D gray man allen and lenalee relationship problems

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"Allen!" Lenalee squealed, opening the door. I smiled. Lenalee was wearing a regular I don't bother asking her about it because I think I know what her problem is. I kiss her cheek, letting her hands stroke my arm still. "Lenalee, you don't have to worry about Allen though. Your brother he would know relationship problems when he saw them. "It's nothing. Please note that this is the butaivilniuje.infon Encyclopedia's article on the exorcist in . One of Lenalee's biggest regrets is the time she left Allen behind to save a girl when .. in the ark and challenges them to reach the way out before disappearing. .. However, after the 14th begins to awaken within Allen, their relationship has.

She had been agonizing over a decision she was faced with. And she didn't know how to handle that. Relationships, even slightly going beyond friendship, were absoloutley forbidden by the pope.

Exorcists had more important things than love to deal with. So should she tell him when she knew nothing could come of it? He had a distant look in his eyes. The kind he had when something was causing him worry, the kind of worry he didn't want anyone to know about. When she thought about it she realised he had been acting a bit off ever since the he had got back from the ark. And that was almost a year ago now. She had obviously said something he didn't like. Lenalee was the last person he wanted worrying about him.

He felt his face turn then and he was suddenly face to face with her. Then she was hugging him. She said, her voice slightly muffled by his clothes. It might not be something I can help with directly, but I can still help in one way or another She was pulled back down and suddenly realised Allen was kissing her. She is shown to be the only person who could easily stop Kanda and Allen fighting.

Due to his left eye causing him to work hard, and his self-sacrificing personality, Lenalee is constantly worried about Allen, and makes it her mission to make sure he doesn't push himself too hard.

After Allen was granted entry into the Black OrderLenalee showed Allen around the place, lightly mentioning that many people consider the Order their "Home", a sentiment Allen would later come to share. Allen is then shown to be smitten when Lenalee gave him a warm smile and welcomed him home from his first mission in Mater, thinking to himself that she is "so cute".

In the Rewinding Town Arc, the two seem to get along nicely, co-operating well in fights and happily swapping tales of their childhood. However, they also had their first large argument when Lenalee stops Allen from killing himself saving a self-destructing Akuma.

She then shuns him until he apologizes for raging at her, tearfully berating him for not considering her a friend and promising to always save his life. Arguably, most of Allen's fellow exorcists are good people. It's just the Black Order's management that employ the less desirable methods Yet every time Lenalee mentions how the order basically kidnapped and imprisoned her for years, she handwaves it all that now they are her family.

And there is no real bitterness towards them. Blood from the Mouth: Seems to happen to Allen pretty much every battle, and Kanda fairly often as well. Krory, eventually awakens the power to kill his opponents with a "copy" made of his own blood. The Akuma blood bullets make you break out in a pentacle-shaped rash.

Then you explode into toxic dust.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship problems

Don't forget when Road stabbed Allen in the eye, then we get to see his partially regrown-but-still-not-there eye-socket!

And remember when Allen's arm was all flaked and looked like it was about to fall off? Then Tyki ripped it off and then had his Teez eat a hole in Allen's heart?

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And Level 0 Akuma forcing themselves down their victim's throat Let's just say there's a lot and leave it at that. Almost payback for Tyki's Body Horror infliction on Allen: He transforms rather gruesomely into a demonic knight thing that turned the Black Knight scary again.

He now uses weird energy circle things to basically trounce his enemies left and right.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship problems

It also seems to have a taste for blood. Why does everyone seem to forget Daisya? We never did find out what all was missing from his corpse, did we?

Not to mention Kanda's Freudian Excuse. Czeslaw Meyer would sympathize. General Yeeger's death had to get bowderizedafter Tyki removed some organs, tortured him, nailed him backwards to a cross and carved "God Hunt" onto his back.

In Chapterthe 3rd Exorcists' akuma cells go berserk and create some incredibly disturbing body moments. ChapterFiddler's tongue. And the sound effect when one spontaneously popped out. Made worse when you realise that right now those things are living inside of Lavi and Chaozi. Road uses "boku" and acts rather boyish You think being chosen to be the host of a not exactly benevolent man's soul and being suspected by the Order sucks enough?

Well Allen, be happy to learn that you are now targeted by an enemy you can do nothing against, who wants to absorb you and will chase you to the end of the world! Surprisingly, Allen was bratty, mouthy, and a bit of an urchin back when he worked in the circus, before meeting Mana. Having your memories erased, reconfigured into a child body, and being subjected to horrific experiments can do that to you Break the Cutie: The Cheerful Child foil to Yu's Bratty Half-Pinthe eventually slaughters the whole lab when he figures out his "friends" failed experiments are never going to wake up and since the war with the Noahs will never end, neither will the horrible experiments.

