Eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

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eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

EunHae · When Eunhyuk finds himself stuck in a life or death situation, he is forced to for help, Donghae's friends contact the only person they trust: Eunhyuk. Yes, I do think things have been weird with Donghae/Eunhyuk lately. But I also honestly believe that they are in an ongoing romantic relationship. . be trusted, Donghae was indeed staring as Heechul kept loving on Eunhyuk. Donghae's father had asked the leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk to take care of his son. He trusted Leeteuk to take care of Donghae when he is.

Unfortunately, Donghae's response snatched control of the wheel and blatantly drove the conversation into the heart of a whirlpool. Eunhyuk felt like the air had suddenly solidified and was crushing him.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

But I love you m-" "No. Donghae was completely taken aback. Despite the shock, Donghae recovered himself quickly. In fact, he recovered himself to the point that he became angry.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

But Eunhyuk's stifling glare silenced him. Too tired to think straight anymore, Donghae looked to his left. He, Kangin, and Kibum trod quietly into the hallway, coming to a stop behind Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk had gone completely pale.

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Whatever anger he once had died completely. Donghae's composure, on the other hand, did not seem to change since he had walked back into the dorms a few minutes before. Not that the lack of change was a good thing. Donghae had looked pale and sick from the moment he came back.

The silence was oppressive, suffocating even. Having not gotten a response from the two in question, Sungmin glanced back at Kangin, who was no less confused than he. Kibum, who was closest to Donghae at the time, caught the dancer before his head hit anything.

Laying him down gently on the ground, Kibum took his pulse. Sungmin rushed over and helped Kibum pick up the unconscious boy. He shot Kangin a look that plainly said, "take care of things here," and then proceeded to help Kibum bring Donghae back to his room.

It must have been the tense situation that kept Eunhyuk on his feet, because the moment Donghae's presence was removed, Eunhyuk dropped to the ground as well.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

Kangin walked over to the lithe figure that was sitting limply on the ground. Eunhyuk still seemed to be in a state of shock, so Kangin grabbed his arm and hoisted him up, walking him back into Kibum's room.

Kangin sat Eunhyuk down on the bed and bent down to look him straight in the eye.

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What happened between you two? He could tell that Eunhyuk did not trust himself to speak. But he was also aware that without information, he had no ability to help the younger man in front of him. He wasn't like Kibum, who could read the other members with ease. When Eunhyuk still showed no response, Kangin leaned in. At this, Eunhyuk broke down. You need to be more tactful.

You're a little blunt sometimes. Leeteuk's words echoed through his head as he watched Eunhyuk's frame shake uncontrollably.

Eunhyuk's a pretty hands-on person, so I'm sure a hug from Donghae or Kibum could do him good. Donghae's unconscious and Kibum's tending to him. Ahh I can't do this. Kangin ran into the street and headed to the large department store in the area.

He ran around the building looking for something to cheer Eunhyuk up. Stopping outside a brightly colored store, he grinned despite his worry. Walking inside, he gestured to something hanging on the wall behind the counter. The cashier pulled it down and handed it to him.

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At that moment, the manager of the store shot out of the back room and asked Kangin for an autograph. Pausing for just a moment, Kangin took the pen and hastily scribbled a quick signature. Impatiently, he took out his wallet, but the manager, who did not notice his impatience, happily shoved him out of the store and thanked him for the autograph, telling him there was no need to pay.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship trust

I encourage you to go watch this part of the conversation. He rolls his eyes, shakes his head, and looks away. I mean, we know Donghae is a sensitive guy but. Personally, I think only a few lines of that song were meant for the fans, the rest of it is for Eunhyuk. I have not seen this quote myself, only saw it paraphrased on tumblr, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Seriously, word for word.

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I admit that I thought it was a ridiculous idea myself. And yet, Donghae only ever makes these posts when Eunhyuk is away. A notable exception being just a few weeks back, when things seemed REALLY off between Eunhae, when Donghae appeared to be ignoring Eunhyuk, when Heechul took quite an intense interest in Eunhyuk, hanging all over him, posting about how beautiful Eunhyuk is, how intimate they were, hanging all over him at DEVIL recordings, almost as if trying to make a certain someone else jealous?

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And if fanaccounts are to be trusted, Donghae was indeed staring as Heechul kept loving on Eunhyuk, and finally went and pushed Chul away from Hyuk! And Donghae makes sure to model these himself on his instagram. I think the lyrics in all the other verses are about Eunhyuk too, but these I mentioned are the only lines I feel I can back up with evidence. No references to the female figure.

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The song is very gender-neutral. Not that that necessarily means anything. Plenty of love songs are gender neutral. When people are close, they inevitably fight. So, yeah, sometimes when things seem off between them, they might actually be unhappy with each other. They have to be feeling stressed. But I still think that they love each other.

And while, yeah, I do think Donghae was being cold with Eunhyuk for a while there, I think he mostly just looks scared: Both boys looked quite smiley and playful I mean.

We should also remember that, during all of this, fanaccounts and videos have still been telling us that Donghae and Eunhyuk are often leaving from and arriving at places together, just the two of them, with eunhae often going in one van while other members take another van. That would be strange and uncomfortable!

I imagine they could easily ride separately if they wanted. Did any of that make sense?