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meet danny and diane mcdaniel

We are a group of local small business owners who meet to refer each other business and welcome .. Danny & Diane McDaniel — Danny & Diane McDaniel . (“AdvoCare”), Daniel McDaniel, Jenny Donnelly, Crystal Thurber, Wes some reason, I could see $10, a month, because I met a couple named Danny and Diane McDaniel making $80, a month, and I thought, well. @DianeLMcDaniel. Wife of Danny McDaniel, business women, church planter, entrepreneur, Passion: Impacting & Transforming lives. Dallas.

Simone died of heart failure. Sylvia died in a courthouse shooting. Andy fell off the wagon a few times, almost drank a few other times, and briefly shut out the world. But he slowly learned that you have to live your life and try to do some good with it, and he eventually ascended to the role of boss of the 15th squad.

His constant need for babysitters for Theo caused him to get closer to Det. Connie McDowell, a friendship that eventually led to marriage and the addition of two new kids to Sipowicz's life: Connie's niece Michelle, plus Matthew, a baby that Andy and Connie had together.

A confident youngster who spent the last few years in Narcotics, Clark received the NYPD equivalent of a battlefield commission, earning his gold detective shield after heroic action during an undercover operation gone awry. When offered his choice of commands, he picked the 15th Precinct. That decision drove a wedge between John and his father, John Clark Sr.

Despite some early screw-ups, John's on-the-job training went quickly; he's now good enough in the interview room that the "Junior" nickname Andy slapped on him doesn't sound condescending, but affectionate. However, with that growth has come tragedy. Medavoy was a walking bundle of neuroses disguised as a police detective. Cursed with a sometimes uncontrollable stammer, an abundance of allergies and a knack for putting his foot in his mouth, Greg often irritated the hell out of his co-workers.

However, he was also a pretty good investigator, and you would not find a more compassionate cop on the force. Greg left his shrewish wife Marie to have an affair with Donna Abandando, but when she broke things off for good due mostly to Greg's immaturityhe tried going back to his loveless marriage for the sake of his daughters.

That didn't work; neither did a pursuit of attractive co-worker Abby Sullivan, who turned out to be a lesbian. Greg wound up fathering Abby's baby by artificial insemination, however, but becoming a father a third time didn't improve his disposition much. Working with the dynamic and friendly Baldwin Jones, on the other hand, did. Greg retired at the end of the series to puruse a career in real estate. Jones, whose mother named him after the writer James Baldwin, transferred into the 15th squad from a bias crimes unit to replace the departed James Martinez.

Despite the colossal difference in their size, appearance and demeanor, he and Medavoy became fast friends and solid partners. Baldwin and ADA Valerie Haywood had an off-again, on-again relationship, and he later took in troubled teenager Michael Woodruff after investigating the murder of Michael's mother by his father, Craig.

Openly gay, extremely efficient and blessed with a heart the size of Manhattan, John Irvin made such a favorable impression on Lt. Fancy during a temporary stint as a Police Administrative Aide that he wound up with a permanent job in the precinct's Anti-Crime unit -- which earned him the nickname "Upstairs John" from members of the second-floor detective's squad. Though his kind spirit endeared John to all in the precinct, he eventually transferred out, first to One Police Plaza, then to a mercifully brief stint with a Public Morals squad.

After a failed attempt to start his own computer graphics business, John returned to life as a civilian aide, spending time in both Anti-Crime and the detective squad, then took over the squad PAA slot permanently after Dolores Mayo died. Despite Sipowicz's rampant homphobia, John and Andy became friends, and John not only cut Andy's hair from time to time, but frequently babysat for Theo.

One of the later additions to the 15th squad came, like Diane Russell before her, from Vice. Unlike Diane, Rita left Vice not because she wanted to, but because her husband, ADA Don Harrison, was too disturbed by the idea of his wife dressing up as a hooker and walking the streets undercover.