Several times between Allen and Lenalee when he rescues her, a few times between Lavi and Lenalee, and Kanda and Alma. Both Allen and Lenalee are deeply traumatized, but you wouldn't know it to look at them.

Allen Walker most certainly suits this, do to his ever growing situation with the 14th and undoubted selflessness. His confusion in his purpose and discovering of why the 14th plagues him leaves him in an almost ideal situation for this trope. Depending on how you view Komui's obsession with his sister All Exorcists with Equipment Innocence.

Sometimes they can invoke their Innocence just by thinking the name, but in the manga it all reads the same. There is nothing wrong with the souls themselves. In fact, if you are lucky enough to be able to see the souls inside the Akuma, you will see that they are in constant pain and are miserably suffering A Fate Worse Than Death. All because you crossed your Despair Event Horizon and wished to see your loved one again. At least until they reach level two.

Then they get a personality and may have their memories intact. You've just been stabbed. If an Akuma is destroyed by anything but an Innocence, it cannot be saved.

Road gave Allen his first experience of this by causing an Akuma to self-destruct. Winters Socalo by rapidly spinning his serrated blades. Cross is capable of breaking a wooden washtub with his bear feet, and being able to lift, one-handed, and throw Allen, who weighs pounds, a few yards.

And he casually holds Lenalee in the air, and perched on his arm, with one hand, who weights pounds.

Lenalee and Allen?

All the Noah have superhuman strength too, though it is somewhat justified since they are able to use the superhuman Noah genes within all humans that unlock not only certain Dark Matter-based powersbut also incredibly strength, regeneration and agility. Not to mention how Miranda once climbed a cliff with a grandfather clock strapped to her back. Current evidence suggests that Allen could be if he wanted to, but he's too kind to do so.

Unless the victim is a robot, that is. Alma, despite the horrible experiments that were done to him. And then he figures out the experiments will never end The abandoned city of Mater, where Kanda and Alma end up being transported by Allen so they can get away from the Order.

General Cross who, despite having many lovers, really does care for and form bonds with his women. Unlike The Casanovanothing has shown he mistreats or is dismissive of his lovers.

In fact the manga shows he thinks fondly of women. Also, Allen says under Cross' bed, at mother's house, that it's filled with things he got from his lovers. So, Cross has keepsakes from his lovers that he puts away.

Seems Cross may be into Polyamory if anything. Allen has a rather serious case of " Must save everyone! This was lampshaded by Kanda, who called him out on it early in the series. Then again, Kanda is not half the idealist Allen is Hell, even Lenalee called him out on it once. Only for her to fall to the same flaw multiple times. She may be worse than even Allen in that department.

Allen and Lenalee

Allen, oh boy, Allen. The Order and the Innocence aren't picky about the ages of the Exorcists who fight for them. Allen grew up in a circus. After the entire arc involving Kanda and Alma, Allen still gets in a lot of trouble for turning into a Noah, and ends up stuck in a prison for a while. Lenalee, during the Eshi battle. Allen and Kanda have both had their clothes totally shredded in fights at some point.

Tewaku's clothes are ripped apart when her Akuma cells go wild. The Clan of Noah. Cross's emotional and physical abuse of Allen is usually played for laughs. However, this was more in the anime given Cross' Adaptational Villainy. In the manga, Allen has only suffered genuine trauma with the amount of debts he's had to pay off due to Cross. Whereas in the anime, Cross abandons Allen to be beaten by thugs, orders Allen to bring him man-eating animals, throws him to legions of Akuma without training him, and having Allen so scarred that he believed that all generals were evil due to his experience with Cross.

As of Chara Gray, Cross takes debts Up to Eleven —while the events in the framing story are in the same spirit as a Fourth-Wall Mail Slot page when it comes to how canon they are, Cross manages to somehow pile on more debts on Allen despite, as Allen notesit being uncertain if Cross is alive or dead. Everyone speaks English in this series, no matter the people or the place. At the beginning it was justified within the order because of the various nationalities inside of it although in the 19th century English was not the lingua franca it is nowadays The newspaper in the Rewind City arc set in Germany are also written in English, as well as the name of Timothy's orphanage in Paris.

Even the Noah's real names are English! The tongue barrier is only briefly Played for Laughs in China. Cross Marian, confirmed in chapter of the manga. He appears to Allen to speak with him -the latter being trapped within Nea's subconscious memories.

After their talk, we see Road, who had been watching them.