Hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

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hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

Dancing On Ice's professional skater Dan Whiston has had his say on the solo skating challenge, Suzanne Shaw describing Hayley as a poor skater and Ray. The singer beat 'Coronation Street' actress Hayley Tamaddon for the Photo galleryDancing On Ice Series Launch See Gallery. Read our interview with Dan about the Dancing On Ice final is skating once again with Coronation Street star Hayley Tamaddon who he.

I got to the end of the routine and felt something dripping down my face, but I thought I was sweating. But then I hugged Hayley, came away and saw my blood all over her. Dan wasn't phased by his injury So I got on the stage, we saw there was a lot of blood all over the ice and I went straight down to physio to get my ear glued back together.

hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

But it was absolutely worth every little nick for Hayley to deliver what she delivered. Ray Quinn's solo performance was the best of the night… I really enjoyed Ray Quinn's solo performance - he's definitely bringing something new to the show. He's fast, he does a lot of spins and he had a great feeling to it - he's obviously doing great and it was nice to see him skate on his own, he really enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear the judges Blind Date-style comments - and I'm sure that Jason Gardiner really enjoyed the routine!

Poor Beth Tweddle was so ill we thought she'd have to hang her skates up I've never seen Elizabeth so poorly. She was so ill, she couldn't train as much as she wanted to, she was sent home several times - the virus really did take hold of her.

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And it was awful to see her so upset because she never cries, so it was horrible to see one of my friends in tears. But she's an athlete, she's always professional and she did really well - she's through to the semi-final. We're just going to keep going out there and doing what we're doing. The public really enjoy us, anyway! Torvill and Dean are Team Jai Ho!

Torvill and Dean recently said that our Jai Ho routine was one of the most memorable routines of the show ever - it's very special for me to hear, as they're great friends and such iconic figures in the skating world.

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We love that they've given us that credit and, personally, it's one of my most memorable moments too. That and Todd Carty flying off the stage! And it was lovely to work with a choreographer as amazing as Jerrie Reeve last week; he keeps things really fresh, adds a little bit of something extra for the 80s. Basically it was just so nice to think back to what we were all doing in the 80s and reminisce about what we were doing when Torvill and Dean did their Bolero - it was just so much fun.

hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

Hayley Tamaddon Everyone made an effort to get into that mood - one producer was wearing a headband, Phillip Schofield was wearing leg warmers - it was absolutely fantastic!

Ray Quinn is doing amazingly at the moment Ray and Maria did really well with their Jump routine so they're doing really great - but me and Hayley are creeping up on him, we're only three points behind him on the leader board now! He's doing really well and the two of them together are doing really good stuff; really energetic, really fast stuff. What I would say is that once you're at the top it's hard to stay there; you've got to keep bringing something new to the table, so he's got a tough time ahead of him - especially as so many other contestants are creeping up behind him and snapping at his heels!

You can't have a game plan… There's no way of doing that. The twists and turns of the format make it impossible to do that. Dan Whiston and Jerrie Reeve Gareth Gates is going to be so missed He's always teaching everyone rude songs backstage; they're just brilliant and so catchy.

hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

I'd look out for the next big musical on the West End, penned by Gareth - we'll have to get him backstage to give us some rude songs backstage before we go on next weekend! Hayley has really blossomed this season… Hayley has really found herself and found her confidence, which is great.

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We're going out, giving it our best shot and taking this chance with both hands. I injured myself really badly in rehearsals I had a torn bicep at the beginning of the week.

hayley and daniel dancing on ice 2014 relationship

Our amazing physio Sharon put me back together, taped me, strapped me up and made last night happen for us. There's further treatment for me this week but we just don't have time for injury - there's so much to do this week. We can't let it get in the way. Hayley Tamaddon injured her shoulder badly during rehearsals During the week there's a lot of tears, a lot of drama and a lot of injuries. The physio room has never been this busy.

She'd be a very, very rich lady if she ever worked on commission! This week will be tougher than ever before… This week Hayley has an amazingly tough schedule. She's back and forth on the Coronation Street set, so we're having to open up ice rinks after hours to get our training time in. We haven't got time to be tired, we're running on adrenaline - and there's no time to rest until the champion is named.

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We have to put a Bolero together, we have to do a showcase - like a big group number - and we have to do one of our favourite ever routines. We haven't decided yet what our favourite routine will be - but hopefully it will be what the public want to see.

If it were Jai Ho or our swing number we did last night we would be so happy!