Ff7 cloud and sephiroth relationship

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ff7 cloud and sephiroth relationship

The exact relationship between Aerith and Sephiroth changed . Final Fantasy VII wasn't the only game that featured Cloud Strife on the. For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Cloud/Sephiroth relationship overstated(and overrated). —Researcher's Diary #4, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Cloud Strife's status, had Zack Fair not intervened and rescued him from the Shinra Manor.

This is the reason why Sephiroth and Aerith have similar hairstyles. This was likely still during the point of development before Zack had been created. These relationships were all dropped and the two of them don't interact much before Sephiroth kills her. This is because she fights with a staff and her limit breaks are all based on magical effects. Aerith's stats also support this, as her abilities are focused towards improving the power of spells.

Cloud Strife

Aerith doesn't have to be relegated to the role of party healer, though, as the player can steal an awesome weapon for her that you wouldn't normally be able to acquire until later in the game. When the party reaches the Train Graveyard in Midgar, it is possible to encounter a monster called Eligor.

ff7 cloud and sephiroth relationship

It's possible to successfully steal a weapon called the Striking Staff from Eligor, which will give Aerith the highest attack score in the party. She will remain your heaviest hitter until you leave Midgar and gain access to new weapons. The most popular fake secret involves a legitimate way to bring Aerith back to life.

While it is impossible to bring Aerith back through a purposely designed manner, you can still see her ghost.

Final Fantasy VII Character Analysis Cloud Strife & Sephiroth

After you save Cloud in Mideel, you can return to Midgar and visit the Church in the slums. If you do this, then you can see a brief glimpse of Aerith's ghost tending to the flowers.

ff7 cloud and sephiroth relationship

Aerith's ghost is a programming error that is caused due to issues with loading characters into a specific position. As the game continued in its development, Nojima worked out the mysteries regarding Zack and Cloud, which led to some of the scenes in the game needing revision.

Director Yoshinori Kitase was surprised by the revelation of Cloud's and Zack's connection, as until the later stages of development, even he did not know about Zack.

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Prior to the late addition of Zack, Nojima had asked the staff to add details to some scenes so as to give clues about him, despite the fact that he did not reveal to the staff Zack's existence until later. Nomura stated that Zack's name was derived from 'fair weather' and specifically chosen because it contrasted with Cloud Strife's name. Advent ChildrenZack made only a couple of brief appearances, and as such, was not difficult to animate; the team had also acquired his design early in production, allowing modeling of his character to be taken care of.

Nomura explained that, because Zack had been chosen to be the lead in Last Order: Final Fantasy VIIhe needed "someone who could handle [the] role well. Final Fantasy VIIbut soon changed their minds to create a game that focused on Zack, whose fate was already predetermined; fans knew how the game was going to end.

Among the possessions found on her body is a small piece of Jenova's still-living flesh wrapped in a handkerchief, which was being pursued by Kadaj ; Evan kicks it into the Lifestream and Kadaj leaps in after it, dissolving.

Is the highly focused emphasis on Cloud and Sephiroth's rivalry justified? -Spoilers-

Advent Childrenthe children infected with Geostigma each carry a small portion of Jenova's cells. Kadaj tells Rufus Shinra that "[his] brothers and sisters who share Mother's cells will all assemble" as part of the Reunion he and the other Remnants of Sephiroth are planning. Thus, while those infected with Geostigma are different from, and are never referred to as, Sephiroth Clones, their role is roughly the same.

This list is missing several Clones, for the fate of many numbered Clones is never revealed.

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A young man around Cloud's age. Went from North Corel to Gold Saucer. Had a tattoo on the back of his hand. The man suffering from Mako poisoning in Sector 5. Upon returning to Sector 5 after receiving the Sector 5 Key from Bone Villageresidents report seeing him leave "mumbling something about a reunion". One of the incoherent people found in Nibelheim. Gives an item to the party like all the Clones in Nibelheim.

ff7 cloud and sephiroth relationship

One of the people found in Nibelheim. One of the people found in Nibelheim's inn.