The new assignment was supposed to be a panacea in her troubled marriage with Don, but his paranoid fantasies that she was cheating on him turned out to be a cover for the fact that he was cheating on her -- an affair that led to Don being murdered by his mistress' angry husband. Rita didn't take long to get over the whole catastrophic end of her marriage; she began dating John Clark Jr.

When NYPD brass decided that the 15th squad was spiraling out of control under the successive commands of Tony Rodriguez and Eddie Gibson, they transferred in a firmer hand. Bale came out of Internal Affairs and insisted on following Department protocol to the letter, micromanaging his detectives to the point where he almost had a mutiny on his hands. After Andy discovered that Bale was a closeted gay man and declined to reveal it to anyone, Bale began easing up on the reins and learned to trust his detectives.

meet danny and diane mcdaniel

Ironically, his departure from official procedure led to him being wounded in the line of duty when he chose not to invite Emergency Services along on a raid of a murder suspect's home. Faced with permanent nerve damage and a medical retirement, Bale recommended his onetime nemesis Sipowicz to replace him.

She worked her way up to a detective's shield by putting in a stint in Applicant Investigations, a low-pressure unit that does background checks on people applying to join the Department. Laura partners with Rita Ortiz, who didn't respond well to Laura's tendency to flirt with her male co-workers; the two eventually reached a detente on the subject.

Bobby had a lot of pain in his life. He grew up in Brooklyn with a distant father, and his two best companions were an punch-drunk ex-fighter and a teenaged wiseguy wannabe. He grew up, got married, and joined the police force, and for a while was living a very happy existence until his wife Mary came home and told him that she had breast cancer. He spent a while chauffeuring the police commissioner around to have more time to spend with his wife, and later, to grieve her death.

meet danny and diane mcdaniel

His assignment at the One-Five was the first detective tour he had after Mary's death, but Bobby the introvert and Andy the loudmouth somehow became the best of friends. Bobby also met his second wife, Diane Russell, during his time at the One-Five, but they were only married a few months when he was hospitalized with a bad heart infection. A transplant was performed, but the new heart failed, and Bobby rejoined his late wife in the big precinct in the sky. A gold-shield detective at only 28, Sorenson was an obvious up-and-comer in the NYPD when he arrived at the 15th squad at the worst possible time: Despite some initial resentment, Danny won over his co-workers, but often got distracted from casework because of his own emotional issues.

Always harboring some deep, dark secret about his own childhood -- which involved Danny raising his two younger sisters after their parents split -- he had a constant fear of "getting stirred up," and in fact spent much of his time at the 15th doing just that. He finally seemed to be finding some inner peace when he was murdered during an undercover operation at a strip club.

John's father, John Kelly Sr. John spent much of the rest of his life trying to meet the approval of his late father, joining the force and holding himself to an almost impossibly high standard.

Unfortunately, while John's tightly-wound nature made him a great detective, it also distanced himself from the people he loved, including his ex-wife Laura, who divorced him because he didn't give her enough space. Shortly after the divorce, John got involved with Officer Janice Licalsi, but his efforts to clean up after a murder she committed eventually led to him getting drummed off the force.

When last mentioned, John was making a living as a professional bodyguard and security expert. Diane comes from an extremely dysfunctional family, including an alcoholic father who used to molest her. That warped upbringing, along with too many years spent working as an undercover cop, led to a lot of screwed up values on her part and may have caused her drinking problem.

While working a case in tandem with Bobby Simone, they realized an attraction for one another and became lovers -- a situation that became complicated when she got transferred to the 15th squad.

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Bobby broke up with her after realizing the extent of her alcoholism. After she spent several months in AA, she and Bobby resumed their romance, but roadblocks kept cropping up, particularly the emotional wallop Diane received after her mother shot and killed her abusive father. She and Bobby conceived a child, but she miscarried. After a few months to recover from yet another emotional setback, Diane finally married Bobby, only to get the biggest one yet when Bobby died mere months later.

