Mika and yuu relationship help

MikaYuu/Mika x Yuu: 5 Reasons They're Canon Owari no Seraph

mika and yuu relationship help

relationship chart translated Owari No Seraph, Yuu, Seraph Of The End, Animation,. Visit . Mika, Yuu and Guren XD - Seraph of the End / Owari no Seraph. Shin-Shin | Yuu is still looking on relationship advice: How #Owari no seraph #Seraph of the end funny Mika. More information. More information. The relationship between Yu and Mika is vague enough for fans to interpret as .. Sure, Yu does fall in love with his precious family who support and care for.

mika and yuu relationship help

Do you want to play with me, Mikaela? Also, just call me, Mika. Teddy can be the son, and Shinoa can be the daughter.

Yuu nodded and ran to find Shinoa. Eventually, Shinya called for them to eat lunch and doted on them. When it was finally time for Mika to leave, Yuu vowed to meet again. He waved to the prettiest person he knew.

mika and yuu relationship help

Shiho was also with Yoichi. Why did he have to be the only one without a date?! He was good looking. He had quite a friendly personality. He could even cook if he wanted to!

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Then again, he had tons of love letters. He could settle with one of those girls. It was because of that girl way back then. They were childhood friends until Mika moved away.

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He stayed single because she, the prettiest person he knew, was still out there. Mika was kind, responsible, and caring. There was nobody like the blonde. Yuu pouted as Yoichi tried comforting him.

The former left to catch his shift at the bakery cafe Shinya was working at. Then, something incredible happened. The Vampires of the Alleyway, a popular goth local band, walked into the cafe. It was surprising to say the least. Along with them, were two other people he assumed were friends of theirs.

Ferid and some other dude were talking about a certain book.

mika and yuu relationship help

Ferid was also flirting with a blonde who seemed all too casual. For some reason, the blonde seemed familiar. Yuu got to the conclusion that the kid was related to Mika! This could be his chance.

So is Yu and Shinoa actually a "thing"?

Shinya was taking their orders until Yuu shoved him away and took over. The group was confused for a moment but dismissed it. Shinya pouted, but smirked as soon as he knew why Yuu did something like that. Yuu listened and secretly stared at the attractive blonde staring at the window.

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Was he some sort of model? Because damn, Yuu never thought a man could be so pretty. Your order will be coming out shortly! The dark haired male smiled and left their table. He just looks familiar, is all. He looks a lot like Mika. He then instantly knew what was happening and snickered. Yuu shouted at the older man.

The next day, Yuu was being bored like he usually was.

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He looked up to see his next customer. However, he refused to become a complete vampire and subsisted on Krul's blood to keep his thirst at bay. Mika obsessed over Yu for the four years he had been turned into a vampire, while Yu believed that Mika was dead and distanced himself from other people to refrain from losing them like he did his families. After Yu joined the Moon Demon Company, he met Mika once more after he tried to kill him from behind after discovering that a vampire wanted to take one of his comrades.

However, when he realized that it was Mika he stabbed, he pulled out immediately and was in complete shock and confusion. After realizing that Mika was converted, he retreated back with the Moon Demon Company and searched for ways to turn a vampire back into a human. Mika saw Yu once more on the battlefield after forcing information out of a soldier about Yu's location.

However, he spotted Yu unconscious after his battle with Crowley, and thought it to be the humans' doing. He immediately rushed ahead to take Yu from his group, but got severely injured while doing so.

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When he was about to die, Shinoa Shiragi and the rest of her squad defended him while he took Yu away. After Yu woke up, he saw how thirsty Mika was even after Krul's blood, and encouraged him to drink his own. Mika put up a fight against it, protesting all the way through, but he gave up after Yu claimed that he could not live if he watched his family die once more.

After he finally drank Yu's blood, his eyes turned from blue to red, signaling that he has finally become a true vampire. Throughout the argument, Mika was blushing.

Mika's seemingly only reason to live was Yu, and would go to any depths to protect him, even if it meant holding a sword to his throat. Yu felt the same about Mika, but had a larger family he must protect and begged Mika to accept his new family.

Akane Hyakuya Part of Yu's orphanage family. She appears to be the mature and understanding motherly individual in the group, and she is the oldest out of the girls and third-oldest after Yu and Mika.