Kenichi and miu relationship

kenichi and miu relationship

Also, lurking in the shadows, Kenichi and Miu's love for each other rekindles, but they are unsure if they should restart their relationship without. Whilst fighting Kenichi and Miu at a tournament, Akisame comments that he a member of the Shinpaku alliance, he is adamant in refusing the relationship. Relationships Hayato Furinji: His father and former master of Saiga, it seems that between the two, as Hayato was aware that Saiga helped Kenichi save Miu.

Oh what's up kenichi? Kenichi started explain everything to his childhood friend, after 10 minutes kenichi explain his plan to become stronger. So you need to become stronger to be with miu? Yes and i need to leave ryouzanpaku tonight and go train that's why i'm asking you to come and with me to the island that my grandfather told us about when we were kids" kenichi said, hoping that his friend agrees Okay i'll go but rimi is coming too, she won't let me go without her " ryuto explain, looking at rimi sleeping in the bed.

No problem, then see you tonight at the western port.

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Kenichi stayed in his room for hours even after miu had come back from shopping he didn't want to see her because he thought that if he see her and the others he wasn't going to left. He stood up holding a piece of paper to write a letter Dear miu, I'm leaving on a journal to be the strongest i'll come back someday i'm sorry but this is goodbye.

Kenichi put the paper in his bed knowing that miu was going to check on him before going to sleep, with tears rolling down his cheek. Kenichi gather some clothes took his bag and left ryouzanpaku. Flashback end He opened his eyes as the painful memory faded, The sun had set and it was starting to get cold, so he finally forced himself to open the gate of ryouzanpaku.

Honoka run outside to see her brother after 3 years. Honoka was wearing a spandex suit like miu's except that it was divided in two parts the top was black with white lines in the sides and the bottom was also black with a yin yang logo at the side.

She looked like her mother but younger. Wow you have grown a lot. Placing his bag and long package in the floor. Honoka look amazed but rapidly threw a punch before finding herself in kenichi's arms. Kenichi why did you had to go, do you even know how much pain you cause dad, mom, miu, and me? Honoka ask kenichi, crying in his arms. Not realizing that his masters were listening. However kenichi didn't answer he just turn to face his masters. Kenichi lifted his head and stood, looking at the elder in the eyes.

What you asking is reckless, you remind me of myself when i was younger. The elder run at kenichi so fast that kenichi couldn't see him coming.

kenichi and miu relationship

One moment kenichi was standing the next he was slammed through the floorboards and cratering the concrete floor beneath. Splintered wood and chunks of stone went flying, and blood flew from his mouth as his head snapped back from the impact.

Kenichi didn't move for a few minutes. The elder and the others stopped in shock. There was a suddenly a silent no one saw that coming. When the elder finally notice kenichi It was too late to dodge so he just took kenichi's attack " phantom fist. The fight kept on going for minutes.

kenichi and miu relationship

The elder fall in one knee after kenichi kick him in one leg. Miu thought the name sounded very familiar, but couldn't for the life of her remember why.

She wondered who this girl's master was, and why he'd instructed his disciple to come here. This isn't a motel! Apachai wants to know who Lisa's master is! Plus, she's so cute! Lisa looked at him apathetically then turned back to Akisame. Miu noted the sharp and concentrated look in Lisa's eye when she looked at her.

Actually, Miu thought, Lisa seemed to look at everything with analytical eyes. She never seemed distracted or bored, but always focused. Whenever Lisa answered a question, her words had a specific audience and she never spoke to the general public.

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They waited for the door to close entirely before turning to each other. Do you think he wants to challenge Ryouzanpaku? He may be trying to take advantage of the element of surprise.

The other masters murmured in agreement. She's coming back," Miu gestured for them to be quiet. Lisa walked in, a large hiking pack strapped to her back and a tote bag in her left hand. The masters inadvertently stared at the girl in the doorway, and she stared back level-eyed. It seemed that the gardening club was no longer active, and all that remained of it were the sparse dead remnants of the potted plants that had once flourished on this rooftop.

Anyways, this town is where I lived for a while as a teen. This is also where Ryouzanpaku and the majority of the former Shinpaku Alliance is, and that man called a meeting here. What are you talking about, Tani-sensei? And don't call me Tani-sensei! By now, Tanimoto's old classmates were already married and were out shopping with their children and some of them husbandsbut the women still ran over to Tanimoto just as they did in their days as school girls.

Or should I say, ladies! I'll definitely see you girls again later! I'll see you all later! Tanimoto ignored him, and as they turned the corner to enter a dark alley, they both quickly climbed up the buildings to the roofs to hasten their journey to the alien's dwelling. Are you here for Haruo-san? Is she your ex-girlfriend? Haruo Niijima, former general to the Shinpaku Alliance, had changed a lot. His ears were actually not as pointed or as big as they used to be and much resembled human features, although the same could not be said for his nose and antennae.

He also sported a short mustache on his top lip. It's been a long time! The Shinpaku Alliance doesn't exist anymore! Really, he just wanted all his old friends back together," Tanimoto waved his hand. Then he noticed that Niijima was wearing a very formal black suit and he recalled that his wife Yuka had also been dressed very darkly.

Did she take him in as her disciple or something? Kisara had a dojo opened and my son was a disciple there, but the gangs tried to burn it while they were training and killed them both. I have a message from your disciple. His disciple had sent a message their way? Needless to say, it didn't take long for all the masters to be gathered in the dojo once they'd heard that their beloved disciple had something to say.

They lined up on one side facing Tanimoto and his disciple, who sat opposite of them. She hadn't heard from her childhood friend in more than 10 years. She hoped that he was safe and the news he had for them wasn't bad.

He'd heard his master relay this message a thousand times already and was unbelievably bored.

kenichi and miu relationship

He didn't bother being discrete, because in a room full of masters there was no way that they wouldn't notice his escape, but he attempted to be quiet as he exited the room and entered the kitchen.