Kaworu and shinji relationship questions

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kaworu and shinji relationship questions

Jan 24, Shinji grapples with the questions most year-old boys face when viewers assert there's more to Shinji and Kaworu's relationship than just. Nov 19, And if Gendo/SEELE needed Shinji with Kaworu for their plans, why did they wait 14 fucking Too many fucking questions and plot holes. Top. May 7, As Anno mentions, Kaworu would be Shinji as how he wanted to be; good In my case I found Shinji's close relationship with Kaworu as a sign of Seven Questions the Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Didn't Answer.

She promises herself that she will suppress the woman aspect of herself. It is then implied that they begin a relationship. Ritsuko in the present ruminates on this, and afterwards invites Shinji to Nerv to see the truth behind Rei.

kaworu and shinji relationship questions

A Gathering of Nothingness Shinji and Misato are shown the Evangelion graveyard, where failed Evas were dumped a decade ago interestingly, the pits are arranged like the branches of the Sepiroth.

The Reis in the tank are clearly empty, without souls. Ritsuko talks of the awakening of Adam when humans tried to claim her, and how they were punished with the Second impact as a result.

She talks of how the Evangelions are human, but born without souls. She does not consider the Reis, which are stored and used as needed, humans. Ritsuko destroys them with a control, and calls herself a fool for being influenced by her woman aspect just as her mother Naoko was. As Ritsuko sobs Shinji wonders with a heavy heart what uses Gendo Ikari intends to take advantage of with his mother, Rei, and himself as instruments. Shinji is then at a loss and left completely without support as the distance between himself, Asuka, Misato, Rei, his classmates and his father grows.

Though Shinji, who has seen the bonds he created blighted so easily and effectively, does not wish to accommodate another person capable of hurting him even though he wishes for bonds still.

Even if this is true, one has to wonder why he showed a continued interest in emotions as he tried to appeal to Shinji in Stage It could have been that Shinji's rage affected him into wanting to know the why behind the rage.

It is not the first time he has questioned Shinji's emotions. Kaworu in volume 9 said "They humans get maddened and flustered They brood and they worry over them.

It's fascinating to watch," after reflecting on Shinji's reactions and emotions for things outside of himself.

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He says this ruefully with a downcast face. It is further evidence of his want to experience and understand these emotions, and to have a tie to the outside world. Therefore, Shinji's reactions to Kaworu killing the cat, to Kaworu's insensitivity during Asuka's battle with the 15th Angel, and his intrustions in the bathroom scene led to Kaworu's interest in pursuing his questions on emotions further in the form of wanting a relationship with Shinji.

Kaworu merely desires a tie, and Shinji to Kaworu seems like an opportunity to make one. The kiss scene in Stage 67 poses many questions. He may only feel disappointment and anger, two of the simplest emotions of love and yearning, since he was raised in an emotionally sterile environment where he would not have learned those emotions or learned how to portray them. Either way, they would not have been desired by Seele. Though, he asks Shinji what love is like because he wants to put a label on the feelings he felt from Rei.

Notice that the angel statue is headless too? And Shinji is an emotional wreck at this stage. In the climax of The End of Evangelion, after Rei fuses with Lilith and becomes a living God, she takes on the image of the person each individual cares about most before they are deconstructed into LCL. Misato who was dead at this point, Asuka who was believed to be dead, Rei herself, his mother… anyone! But the fact is, it appeared as Kaworu because he cares about him. And it sure as hell works, since he finally calmed down and stopped screaming.

Giant, naked Kaworu obviously did some good! You might disagree, but I think that they both represent a different type of love. When Kaworu and Shinji are piloting Eva 13 at the end of Evangelion 3.

Did you know that Kaworu is amazing? Shinji sure as hell does! This obviously shows his respect and admiration for him! He can see him advancing! And instead of struggling or attempting to push him off, what does he do? Close his eyes and accept the kiss!

kaworu and shinji relationship questions

Kaworu's unconditional care is also perhaps romantic in manner since Kaworu confesses to Shinji, "I mean, I love you. Shinji pilots Unit to pursue Kaworu and unsuccessfully tries to stab him with the progressive knife, only to be blocked by Kaworu's AT Field. Kaworu manipulates Unit to fight against Unit and proceeds to Terminal Dogma, but after entering the area, appears to reach an understanding that the giant crucified there is not in fact Adam, but rather Lilith.

Following a period of silence, Shinji kills Kaworu by crushing him in Unit's hand.

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At the end of the episode, Shinji converses with Misato and expresses his grief for Kaworu's death, stating "I loved him. Kaworu-kun was the one who should have survived. Kaworu makes his first appearance in the film during the initiation of the Human Instrumentality Project, sharing a body with the giant form of Rei.

Later, Kaworu, along with Rei, appears in Shinji's mind and argues with Shinji in regards to the case of humanity and in favor of individualism and free choice.

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Rebuild of Evangelion[ edit ] Promotional materials for Rebuild of Evangelion showed prominent images of Kaworu in his plugsuit with the other Children. In the second film, Gendo and Fuyutsuki travel to the Moon to observe the construction of the Mark. He turns towards them and calls someone a father. In the end, Kaworu comes down from the Moon with the Mark. Afterwards he says that the promised time has come and that this time he will bring Shinji happiness.

The preview of the third film shows Kaworu confronting four other pilots in an unknown location. In the third film, fourteen years after the second film, he appears to now be working for NERV. During Shinji's stay at NERV, he forms a friendship with Kaworu, who teaches him how to play the piano, and stargazes with him. Later when Shinji asked what had happened to the people he knew, Kaworu takes him to the ruins of Geofront and Tokyo-3, explaining that Shinji's awakening of Unit caused the Third Impact and further decimated the world.