Diane quickly returned to work, but that proved to be a mistake. A lengthy flirtation and brief romance with Danny Sorenson was a disaster -- she wasn't ready to see any man, much less the one who replaced Bobby in the squad -- and after struggling to deal with guilt over"cheating" on Bobby, she decided to take a leave of absence from the department to work out her personal issues.

An elegant, beautiful assistant District Attorney and a balding, overweight, slovenly cop getting married? It wasn't an obvious match, to be sure, but Sylvia saw the decent, caring human being underneath Andy's gruff exterior and fell in love with him.

She was very supportive of his attempts to stay sober, which probably has something to do with the fact that half her family members appear to be alcoholics. She was very confident on the job, and was known to wield an acid tongue when cops' procedural errors blow her cases. Sylvia was raped back in law school, which made her and Andy, once he found out especially sensitive about rape cases.

She took some time off from work to care for her newborn son Theo, but had returned to the job when she was killed in a courthouse shooting incident. Fancy rose through the department ranks very rapidly, either depending upon whom you ask because or in spite of his being an African American.

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He and Sipowicz frequently clashed in their early days before developing a grudging admiration for one another's talents -- Fancy once said that if someone he loved was ever murdered, he'd want Andy to catch the case.

After serving a superb nine-year stint as the lieutenant in charge of the 15th squad, Art was promoted to captain and moved on to his next assignment. He has a wife, two daughters, one son, and a kid brother named Reggie who's also on the job -- and who doesn't get along with Art. Originally assigned to the detective's squad as a temporary fill-in after Sipowicz was shot a few years ago, Martinez demonstrated great enthusiasm for the job and willingness to learn, and quickly earned his detective's gold shield.

His tenure on the job hasn't always been fun; he witnessed the OD death of his junkie brother, and watched his idol John Kelly get driven off the force.

James was never the brightest nor the most charismatic detective in the 15th squad, but he made up for his occasional lack of savvy with a lot of heart and hard work. He transferred out of the squad after receiving a promotion to sergeant. For most of her tenure in the 15th squad, Jill served as the emotional rock to Diane's tower of Jell-O, as well as the most competent and confident cop in the precinct not named Sipowicz, Simone or Sorenson.

But her irrational attachment to her ex-husband Don, who manipulated her by threatening to embarrass, and, eventually, kill their two sons Kyle and Frank, led Jill to throw her career away. When last we saw them, Jill and the boys were on the run from Internal Affairs investigators. The first thing you needed to know about the lovely Miss Abandando is that she holds a special place in her heart for the NY Rangers, which means she loves lost causes which the Rangers were until they finally won the Stanley Cup in after a year curse.

That also explains why she agreed to take a relatively thankless job as the receptionist or, in NYPD parlance, "PAA" for the 15th detective's squad, and why she fell for nebbishy Greg Medavoy. Their affair was complicated by his marriage, her trampy sister Dana, and an old flame of Donna's who used to play for the Rangers.

Eventually, the stress of it all proved too much, and she broke things off with Greg. A year or so later, she received a job offer from Apple Computer that was too good to pass up, and the Queens gal moved out to Silicon Valley. Licalsi was a uniformed cop who had barely been at the 15th Precinct for a week before she was approached by Mafia kingpin Angelo Marino, who ordered her to murder John Kelly -- or else he would turn in Licalsi's policeman father, who had been on Marino's payroll for years.

Janice reluctantly agreed, but as she got close to John, she fell in love with him, and instead of killing him, she killed Marino and his chauffeur. The guilt of her crime ate away at her until she finally confessed to it months later. Kelly hired her a slick mob lawyer, and Janice got off with only a 2-year sentence for manslaughter.

The match between Laura, a high-powered yuppie attorney, and John, a blue-collar cop, didn't last very long once Laura realized what an incredible control freak John could be. She bounced around several jobs after her divorce, eventually settling in with the Manhattan DA's office. She worked as a riding DA in the 15th Precinct for a while before transferring out, probably to put some distance between herself and John.

