Dolph ziggler and lana relationship quotes

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dolph ziggler and lana relationship quotes

Lana On How She Started Dating Rusev, Vince McMahon Being Unsure Of If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit Talk Is. Dolph Ziggler is the guest with Michael Cole in the weekly Bank ladder match is, the two discuss Dolph's relationship with Lana. To date, the WWE seems to be trying to sell Lana and Dolph Ziggler as a couple; although many know now that in real life, Lana is linked to.

During her time off, Rusev and Lana got back together off-screen at the point of Miroslav and CJ's real-life engagement becoming a tabloid headline.

dolph ziggler and lana relationship quotes

Rusev began falling more and more into this category since the birth of Rusev Day. His ankle wraps came originally from his NXT days, when he sported the gimmick of a Muay Thai fighter. Upon his debut in WWE, they actually misled some people into thinking Rusev's character was going to be a MMA fighter or something similar, but at the end they were kept as just a particular footwear choice and a subtle homage to his trainer Rikishi. He later started wearing real boots after suffering a broken foot during a match.

Sported a thick goatee from his earliest days in the WWE to fit the image of burly Russian men having thick beards. Later, following the demise of his Heel push and the subsequent birth of Rusev Day, he cut his glorious mane of hair short and took to wearing a massive full beard instead. His relationship with Lana is this, sort of, being that Rusev is honor-bound to protect Lana from every guy that so much as looks at her too long.

Given that Lana is a very stare-inducing lady, he gets into a lot of fights. Unfortunately, when this tendency of his meets WWE's booking of him, it also results in him losing a lot of fights.

Occasionally slips in a few deadpan lines in Bulgarian even insulting Stephanie McMahon to her face on Raw. This has actually made him quite popular in Bulgaria.

He's even explicitly called the "Bulgarian Brute". Aside from the above quote, he has another in "It's He's grown fond of using a large chain to beat people down with before using it to further enhance The Accolade. Rikishi and Gangrel is as odd a combination as any. The first person in eleven years to defeat John Cena - John Cena - with a submission hold. Does Not Like Shoes: He used to wear Mixed Martial Arts -style ankle wraps instead. Averted after returning from precisely an ankle injury in Julywhich in storyline were given to him by new girlfriend Summer Rae.

Was an entrant in the Royal Rumble, several weeks before making his Raw debut. He appeared quite different originally on NXT. Lana was not at his side, he came to the ring wearing a skirt, both he and his ring gear appeared to be covered in dirt, and his theme music resembled that of an islander.

Also, he carried a plank with his opponent's name to the ring, which he would break in half before the match. With his long hair, bushy beard, burly frame and shooter-like gimmick, he resembles Gary Albright an awful lot.

Seems to have finally made one as of Junewinning his first WWE Championship opportunity - perfectly clean, without any interference from Lana or English - against The Miz and sharing a respectful handshake with the current titleholder, AJ Styles.

Granted, the guy had been a face in the eyes of the fans literally for months leading up to that point, but that spot just made it official. Hoist by His Own Petard: In Survivor Series during the match between Team Cena and Team Authority, where he attempts to flying press Dolph Ziggler through the announcer table. However, Ziggler rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Rusev to take the plunge solo.

The impact dazed him so badly that he got eliminated by ring-out count. Sometimes dipped into this at the beginning of his career, but subverted as his command of the English language or at least his ability to recite the English language has obviously improved.

A Bulgarian example, but loyal to Mother Russia nonetheless. He used to have a Muay Thai fighter gimmick in NXT and was announced as such, but it was soon dropped in favor of a more generic wrestler approach. However, due to his ankle wraps, submission finisher, "super-athlete" gimmick and obvious inspiration on the fictitious boxer Ivan Drago, he still retained some combat sports undertones until much after his debut in the main roster.

