Medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

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medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Medaka was several feet away from Zenkichi while Nabeshima, of the 13 party being Abnormals, their connection with Myouri, and the encounter with Oudo. .. If it were for one of her goals, she would even bow to her older. Zenkichi gives Medaka her purpose. At Kikaijima's urging, Zenkichi checks the suggestion box, only to find Sasae Mochibaru Naze explains to him that Medaka is old fashioned, and probably thinks it's taboo to go out before marriage. A page for describing Heartwarming: Medaka Box. And of course we can't forget how Zenkichi pretty much persuaded Medaka that it was her purpose in life to moment of awesome for Zenkichi, and the last nail that made the relationship .

Doubled with a flashback that shows what is Zenkichi to Medaka.

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Even though the same one makes you wonder how such a sweet kid ended up being Zenkichi. And then again by how Zenkichi admits that he doesn't remember the events of 13 years ago who would blame him but has never changed how he thinks of Medaka from that day forwards.

Zenkichi accepting Shiranui and declaring her his friend, even though she'd just made herself his enemy and seemed to be trying her hardest to alienate him. Kujira realizing that she couldn't betray Medaka and company. So while I can betray my friends, I can't betray myself. Hinokage finally getting the recognition he deserved while fighting in the Vice President battle — that translates to an entire school cheering for the Unknown Hero.

What makes the above entry all the more heartwarming is that Hinokage had been helping everyone despite the fact that almost no one could remember whom he was because of his ability. I look forward to the day that I get to save you! And then we have Class Minus 13 saying Kumagawa was already doing that, that it was now their turn to protect him, and promising to improve their ways once they saw that even someone like Kumagawa could be reformed.

It's also a heartwarming moment for Kumagawa; his defeat by Medaka is the first time that he's lost properly. Not because of fate, not because of his Minus, but because of only himself. It was the kind of defeat that helped people get stronger afterwards, giving him the hope that someday, he'll win. We also have Medaka telling Kumagawa that she needed him in the Student Council. Takarabe refusing to apologize to Aka, because Aka bullied her friends. Despite being scared to death.

Kumagawa winning against Aka just to get her to apologize to Takarabe and her friends for looking down on them because they didn't have an ability and maybe get the nurse to go Naked Apron.

In chapterKumagawa announces that he's willing to support Kikaijima in stopping Anshin'in's plans. Munakata willing to break his code in order to help his friends, despite being somewhat aware that his intentions won't justify his actions.

Of course, Kumagawa protecting Kikaijima from Munakata, claiming that he feels happy dying for a girl. And Medaka's successors opting to follow Kumagawa, saying that in order to return things to normal they're willing to make as many enemies as needed, including Anshin'in herself. In a meta-example, there's something inexplicably heartwarming about Kumagawa's total and complete victory in the second character poll. Seeing him cry tears of happiness at finally winning for once and, one assumes, for other things is rather touching.

What truly makes it heartwarming is that this is a character who has never fairly won anything in his life. And has never had anyone really like him for who he is who wasn't a minus.

And he won a popularity contest. Against the main characters of the series. And he didn't just win, he dominated to the point that he got more votes than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runners up. When Kumagawa declared his true intentions, he ended it with saying "I want to prove that I'm better than the main characters!

And then he did it again with the third character poll, with Akuna and Zenkichi coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Akune coming to terms with his feelings for Medaka, allowing himself to finally be able to move on and go all out.

Though there is an undercurrent of manipulation from Ajimu, it's definitely heartwarming to see how many people are willing to support Zenkichi in Chapter In chapterEmukae sets aside her own feelings and declares that Zenkichi's "selfish" love for Medaka isn't wrong, because it's love. Ajimu asks why Shiranui is helping Zenkichi get with another girl.

You see, unlike justice, love does not always have to win. Medaka mentioning that, when she looks back on her high school life in the future, she'll be proud to have been the person Akune loved.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Zenkichi, such compromise from me would only be possible because of you Rolling again on the desk cutely, a vicious grin was now on her face as she drooled uncontrollably.

You're the one at fault continuing to disobey me, Zenkichi. And why are you calling me by my formal title? Just call me Medaka-chan like you used to. Why bring up such a thing? Sighing, Zenkichi resigned himself to the whims of the woman in front of him with a wistful smile on his face. In the room, there were only two occupants, namely Zenkichi and Medaka, which was quite unusual for a Student Council.

