Left eye and tupac relationship with women

left eye and tupac relationship with women

'All Eyez On Me' Leaves Out Some Major 2Pac Stories “I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in. It looks like Tupac Shakur had enough "California Love" to go around. The late how crazy I am.'” lisa left eye lopes getty Drake Is Hooking up With Pretty Women Left and Right Because He's Drake Opens a New Window. He had just punched year-old Orlando Anderson and left as his Celebrities in abundance, scantily clad women and a swell of Tupac Shakur onstage at New York's Palladium in July .. Through Leslie's Eyes.

What happened with Norm Nixon? Debbie Allen was giving you all advice, too? Not only was she giving us advice but she was there on the dates and stuff that Norman was booking for us. You all run into stuff all different ways!

left eye and tupac relationship with women

We just immediately cut that off. Are you all in TLC getting along with each other? You all are just full of magic. I hope you do now that. Are you still getting royalties on the records like CrazySexyCool?

All of our publishing went to Pebbles.

left eye and tupac relationship with women

From the first and the second album. That was the sacrifice we had to make. For her to stay out of our lives forever. Oh that was the deal? Now, the first group from Left Eye Productions will be out when?

I never told you why Andre gave me the Super Bowl ring. Andre has a funny way of showing me he loves me. Like most guys will buy you flowers, Andre will give you his most prized possession. How is that you never got pregnant?

No, I got pregnant a couple of times by Andre. Would you keep the child now? If somebody else carried it. No, not right now. I have too many things to do. I think there are a couple of sides to me.

left eye and tupac relationship with women

The angry side comes out sometimes. Trena befriended you while you were in the diversion center. Was she like your best friend? Some people say she sort of protected you.

Not really, because there was no one after me. Why did you become friends? She helped time go by quicker because she was somebody that I could sit down with and talk to. We started talking and she helped me with being on time and stuff. Being on time for what? It was a four month program. Without any write ups you could get out in three months. What did you do when you got out?

I went straight to work. What did people say? Welcome back, or what? When I got out, L. How long are you on probation? So how many years have passed? So when you did that magazine cover with TLC in firemen suits, did that affect you at all? Why did you do it? I just know so much more today then I did back then.

We were kind of naive. When they brought their stylists in and they had all these different outfits, we put them all on.

I Was There the Night Tupac Was Shot

And one of them was the fireman outfits. Why did you all show you breasts at that time? Because you all were known for not showing nothing. Sometimes we get in that mood and we act real silly and giggly: It was not something we planned. We were just having fun. How did it affect you? That part affected Tionne the most. They went through a lot of problems because of that. Well, how did it affect you with the judge? It pissed the judge off.

The judge felt like we were making fun of the incident.

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It was a woman. He picked one of them. I never told anybody who that guy was. Micheal Bivins [of New Edition].

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Let me just ask a couple of other things. You know people are saying that you got married to Andre in the Spring. That they went to your wedding. Is that true or not? Would you all get married? Oh I do still have feelings for him. Have you made up with his family? Did you ask him to? Oh, he owes me aboutdollars. Why does he owe you that much? Because he gave me his word that he would pay half.

And then he just reneged on that. Did you laugh, knowing that you have it? No, because my emotions were too high.

Do you and Andre talk? We talk once or twice a week. You were going to marry him at one point. When was it that you all were going to marry? That was four years ago; the first time we were going to get married. We were always going to get married, we just never did. And I think those scars remained with her throughout her whole life. I was struck by how she literally carved into her own flesh the words love and hate, and at one point she has this poignant reminiscence.

It said love first and then a little hate. And as you can see, hate doesn't see love anymore. I carved love in my arm with the Lady Bic razor, one of those pink Bics. You can tell that this is a woman who is in an intense pain. She is, and she acts on it and she talks about it. And I think that's one of the reasons why she's so compelling to watch is because she will go there. She will go to that place that a lot of us may think about.

I Was There the Night Tupac Was Shot | True Story | OZY

She will actually go there and report from it. I was struck by something she said towards the end of the film where a car that she's riding in strikes a boy and he dies. She pays for all of the family's medical and funeral expenses.

And she's holding his shoes, and she says, I don't think I'll ever get over it. And it struck me that those words were not just for that child. It was for herself, for the abuse that she'd suffered, for the road that she'd walked. And the whole construct of her time in Honduras was I'm healing, I'm going to this natural healing center.

But it's like she's moving towards something but she can't find it. What was it like to watch her struggle? That's a very profound insight on your part. I actually hadn't thought about that scene in that way. I think you're right.

left eye and tupac relationship with women

I think you are right. She is lamenting the death of a child inside of her. I think she had a very particular thought about death and what death was. I spoke to her one time in my life and she was saying how much she and Tupac had in common, how similar they were. And she said to me, I wouldn't be surprised if I died young as well. And she said, but, you know, I don't really see death as a bad thing, I see it as a transformation of energy, I see it in a different way than a lot of people see it.

And a month after that conversation with her, she went to Honduras. She actually shot this footage. And a month after that, she was dead. And so that sort of always haunted me. And that haunted me while watching down these scenes that you're talking about. And as you know, her own death is in the film. What do you think happened? I think she had a car accident. I think there's a lot of car accidents on those roads in Honduras.

Unfortunately, it's not that uncommon. I've not seen any kind of evidence of foul play. There is some question as to the car itself, whether it was, you know, faulty brakes, there was something wrong with the car itself. So you don't think that she had any hand in the car… Ms. No, didn't see any of that. There's one point at which she turns to the camera and it's one of those things that really could be interpreted - that look, that final look, as I'm about to do something really crazy, which is not something that she was unknown for.

Is that something that you think is a possibility, or that just people will interpret as a possibility? I don't think it's a possibility. It certainly was not my intent in focusing on that moment at all.