Honesty and integrity in a relationship

The Importance of Integrity in Building Relationships

honesty and integrity in a relationship

The two top essential qualities for a lasting relationship are Honesty and Integrity. It is the best gift you can give your partner, and yourself. Schneider et al., () point out that when it comes to relationships, it is Honesty means to hold to one's integrity, principles, beliefs, actions. Honesty and Accountability in Relationships . must perceive that his or her personal worth and integrity are being challenged by the other.

Make the decision now to be an honest and reliable person. Make the decision that you do not have a price — you will not sell your integrity for money, fame, power, or any anything else no matter what. The person of integrity will make difficult decisions even if there is a personal cost attached to them. Character is who we are at all times.

Accept credit for your successes gracefully, but more importantly, accept responsibility for your mistakes and wrongdoings without being forced to do so.

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Read also — Office Wars: Develop an unchanging standard for moral decision-making, regardless of circumstance. Integrity is not dependent or determined by circumstances.

Right is right regardless of the circumstance. Talk to People, Not About Them: If you have problems or issues with another person, discuss the issue up with them directly. We all face unpleasant tasks. People who act differently than those who have hurt you before.

honesty and integrity in a relationship

People with the ability to accept your imperfections and love you anyway. People who are no stranger to pain, yet are recovering. People who are aware of their own deficits. People who speak the truth to you lovingly.

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People who draw us closer to God People who draw us closer to others. People who help you become the person you were created to be, and celebrate with you.

Honesty and relationships | Applied Social Psychology (ASP)

People who accept you just as you are. People whose influence develops your ability to love and be more responsible.

Someone who gives you an opportunity to grow. Someone who increases love within you. Someone you can be yourself around. Someone who always allows you to be on the outside what you are on the inside — valuing authenticity. The feedback was manipulated by the researcher to either be accurate or inaccurate and positively biased or not positively biased. If the feedback was rated as accurate by the receiving partner, the receiving partner also rated the survival of the relationship more positively than participants who received inaccurate feedback.

The highest rating of survival of the relationship was given by participants that received both accurate and positive bias feedback. The lowest rating of survival of the relationship was given by participants that received both inaccurate and non-positively biased feedback.

This research suggests the need for accuracy in relationships longevity.

Maintaining YOUR Integrity in Committed Relationships

There must be a certain level of honesty in a relationship in order to be known accurately, which means that honesty is also an important factor in optimism toward relationship survival. Furthermore, Kaplar and Gordon also demonstrate support for the impact of honesty in romantic relationships. Participants were instructed to write a narrative from a time that they lied in a relationship and to explain their perspective on the motives for telling the lie.

honesty and integrity in a relationship

The same participant was also asked to write a narrative from a time they were lied to in a relationship and to explain their perception of the motives of the lie teller. Participants justified their actions when in position of lie teller and felt more resolved about the situation. There also tended to be unresolved feelings for the receiver.