Thus, the president fills all the empty council positions by herself, a testament to her superhuman capabilities. As to why Zenkichi was now in the room, regardless that he helped her campaigning, was unknown to him. Still, Zenkichi decided to try getting out of his current predicament, for the good of both his body and mind, and so that things wouldn't be troublesome in the future.

I understand that this council business is got to be hard going and all. Even then, don't get me wrapped up in it! Umm, are you undressing and doing poses in front of the mirror with just your underwear behind me Miss Pre Even though I expected this, but shouldn't you practice some decorum?

I'm a perfectly healthy male teenager, you know!

medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Don't you remember that we used to bathe together until 6th grade? Medaka waved her fan to dismiss Zenkichi's reasoning showing that she deemed them irrelevant.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Never in my life I have ever thought a job challenging. All I want for you is to be by my side! But Zenkichi was not any other man as he was a being that stood by Medaka's side for 13 years, and Medaka was also not like any other woman since such declarations from her a was common thing.

Still, Zenkichi was still a man, thus, he was now blushing madly. She loves humanity as a whole after all. I see that you accept. Very well, for the next agenda, I present you the suggestion box that you made! In front of the wooden structure was a note with the word 'Suggestion Box' written on it. It also has a slot on its roof where the suggestions and request of the student body will go. So you're really implementing it However, with Medaka's firm declaration, which went about dreams, challenges, and worries and entrusting them to her, the seemingly ordinary idea just got a new level of significance.

It was thanks to such a profound proclamation that she won the Student Council President election. And what does it say? I am currently concerned about the group of trouble-maker 3rd years who have taken over the Kendo Hall, could you please find some way of getting rid of them,' or so it says.

Let's go, Zenkichi, a request must be fulfilled! From first class facilities to excellent recreational grounds, the school only gives its students the best of the best. This is the pride of Hakoniwa. Amongst the facilities, that the school boasts the traditional structure that was the Kendo Hall. Its grand Japanese design, which was perfectly in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, gives off a peaceful and tranquil feeling; perfect for the training members of the club the structure houses.

But sadly, this was only true a few years ago. With the lack of new members joining in the last few years, the club dissolved and thus, the hall became neglected.

This condition paved the way for the school's troublemakers making the once magnificent building their favorite hangout. Entering the hall, Zenkichi and Medaka, the former with an annoyed look on his face and the latter with a face looking for a challenge, got resident delinquents attention. It is important to note that Medaka was wearing a provocative hakama and skirt combo attire. Both of them saw the dilapidated condition of the Kendo Hall.

Cigarette butts, bamboo swords, empty liquor bottles, tattered clothes, snack wrappers, and boxes littered the once respected hall of training.

It was a complete pigsty with an offensive smell of alcohol and nicotine permeating in the air. Who the hell are you guys? Head of the Student Council. The chick president who has gone mad with power, right?

Kumagawa vs Ezumachi

That takes me back. I tried my hand at it for a bit a few years back. This ebony finish is perfectly thorough. As far as Zenkichi observed, it was a very high-level Kendo move used in the olden days mostly prevalent during the Warring States Era, but with the way Medaka used it, he can consider it as a special technique of hers.

In her hands were the cigarette cases of the delinquents, deftly balanced on the opened surface of her fan. These things cause all sorts of health problems. Just think of this as good for yourselves. Zenkichi even heard one say that what Medaka used was a ninja technique, which was far from the truth. In essence, it was still Kendo. A normal advance step and retreat step, however, with that level of execution Medaka showed, others could discern very little difference from that popular technique in fiction that is the Replication Technique.

An opinion he would have shared if he never experienced those things during summer break. Moreover, from what he could surmise, a number of people could do such feat. Truthfully told, he could also do such thing.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Then again, such thing was insignificant to Medaka. Then again, such thing was also normal for Zenkichi. Don't think too highly of yourself!

Medaka Kurokami

She may, she may not, but in my eyes, everyone is normal. I can only presume that there is some great reason, some great tragedy which had led to you straying far from the path. Scratching the back of his head, Zenkichi could only look away in embarrassment.