A beautiful but no-nonsense detective, Lesniak was transferred to the 15 after an office romance in a Bronx precinct went public. That experience -- and her ex-lover's subsequent descent into stalker territory -- soured her on relationships with fellow detectives, so when Martinez expressed interest, she politely brushed him off. After he was shot, she expressed quite a bit of maternal concern, which James and Greg mistook for romantic interest.

Eventually, their badgering of her got to the point where Adrienne claimed to be a lesbian -- a lie which, on further consideration, had her questioning her own sexuality. She eventually realized that she isn't gay, but all her previous failed relationships made her unable to deal with the notion that James was a decent guy, and she turned into a bitchy, over-possessive shrew.

James had to break things off with her, leading Adrienne to feel more depressed than ever over the prospect of finding happiness. Lesniak apparently transferred out of the 15th precinct several years ago. Rodriguez wasn't supposed to be in charge of the 15th squad, but after the detectives all neared mutiny over the ball-busting Lt. Fancy called in one last favor for his old squad and had Dalto transferred out and Rodriguez transferred in. A former Narcotics cop from the Bronx who spent much of his career working deep undercover, Rodriguez is more hands-on than Fancy, and has a gentle sense of humor so deadpan that many people often don't get the joke.

Though his tenure as 15th squad boss was mostly successful, Tony realized his career had hit a glass ceiling after a shooting incident involving disgraced IAB Capt. Fraker and decided to retire and make more money in private security. After spending some time as a temp detective whom Borough Command would assign to different precincts as needed, McDowell has finally found a permanent home in the 15th squad.

Connie has police work in her blood, since her late father was a cop in Saratoga Springs, NY. When she was 16, Connie got pregnant, and her parents forced her to give the baby, a girl, up for adoption. Recent attempts to contact her daughter Jennifer, now 15, turned out disastrously, but they did inspire her to get in on the Theo babysitting action, which in turn brought her closer emotionally to Andy.

Despite the vast difference in their age and beauty, the two gave romance a go and recently married. Connie recently took in her sister Michelle's baby daughter after Michelle was beaten to death by her abusive husband Frank. Shortly after that, Connie was stunned to learn that she could still get pregnant, and she and Andy had a son, Matthew Nicholas Sipowicz. Connie left the job, at least temporarily, to look after her rapidly-growing family. More by-the-book than either Cohen or Sylvia Costas, she has a low tolerance for detectives who think outside the box -- and the law -- like Sipowicz.

meet danny and diane mcdaniel

Struggling to appear professional in a field where too many women are just viewed as sex objects, she was hesitant to respond to the romantic overtures of the very interested Det. Jones, but eventually she fell for the very handsome, very decent detective.

They've had an on-again, off-again relationship for several years.

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Like a lot of detectives close to retirement, Eddie was living the easy life on the night tour of the 15th squad, shuffling papers and leaving the big investigations to Sipowicz and company.

He got a sympathy promotion to first grade pay when he was about to go on medical leave to battle cancer, but when he returned to active duty, Eddie decided to start taking his career seriously again. He passed the sergeant's exam, and when Lt. Rodriguez decided to retire, Eddie used his friendship with the head of department personnel to take Tony's place as boss of the 15th squad.

Eddie's not very bright, but he was at least smart enough to recognize that his charges know what they're doing, and he adopted a hands-off approach to command. Apparenly, this was too hands-off for department brass, who decided that he was running a rogue squad, and replaced him wih by-the-book Lt.

It's unclear where Eddie is working these days. In his spare time, Eddie and his wife take in foster kids to give back to the community. Who are the recurring characters on the show?

In addition to the regular cast members, the show featured a number of other actors who appear on a semi-regular basis. In fact, Greg Medavoy, Sylvia Costas and Donna Abandando were all recurring characters in the first season who got added to the main cast in the second, just as Adrienne Lesniak and Diane Russell became regulars after several guest shots in season two. Jill Kirkendall and John Irvin made the leap from feature to regular cast as well.

