How to make capricorn and gemini relationship work

Gemini and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

how to make capricorn and gemini relationship work

The pairing of a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man is rather odd by what is going to make them stay together to make this relationship work. Relationships between a Capricorn man & a Gemini woman can be a they learn to make their opposing traits work to their benefit, Capricorn men and Gemini. All the Reasons Why Should You Not Fall in Love with a Pastry Chef · Know Capricorn Love Horoscopes for Tomorrow and Its Traits · Leo Love Horoscopes for.

The strangest thing in this combination of the signs is in the fact they will both probably consider each other boring. Yes, everyone would say Capricorn can be boring and Gemini is so interesting and fun, but actually, the lack of focus and deep feelings Gemini partner usually suffers from, is a huge turn off for Capricorn.

All things considered, these two are not actually the best sexual partners among the zodiac signs, but could make a meeting point in a relationship with enough boundaries and enough creativity of both partners. Actually, they will trust their own interpretation of what Gemini says.

Capricorn always goes one step deeper than others, and Gemini rarely puts that much thought into their alibies. However, they will still have a lot to talk about because there is always that serious side to Gemini in one of their personalities that will have a thing or two to share with a strict and sometimes difficult Capricorn.

It is a good thing that Gemini are interested in literally everything that exists in the world and outside of it. So if nothing else works, they can always talk about Space Stations, diamond stars and other galaxies. Capricorn is interested in things that have deep, hidden meaning, looking at them as equations that should be solved and admiring problem solvers. However, beneath this, he has many layers of superficiality, impulsive behavior, restless mind, devious scheming, indecisiveness, and sometimes, passive aggression too.

A Gemini man's flirty irresistible charm and a show of high standards tends to create a smokescreen for his deepest darkest emotions. It takes years of investment in this set of twins to find out what lies in this abyss of emotions, and despite all of this, he may still remain an elusive surprise.


He often tends to make grand romantic gestures, luring the object of his affection into a love game. Being earthy and modest, after all, cannot be expected of this air sign. As he succinctly assumes the role of a chaser, he uses his every honest bit to assure his woman of his alpha male status.

He takes every opportunity, social and otherwise, to reiterate his stance in the game of love. This social butterfly with effervescent curiosity, perky talk, and a versatile mind, gathers himself a swarm of admirers. The lack of perseverance makes the Gemini look for a new obsession even before he can complete the task at hand.

The incessant craving to explore something new, keeps him on his toes and that also becomes his biggest bane. A Gemini would rather wander and wonder, instead of root and anchor himself in a place or a commitment. Traits of a Capricorn Woman This ethereal earthy charm zodiac is one of the most steadfast zodiac signs of all.

Can a Gemini Man and a Capricorn Woman Get Along?

But these Capricorn women are a tough nut to crack. Their alluring looks get more and more youthful with their age. This makes them radiant and wise with passing years, a combination that is truly hard to resist. Born with ingrained assertion, Capricorn women have great careers no matter what field they choose. For that matter, they could even opt to be homemakers, and raise a picture-perfect family. Ambitious, reserved, determined, relentless, practical, helpful, and methodical, a Capricorn woman makes a plan that she is sure to make it work.

For eons, the tenacity of a Capricorn woman has made both men and women admire her and be inspired by her. Owing to her innate nature of a mountain goat, a Capricorn woman's sole drive is to climb high up to the top, where she is the powerhouse calling the shots. This ambition-fueled drive tends to leave people in her orbit behind, and that includes her romantic partner. Her go-getter attitude also becomes her arch-nemesis, causing her to create many misunderstandings and being misunderstood along the way to glory.

The spiral effect of this is seen by the great wall she builds around her to protect herself and guards her emotional vulnerability with her life.

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Thus, beneath her cool, composed, and collected surface remains an undiscovered volatile fireball of emotions seeking a soulful release. The height of her defenses is such that scaling it is a task every zodiac must assume if they wish to be with her.

Seldom does a Capricorn woman ever fall in love at first sight. After all, she is practical and knows that heart is a mere muscle that cannot direct a right decision ever. Thus, she thinks straight through her head, gauging and testing the depth and the current of the water. Once this thoroughbred decides to fall in love and yes she does! There is nothing mindless about it. There must be plans that spell security, assurances, and calculated risks.

At the end of it if she believes you to be the 'one', she takes the leap and unveils herself to be a loyal, trustworthy, and a helpful companion through better or worse, until you decide to do otherwise. Cons of the Capricorn and Gemini Relationship: We have spoken about how the personality differences can work for the pair. Now let us see the possible difficulties. The Gemini and Capricorn zodiacs have a tendency to be attractive, charming and great liars. As such, chances of indiscretion are higher in Capricorn man Gemini woman and vice-versa couple.

Jealousy and possessiveness are vices that both zodiacs are equally addicted to, as such, peace is a far cry in this pair. There is also a chance that the Gemini may soon start finding the Capricorn drive as repetitive and boring. As such, they may start venturing out for their dynamic escapades, leaving the relationship as one for "the world to see", but hollow on the inside.

how to make capricorn and gemini relationship work

Every relationship has equal chances to work and equal to fail. However, the Capricorn and Gemini love match is one that can be extreme. While Gemini is an air sign, it can tend to pick up and drop the earth Capricorn on a whim.

how to make capricorn and gemini relationship work

At the same time, the Capricorn may simply stop following the gushing Gemini because it is exactly where it wants to be. On the other hand, if these two signs, find a common goal to work towards, there is a chance that they will create an amazing eco system for themselves.

Not only can they nurture and grow themselves, but all those in their lives, will see a positive change and growth in theirs as well. I know it is a gamble, but Capricorn and Gemini, should give love a chance!

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how to make capricorn and gemini relationship work