Eli and oskar relationship

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eli and oskar relationship

Eli told Oskar earlier in the film she was leaving him for a reason. Downplaying this makes Eli's relationship with Oskar seem innocent. By the end of book, Håkan dies and Eli and Oskar run away together. The nature of their relationship is ambiguous. Lindqvist's novella Let the Old Dreams Die. But the emotional intimacy between Eli, the vampire girl, and Oskar, the which are innately sexual, Eli and Oskar's relationship is grounded in.

I made mention in the previous article how I sensed something dark in her friendship with Oskar. Now, I won't deny that there is something sweet about their relationship.

eli and oskar relationship

They're both people who are invisible for their own reasons who found each other. They bonded over that and their relationship builds from there.

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However, as I think more Eli and the circumstances around her friendship with Oskar, I can't help think that perhaps there are darker things to come as Oskar and Eli's relationship develop after the end of the movie. The movie gives no background to their relationship.

eli and oskar relationship

It's assumed that they move around a lot and he plays the part of the father in every town they live in. How they met and why he agreed to do such sinister things for Eli isn't spelled out like it is in the book but it is definitely hinted on especially in the scene above. After asking Eli not to see Oskar, at least for that night, Eli comforts him by touching his cheek.

His reaction to her touch has heavy implications on how he actually views Eli and how it is that Eli can get him to find "food" for her. I saw this particular scene as showcasing Eli's ability to perceive certain things in people and how she plays to the what she sees in order to get what she wants. She's an immortal being in the body of a child.

Even if she is stronger than most grown men, she does need some help.

eli and oskar relationship

He's shown to be quite devoted to Eli to the point where he even sacrifices his own face to protect her and it's this twisted form of love that Eli relied on for who knows how many years. Once she moves to a new apartment complex though, she meets a new potential companion in Oskar. When Eli first meets Oskar, he's outside stabbing a tree with his knife pretending that it's his bully, Connie.

eli and oskar relationship

He says the same things that are spouted at him at school and his fervor slowly intensifies before he notices that someone is watching. This meeting seems innocuous and a bit awkward for Oskar at first but it comes back later on in the film.

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What do you mean? What are you staring at? Are you looking at me? Those were the first words I heard you say. I don't kill people. But you'd like to if you could. Lesser known is the image of the vampire as a very cleverly veiled creature of sex; and nearly every aspect of the vampire somehow involves sex.

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It helps to have a bit of background on vampires. It actually extends way back to pre-Christ Asian and European lore, assimilating itself into the culture of the Chinese, Assyrians, Hindus, Burmese, and Greeks, each of whom had different depictions of the vampire of all of whom featured the vampire as a bloodsucking creature.

Bram Stoker wrote arguably the most famous depiction of the vampire, and really opened the floodgates for the more sexual depiction of the vampire—one that undergoes a significant reworking in Let the Right One In. Nearly every aspect of their relationship, save for the outright sexual one, is shown in the relationship between the children, and there is even some physicality there.

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There is a scene in which Eli has returned from her evening hunts, and climbs into bed with Oskar. When they are in bed, Oskar asks to enter into a relationship with her, and she asks if he would still want that if she were not female.

eli and oskar relationship

In the novel on which the film is based, and in an early draft of the film, Eli was intended to be a male named Elias who got castrated before he was turned. They stay in contact through Morse code, share and give away possessions, and truly seem to care for each other. Oskar eventually does this, which, to Eli, is a significant act of trust. Eli even eats a candy bar that Oskar buys for her, and though she knows that it will make her ill she also wants for him to feel happy.

The film ends with Eli and Oskar heading away on a train.