This isn't a complete list; just the characters who either stuck around the longest or made the biggest impression. The surprising product of the union between middle-aged Andy Sipowicz and the late Sylvia Costas, Theo was mercifully young enough to not quite realize the impact of his mother's murder. He's not much of a talker, but his daddy sure loves him.

Their positions in the 15th precinct hierarchy are kind of nebulous, but Josh Astrachan and N. They also wound up with some of the more unpleasant tasks, like cleaning up the messes made by junkies and, in one memorably gruesome incident, collecting a drug mule's balloons.

Martens was no dummy; he knew that most cops including the ones at the One-Five couldn't stand him and the rest of "The Rat Squad. Though his job required him to bust dirty cops, he let some of the more questionable activities of our heroes slide by in the name of a greater good.

As cheese-eaters go, he wasn't a bad sort. Andy's final snitch was also his most unlikely, considering the circumstances under which he and Julian met: Most of the time, Julian's information was designed to help himself more than the cops, and he tended to jerk Andy and John around virtually all of the time, but in the end he could usually be bullied into being useful.

Second-class postage paid at Marion, Indiana, and additional cities. Washington Street, Marion, Indiana Jim Lo came up with a very special way to demonstrate the beauty of marriage for the students of IWU's residential campus: It was part of a lesson on how the love, faithfulness and commitment of matrimony can be an avenue to increase holiness in the Christian life.

Jim and Roxene Lo have been married for 40 years. A random drawing was held and awarded graduates Stephanie Chambliss and Lauren Paige Miller each two tickets to any destination in the world serviced by Delta Airlines.

This interdisciplinary conference was a rare and significant opportunity to call together scholars and leaders from a variety of fields across the church to explore the best practices, systems and supports for clergy health and well being. He wrote from experience. The university awarded a posthumous master of business administration degree to Stephanie McCowan. Pretoria, capital of South Africa's white-supremacist apartheid government. This is the first such agreement between higher learning institutions owned by The Wesleyan Church.

One staff member resigned immediately. Several parents and employees protested, but Smith stood firm. He continues to believe that opposition to evil systems, rooted in the Gospel and not in social politics, is still a component of Christian ministry.

The name we have proudly carried for 25 academic years is now known and respected on all seven continents. T Marion College is the foundation for everything that we accomplish, and we can never take a step forward without remembering who we are and where we have been. But the promise encoded in the name we use today, "Indiana Wesleyan University," points the way to our future. They would come back that fall as Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcats. We are proud of our home denomination.

But one does not have to be a member of The Wesleyan Church to believe in Wesleyan values. Wesleyans stand for holiness, both personal holiness and the growth of a holy community. Wesleyans stand for action, to transform the world for the kingdom of God, and to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.

Today, we are the largest private university in the state. We have tens of thousands of alumni throughout Indiana. Over the past 10 years, our physical presence has expanded to the neighboring states of Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois; between these education and service centers and our online education, we have trained alumni who represent us in a wide range of professions throughout the region. This past year, a number of events illustrated the strong relationship between IWU and its home state.

Here are just a few: Henry Smith, received the Sagamore of the Wabash award from the office of the Governor of Indiana, recognizing his many years of service to the state. The Sagamore award is one of the highest honors for an Indiana resident. Most of all, Wesleyans stand for a global church of Jesus Christ: Members of the Indiana Wesleyan University community, both Wesleyan and non-Wesleyan, have carried these values with them to the ends of the Earth.

This past year, Doulos participated in the END IT movement, a worldwide effort touched off at the Passion conference bringing a wide range of groups and individuals together to end human trafficking on Earth. Students examine their own beliefs, suffering and future opportunities to heal and to affect the healing of those around them.

This is the dream that a few men and women brought to life in This is Marion College in the 21st century. This is Indiana Wesleyan University. The word university comes from the same Latin root as the word universe. A Christ-centered university must create an academic community that reflects the whole of the community it aims to serve.

