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Madhya Pradesh village shuns Dawood Ibrahim's guard. P Naveen They contracted gangster Manya Surve, from Agar Bazaar to kill Shabir. The Pathan gang, with the help of gangster Manya Surve, killed one of Dawood's brothers, Sabir Ibrahim Kaskar. Dawood stepped out to take. between Arun Gawli's men and D company, belonging to Dawood Ibrahim. of dreaded gangsters like Manya Surve (killed in by the police), The encounter specialists could not end the activities of Dawood and . Exclusive: Sara took personality test for Kedarnath character, results shocked her.

Manya Surve utilized this opportunity to successfully escape custody on 14 November After escaping he returned to Mumbai.

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He decided to form a gang and recruited his two trusted lieutenants, Sheikh Munir from Dharavi and Vishnu Patil from Dombivili. They were soon joined by another hood, Uday in March, For Manya, it was a clear shot to success.

The top gang of the city had come asking him for help and in doing so he would eliminate the other. Now there was direct Fight between Dawood and Manya. It was believed that there was a time when Dawood, Manya and other underworld dons met together and had little friendship. Everyday newspaper has one or two stories of gang war and killing. There was a tremendous amount of pressure on Mumbai Police.

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They decided for their first ever Encounter in history, and it was Manya Surve on their list. Dawood wanted to eliminate Manya and it is believed that he used his money, power and connections to convince Mumbai police that encounter of Manya Surve is the best way to stop Criminal activity from Mumbai.

Khalid Pehelwan tried to make amends by offering alms and donation to the community members in Harda for constructing a mosque, but the community turned it down stating it as ill-gotten money, said sources. And this wasn't the first time that KP had to face the exclusion from members of his community and relatives.

His younger brother Habib Pehelwan, 57 and family severed ties with him after he joined the D-Company. He wanted to donate money for construction of a religious place, but we refused. He felt bad and never returned," said a family member wishing anonymity. Since then he tried sending messages expressing his wish to donate for any religious cause in Harda, but to no avail.

It was not entertained, it's alleged. Officers of the local and central intelligence, Mumbai police, and customs department keep a constant watch on KP's family at Harda. His brother, who enjoys a good reputation among the community members refused to talk to TOI on the issue.

Madhya Pradesh village shuns Dawood Ibrahim's guard | Bhopal News - Times of India

Others informed that he don't like discussing anything about KP or his activities. Later, he was hired by Dawood as his personal guard. It was a fashion in those days to keep wrestlers as bodyguards.

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KP, as slain journalist J Dey mentioned in his book on underworld titled 'Khallaas', is "one of the few men in Dubai who can still address Dawood Ibrahim by his name.