Didn't lose a match by pinfall or submission since his debut until WrestleMania 31, when John Cena finally pinned him. Some time into the beginning of his run, the "Alexander" was dropped from his name completely, and he simply became known as "Rusev". This man is deceptively fast and agile for someone of his build; he's often, and accurately, described as "explosive".

Rusev always looks ready to crush someone. Up until his feud with Lana, he was also literally this, as he never ever smiled. Since then, however, he seems to get a kick out of using Summer Rae to make Lana jealous.

Lana initially did most of his talking for him. Though he got better about this later on. Managed to become one of the few to disrespect The Authority incarnation of Stephanie McMahon and get away with it simply by speaking to them in his home country's language, which she along with most viewers outside said country didn't understand. Has a thick figure and is also shown to be very strong. This promptly came to an end soon after Lana announced their reunion and engagement.

Popped back up in late where he disrespected both Sasha Banks and Charlotte and the Women's Revolution so badly that he got the two bitter rivals to unite for a moment in dropkicking him out of the ring.

The first Bulgarian to wrestle for WWE. Has basically been Rusev's shtick ever since he and Lana were billed as an actual couple rather than Lana being simply a valet and Implied Love Interest. If there's a backstage segment on TV with Lana alone with a guy, chances are that guy is going to be an irritated Rusev's opponent for the night.

Would Not Hit a Girl: For all his sexism, chauvinism, and misogyny, Rusev will not bring himself to harm Lana, even when she strikes him.

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During their split, Rusev's feelings for Lana morphed from presumably love to an obsessive hatred. In any case, for someone who claims to have gotten over it, he really hasn't gotten over it. After she sort of fell out with Dolph and suddenly went down to a wrist injury, they made back up and got engaged.

What's more, the linked article takes care to point out that he was the one who proposed.

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While submitting in Bulgarian during an "I Quit" match against John Cenaone of the lines he said translates to, "Damn your old mother, Cena! Got a pretty good one over on the WWE Universe when she asked them if they thought they could handle her topless photos.

dolph ziggler and lana relationship quotes

When the audience convinced her they could, she turns to the screen and reveals Lana fits here somewhat, as she definitely seems to get some kind of enjoyment out of watching Rusev hurt people. The only real issue is that, apart from being a very attractive woman in a criminally short skirt who tends to turn her body to show off at times, there's not really anything outwardly sexual about her character.

Dolph Ziggler and Lana go public: Raw, June 29, 2015

However, they just shot this match on first like it meant nothing. It was basically there to act as a prelude for the rest of the night with regards to this storyline. It was essentially the same finish from Summerslam!

With everything that happened later on, surely those would be the sort of things that would hype up a match for later on? Why not have Lana and Dolph Ziggler cut the promo about the match at the start of the show? They can talk about their relationship and making out in Disneyland, etc.

After that, Summer comes out and Ziggler is seen with his towel on in his locker room. We then hear from Summer Rae as she does her interview about the incident with Ziggler. Lana is asked about this interview by Renee Young but she walks off. Ziggler then tries to explain what happened to Lana but she leaves the building sad and upset. This would leave Ziggler all alone to go up against Rusev. Without Lana at ringside, Rusev beats him in the middle.

Even IF they tweaked the timing of the angles, I still probably would have hated it! However, I am not a casual wrestling fan. If you want to get a soap opera storyline over with the casual fan base, you have to at least have it make SENSE. The writers build up to that point.

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Dolph Ziggler and Lana have the hardest jobs in the world to try and convince everyone that they ARE in fact in a relationship. How do you convince the WWE Universe that you are in love with this girl when her kayfabe ex-boyfriend Rusev IS her real life boyfriend? I give Lana and Dolph Ziggler all the credit in the world.

WWE have to constantly try to force this relationship upon you in the most cheesiest of ways. The Instagram photos of Ziggler and Lana kissing in Disneyland was mentioned so much during this show!

However, I feel that the person that gets the most sympathy from me… is Rusev. This lad was a cold-hearted destructive Russian power house.