I can be snippy sometimes.