Language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

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language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Pakistan is adopting Urdu as its official language, but with many people It is spoken by many in Pakistan, especially in the main urban centres. for the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan) recently tweeted that "Urdu is University's International Relations department, says over-emphasis on Urdu. Pakistan is home to many dozens of languages spoken as first languages. Five languages have more than 10 million speakers each in Pakistan – Punjabi. Guide to Pakistan and Pakistani culture, society, religion, language, etiquette, Location: Southern Asia, bordering Afghanistan 2, km, China km, India 2, Many other languages are spoken in Pakistan, including Punjabi, Siraiki, Loyalty to the family comes before all other social relationships, even business.

It would seem, too, that because the long period that separated the initial and final Mongol settlements, the Mongolic language itself was not homogeneous, containing as it did not only Middle Mongol but also modern Mongol elements.

It seems difficult to classify the language spoken by them as it is an amalgam of various dialects. From the Persian spoken by them it cannot be ascertained definitely as to what qaum [race, people] they belong to.

Their language resembles to that of Zabulis. Baber in his memoirs has sometimes written that they are Mongols and Mongolian words are in their language; and at another place he Baber calls them Hazara Turkomans, Turkish words are also found in their language. If they are Turks, why is there such a profusion of Mongolian in their language?

language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Considering that their neighbor in the north are Turks of Turkestan and in the south, there are Pashto dialects. It is strange that the people in between have a Persian language of their own.

language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Grammatical structure[ edit ] The grammatical structure of Hazaragi [26] [27] [28] is practically identical with that of Kabuli Persian. Dulling [31] considers "the present dialect" to consist of three strata: He is probably right when he asserts so, [32] and that "[a]lthough these dialects are essentially forms of modern Tajik [more properly, Dari]; they are nevertheless lexically distinctive enough to merit their local special name of 'Hazaragi'".

Modern Mongolian ber, Hazaragi beri "bride". Modern Mongolian alga, Hazaragi alagha "palm of hand ". Modern Mongolian hulgai, Hazaragi qulaghay "thief".

Languages of Afghanistan

Persian bot ; and rarely articulates [h]. Persian dar ; the latter often replaces ba meaning "to" in dative function. It is written in the Arabic script with several additional letters to accommodate special sounds.

Sindhi literature is also spiritual in nature.

Similarities Between Iran and Pakistan

Shah Abdul Latif Bhita'i — is one of its greatest poets; he wrote the famous poetic compendium Shah Jo Risalo which includes the folk stories " Sassi Punnun " and " Umar Marvi ". Rakshani is the major dialect group in terms of numbers. Sarhaddi is a sub-dialect of Rakshani. Eastern Hill Balochi or Northern Balochi is very different from the rest.

The name Balochi or Baluchi is not found before the 10th Century. It is one of the 9 distinguished languages of Pakistan. Since Balochi is a very poetic and rich language and has a certain degree of affinity to UrduBalochi poets tend to be very good poets in Urdu as well and Ata ShaadGul Khan Nasir and Noon Meem Danish are excellent examples of this. Saraiki is to a high degree mutually intelligible with Standard Punjabi and shares with it a large portion of its vocabulary and morphology.

Languages of Pakistan

At the same time in its phonology it is radically different particularly in the lack of tones, the preservation of the voiced aspirates and the development of implosive consonantsand has important grammatical features in common with the Sindhi language spoken to the south. Saraiki is the first language of about 20 million people in Pakistan, its territory ranges across southern Punjabparts of southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwaand some border regions of northern Sindh and eastern Balochistan. The language has been influenced by neighboring Balochi and to a lesser extent by Sindhi and Pashto.

It is one of the nine distinguished[ clarification needed ] languages of Pakistan. The Brahui people have traditionally been taken as a relict population, suggesting that Dravidian languages were formerly more widespread but were supplanted by the incoming Indo-Aryan languages.

The main Iranian contributor to Brahui vocabulary, Balochi, is a western Iranian language like Kurdish that moved to the area from the west only around CE.

language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

There werespeakers of Gilgiti Shina in The current estimate is nearlypeople. Other languages English previous colonial and co-official language English is a co-official language of Pakistan and is widely used in the executive, legislative and judicial branches as well as to some extent in the officer ranks of Pakistan's armed forces. Pakistan's Constitution and laws were written in English and are now being re-written in the local languages.

language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

It is also widely used in schoolscolleges and universities as a medium of instruction. English is seen as the language of upward mobility, and its use is becoming more prevalent in upper social circles, where it is often spoken alongside native Pakistani languages.

Init was announced that there were plans to promote Urdu in official business, but Pakistan's Minister of Planning Ahsan Iqbal stated,"Urdu will be a second medium of language and all official business will be bilingual.

The Arabic language is mentioned in the constitution of Pakistan. It declares in article 31 No. The Pakistani diaspora living in the Middle East has further increased the number of people who can speak Arabic in Pakistan. Arabic is taught as a religious language in mosquesschoolscollegesuniversities and madrassahs.

Pakistan - Language, Religion, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

A majority of Pakistan's Muslim population has had some form of formal or informal education in the reading, writing and pronunciation of the Arabic language as part of their religious education. The National Education Policy declares in article 3.

Persian was officially abolished with the arrival of the British: It is today spoken primarily by the Dari speaking refugees from Afghanistan and the Hazara community of Quetta.

language spoken in afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Bengali previous regional and immigrant language See also: Bengali was recognised as the second official language of Pakistan on 29 Februaryand article 1 of the constitution of Pakistan was reworded to "The state language of Pakistan shall be Urdu and Bengali".