Emtee and aka relationship

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emtee and aka relationship

When AKA and Wizkid jumped on the remix a few months later, Emtee had officially arrived. Add a BET award nomination for Viewer's Choice. Emtee has accused Cassper Nyovest of disrespecting him and vowed that he would never work with him again. Even more confusing is how Emtee got AKA and Cassper in the mess. .. Relationship Rewrite Method December 1, at pm.

Four local rappers have appeared on Sway in the Morning, and each of them got to spit a verse.

emtee and aka relationship

The social script dictates that at such moments, an emcee should freestyle — one of the older methods of delivery. This is the true mark of a lyricist.

emtee and aka relationship

However, lyrics don't really mean jack these days. Let's break down which local artist did the best Sway slot: Touchdown and they whole voice switched up, so I ain't about to start calling tomato sauce ketchup. Whatever though, he makes references to American basketball player Moses Malone and speaks a bit about his daughter.


There's very little punch fam, but the flow is educated. He gets a little vulnerable, talking about how he never really wanted to be famous and then tries to step up the hardness with a line about a black flag and Isis, but it falls flat. Your strongest dart didn't rhyme.

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Nyovest talks about his daddy from the jump, about wanting to be American and how the rap ancestors chose him and his team. The song earned him some accolades too.

Emtee - Roll Up (Re-Up) ft. Wizkid & AKA

It was a fulfilling moment for the young rapper and an inspiring one for other upcoming artists. He has continued to break barriers and set standards in the music industry. His earnings are also attributed to his various endorsement deals. He also got another luxurious vehicle the following year.

Photo: Emtee tags AKA his idol

The young rapper lives together with his girlfriend in his mansion. Emtee, Nicole and son The dates are not verified but reports have it that he has been with Nicole for so many years.

emtee and aka relationship

The loved-up couple had their first son in and their second child in Emtee and his bae have continued to wax strong amid all adversities including social media dramas, cyberbullying and whatnots. One of these occasions was earlier in when Emtee was dragged by fans for saying his girlfriend was 22 years old.

Cassper Nyovest responds to Emtee 'collapse' on stage drama: 'Drop the drugs'

It had been a moment of joy for the SA rapper and his crew following the announcement of a second child on the way until fans emerged in numbers to quiz if his girlfriend was truly The questions were followed by derogatory remarks by followers as they abused her for her looks in the photos posted on Twitter. However, the couple remained resistant to the insults and peacefully welcomed their baby in January Marriage speculations have saturated various media platforms but it seems the happy couple is not in a hurry to tie the knot.

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