Even though this was something he already knew, he was still uncomfortable with the [Proof of One's Worth: Preaching to the Lesser Mortals]. Did you fail to meet a teacher who could guide you? Were you betrayed by one of your own?

I will help you be born again. I will make it impossible for you to become distracted by anything other than the way of the sword.

I will straighten you out! I will correct the wrongs! I will improve you, rebuild you!

Maguro Kurokami

I will leave you unable to cry or even bleed. Don't you guys even think you're going to be able to walk home today! Could you just deny her or something? And don't give some poorly made excuse. Not that having a purpose was bad given that most people do not even know their own. But to pattern every action to that single purpose that she would forget to notice those that were around her, affected or not, and more importantly herself, just seemed so wrong, even if she was mostly right on her undertakings.

In a way, Medaka would never understand that she was better than other people were with her mindset, and as a result, she pushes others to improve themselves. Others might think this was good thing, and in the past and sometimes in the present and maybe the near future, Zenkichi did, would, and maybe agree, but in the end, she was just forcing other people to confirm with her views.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship goals

Then again, she only had good intentions and most of the times these intentions bore fruit to something great such as during the last year of middle-school after the results of the national mock exam.

From what Zenkichi heard from a classmate during middle-school that was now in Hakoniwa, Medaka actually decided to teach the revision classes over the summer holiday. Admiration for such an action was prevalent and expectations then were high given her having the highest score in the country and all that. However, to the class' disappointment, she ended up teaching how to write 1's and 7's to avoid confusion with the examiners and how to fill out multiple-choice sheet.

Everything she taught was to help prevent misunderstandings as the proctors mark the tests. During the time Zenkichi heard this, the one he was talking to laughed sheepishly as if embarrassed, not that he saw any fault in that given that understanding the person known as Medaka Kurokami was a mammoth task.

Zenkichi's childhood friend that could never understand the impossibility that those classmates of hers could also get full marks and that their mistakes were only due to some mistakes in filling out the test. She presumes that the people surrounding her could also do the same amazing things, the same accomplishments, and the same success. Zenkichi could only hope that Medaka would understand such things in the near future.

Then gain this was all normal for him. So what are you going to do now? If that event during summer break didn't happen, you wouldn't have understood Medaka's actions as you have right now. You would have complained a lot more.

It's my fault in the first place anyway She then sighed in relief as a devious grin formed on her face. I'm gonna be pissed if they're still there. A Kendo expert that is known all over the country. All the so-called elite students from the 2nd and 3rd years will be there.

When all the positions are filled, you have now enough reason to say bye-bye to her. The hall was so clean that he thought for a second that the place had a recent renovation. Yesterday this place looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic ruin!

As punishment, you'd best not expect to be going home anytime soon. You're not the only one either.

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No one seems to come on time these days. Why work so hard? You should know that I was born onto this earth to help complete strangers. It's only when I'm able to help someone then I'm truly happy. It just seems so wrong One might even ask if such selfless person truly exist if faced by such declaration. Truthfully, it is not impossible. Still, most of the time, such actions, and declarations have some hidden agenda or just some way to feel the pleasure of being helpful, the people of lower status groveling at their feet as thanks.

However, in front of Zenkichi, is an example of such selfless person bordering sainthood, a selfless being that truly believed that she was born for the sake of others. He might constitute this to some kind of Messiah Complex or some other psychological jargon. However, by being with her for almost 13 years, Zenkichi can confidently with some displeasure, call Medaka a truly selfless person. Then again, Medaka's thinking was wrong even though it was normal in Zenkichi's perspective.

If you carry on as you are now, you are bound to regret it one of these days. Why do I even care!? It seemed that Medaka's overwhelming speech and Spartan-like training session broke their troublemaker shells. Getting out of their way, he saw them walked through the door with purpose. I'll tell you now, you'll never reform us!

If you think you can then just try it! I'll also take on anyone's challenge. Near the door, Zenkichi could only glare at them as he left. From the way things were developing in the Kendo Hall, the need for his presence was null.

Thus, with a clenched fist showing his irritation to Medaka's stubborn attitude, he decided to have a relaxing stroll around the campus and think through some things. Medaka Kurokami, from as long as he could remember, she always ended up standing above people.