Here are just three examples of how we are creating that community: Overwhelming support and endorsement for the change came from faculty, students, college trustees, and a random sampling of alumni, church, and community leaders. Why Indiana Wesleyan University? Let's look at each of the individual components. Indiana Wesleyan is an Indiana-based institution primarily serving Indiana and the Midwest.

This change to Indiana moves the University from identification with a small community to that of a state and region. The inclusion of the term Wesleyan more accurately reflects the institution's theological and denominational heritage since its denominational sponsorship is by the Wesleyan Church. David Wright, President Indiana Wesleyan University present I inand two additional master's degree programs have been added. The name change to Indiana Wesleyan University signals a new era in the life of the institution which has meant so much to all of us.

The new name mirrors exciting new curricula, enrollment growth, campus development, and continually increasing quality of faculty and academic programs. Indiana Wesleyan University has never run out of new things to teach me. To my mind, the continuity between Marion College and Indiana Wesleyan University is one of our institutional treasures. We have a rich heritage. Though our name has changed, the spirit of the institution, the dedication of our faculty and staff, the world-wide network of our alumni, and the fidelity to our God-given mission, should be recognizable to anyone who knew us in the Marion College era.

A GLOBAL UNIVERSITY - Indiana Wesleyan University

We now become alumni and friends of an institution with a new name and many exciting new developments. However, Indiana Wesleyan University will continue the tradition of providing a caring faculty, committed to quality education in a distinctly Christian environment.

Spiritual development will continue as a primary institutional objective. Of that you can be assured! God has taken us far beyond the aspirations of those who sought to prod us toward greater engagement with our home state and region, with the global community, and with the world of higher education. And so, I welcome you to a new, yet enduring, relationship: Published July 1, edition of the Triangle In essays like this one, Christian college presidents usually like to reassure our alumni and friends, as I did above, that our commitment to our heritage will never change.

At IWU we are convinced that our ability to truly become world changers begins with our willingness to let God change us. After 25 academic years of IWU, you have my promise that we will do all within our power to seize this day for the glory of God. We will do this so that God can use us to make our world a better, more God honoring place, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Owens liked the idea of a degree program that let her work full time. Early on, some of what she heard in religion courses and in-class devotions intrigued her and made her want to look deeper into her faith.

Hazel Owens found grace at IWU, and took it with her when she left. T Owens had never been the type to leave something unfinished. He lived in Elkhart, three hours away. In the meantime, she still had a full-time job and volunteer commitments. An adjunct professor named Edith Barnett helped her. And just to be around a group of people who have the same common goal and genuinely want to see each other succeed and not try to tear each other down or be cutthroat about it, it just made it much easier during the most difficult time.

That night, she made an announcement that would have surprised even her a short time before: Today, besides everything else, Owens blogs at cocoscouch. My aim is to share those messages and my story on this platform to inspire, encourage, and uplift women from all walks of life. IWU seemed like an ideal place, offering her a chance to study in a Christ-centered atmosphere. But that'd never happen. I was game for a new experience, something different. Global Engagement Office Director, Dr.

Jim Vermilya, is leading a team committed to increasing their numbers and influence on the residential campus. They can also help one another adjust to life in the United States. Oh, we call it something different, but it's the same! One such program occurred last summer with 40 Chinese students from two high schools in Beijing.

They have hopes and dreams of going to college in the U. Currently, a special section of the English class helps students strengthen their English academic writing abilities, Yin said.

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In some ways, Vermilya says, the program is like a two-week-long campus visit day experience. Stevens has worked in Admissions since and served as advisor since I've asked people for warm clothes for students who didn't have them, or sheets for those who needed them. It's a pretty caring campus. Tan is the ISA vice president. The first International Student Orientation took place last fall. When new students came, they were able to lend a hand in that way while other students lent them a hand in another way.

Chris Lessly and Dr. And so I have a real inclination towards the healing powers of music. Behavioral and physical healing is very possible through music therapy.