Murdoc and 2d relationship test

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing • 2D/Murdoc’s relationship (aka things that keep me

What kind of relationship do you think these two have. Yoai fans are . there are ppl who says murdoc and 2D are make me feel sick. A page for describing Characters: Gorillaz. The Band Ambiguously Human: While they're all supposed to be human, the art makes them look distinctly ape-like. The officially released biography for Gorillaz member, Noodle. The biography has Special zen bond with 2-D. Tickled by Murdoc's desperation. Irrepressible.

Today was the day he started is 'sentence'. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed. He groaned again and rubbed his bald head. Finally he got up, grabbed his toiletries, and made his way to the bathroom. On his way he saw Murdoc leaving out from the bathroom. He paused, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

They both looked at each other like they'd seen a ghost. There was a bit of an awkward silence in the air. That's all…" Shit is getting even more awkward by the second… Russel said to himself. Russel went into the bathroom and did his daily routine of shaving, washing up, and showering. When done, he walked to his room to get dressed and headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast. He was halfway done when Noodle came into the kitchen.

She flopped down in her usual seat. Why would make us do this? Plus, it would've been okay if we were to be publically humiliated. Hard to tell which, but the many strange and painful things he's been through — and survived — certainly make it seem that fate's definitely working for him or out to get him.

One of his defining attributes.

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The poor guy's been through a lot. His teeth are godawful, and while he does have countless blunt head trauma to blame for his missing teeth, the ones he has left are in terrible shape. Murdoc's, though he mostly loses both the "bumbling" and the "sidekick" part by Phase 3.

Almost always getting abused by Murdoc either physically or verbally and tends to have very bad luck in general. He goes from an incredibly stupid Wide-Eyed Idealist who was blissfully unaware of the world around him and a bizarre hero complex towards Murdoc in Phase 1, to a more self-aware but still nonetheless idiotic party animal in Phase 2, to the Only Sane Man in Phase 3. By Phase 4, he's mellowed out, and while that seems to have caused him to lose some of the smarts that he gained in Phase 3, he still generally comes off as more confident and at peace with himself than he ever did before.

Puts his tongue, as well as his fingers, up his nose a lot. He also has a habit of twiddling his fingers when nervous. A clown mask, in the videos for Stylo, On Melancholy Hill and Rhinestone Eyes — he mentioned during an interview that he wore it in an attempt to hide the fact that he was badly hung over. After Murdoc lent him some movies, 2D commented that they're "A bit random, but very, very watchable.

Also, 2D's various illegitimate children, as referenced in the book and on his computer on the old website. Phase 2 has him become a knife-flicking jerk with kids all over the world. He's mellowed out by Phase 3.

He has one in his new room at the Spirit House. It's a picture of Murdoc. Surprisingly, he snaps into this mode fairly frequently during interviews. He's really the only member of the band who is capable of keeping up with Murdoc in the quip department.

He's a bit brighter by Phase 3, but back in Phase 1 he really was quite harebrained. Seemingly eaten alive by a whale during the Rhinestone Eyes video.

During one of his radio shows, Murdoc nonchalantly declared him dead due to not having seen him since. While "DoYaThing" reveals him to be alive and well, it wasn't until the beginning of Phase 4 where we learn that he really was eaten alive, but managed to avoid being digested due to the whale dying shortly after swallowing him. The Dog Bites Back: He tried to do this to Murdoc during Phases 2 and 3, but it didn't take.

In Phase 4, his most successful attempts at doing so consist of selling the bassist's geep on the sly without his knowledge and "accidentally" beaning him on the head with a golf ball during the Saturn Barz music video.

Dude Looks Like a Lady: He's called "pretty" plenty of times, is occasionally shown wearing nail polish and shirts with low necklines, and the bruises around his eyes can make him appear to be wearing mascara in certain pictures.

He apparently looks enough like a woman that he was able to place third in a Wet T-Shirt Contest.

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While not exactly Einstein, he seems to have wised up to Murdoc's abuse of him as of Phase 3. During the scrapped Rhinestone Eyes video, he and his entire room were swallowed by the whale Murdoc hired to patrol Plastic Beach. Fortunately, said whale died due to a poor diet not long after, and 2D was able to escape with his life. Noticeable with words like "really" and "scary". Despite spending most of his time high on painkillers and playing The Ditz for years, he still has brief moments of lucidity where he can be surprisingly philosophical, even profound.

Try as he might, 2D just can't seem to get Murdoc to stop walking all over him. He's slowly getting better, though. Doesn't even begin to describe how he got his trademark black eyes Becomes progressively more of one to Murdoc as time goes on. To further this, 2D comes from a relatively normal family with two loving parents while Murdoc comes from a broken home with an abusive father.

Physically he's one to Russel, being a tall, rail-thin white man with black eyes to his short, fat black man with white eyes. Gets force fed an entire fridge full of food courtesy of a ghost in the "Saturnz Barz" video. Friend to All Children: The music video for Dirty Harry implies 2D has the instincts, at least. His smiles and demeanor implies that the only reason he's playing at all is to keep the children distracted from their dire situation stranded in a desert the only way he knows how; through genre busting music and ethereal vocals.

He dances right past two boys in the middle of a slap fight, ignores blatant bullying and hair pulling, and is totally absent when a boy peaks up a girl's skirt, after stuffing a Dung Beetle's dung ball in his mouth. Has a wardrobe full of them, particularly in Phase 1. Bizarrely builds some pretty advanced machinery during his many escape attempts from Plastic Beach, such as the Donkatron.

He can play a lot of instruments, he composed a lot of songs, and he even wrote some of the lyrics, despite his rather unimpressive mental capacity. While his parents are suggested to have been idiots of a similar breed to him, they were also very loving and involved in his life, something that none of his bandmates can relate to. Seems to have been given these in Phase 4, making him a rare male example of this trope.

murdoc and 2d relationship test

Interviews have revealed that he actually refers to the pants that he wears that accentuate his hips as "mom jeans", furthering this trope. Spends all of Phase 3 in the throes of one, to the point where his expression in the videos is pretty much permanently one of complete terror and confusion. In one of the most twisted examples in all fiction, with Murdoc.

Whether he likes it or not. Horrible Judge of Character: He worships a man like Murdoc Niccals and was in a long-term relationship with a woman like Paula Cracker.

murdoc and 2d relationship test

Expect him to randomly mention how he has chlamydia completely unprompted during interviews. Even after becoming the Only Sane Man in Phase 3, it's still very clear that he's an idiot. He's very smash, but also a musical genius. He's supposedly considered incredibly good looking in-universe to the point of becoming an international sex symbol during Phase 2.

Out of universe, while he certainly has his fans, he's generally considered something similar to Ugly Cute at best or something out of the Uncanny Valley at worst. I Owe You My Life: His loyalty to Murdoc is due to his belief in this, when in reality Murdoc was the one responsible for almost killing him. Surprisingly, Russell does the kicking in the Humility video by tripping 2D as he happily skates around Venice Beach.

He's usually dumb as rocks, but he is generally a very nice person. Develops a fondness for switchblades during Phase 2, and is frequently shown flicking one in pictures. Since Murdoc's arrest, he has stepped up as the main creative force behind the band's music.

He's thin as a stick, but he's very nice despite the fact. Phase 2 played it more straight when he became a Knife Nut who fathered several illegitimate childrenbut since then all instances of him lashing out at others have been justified as being the result of him being under a great deal of stress.

Like Brother and Sister: It's really why I got into phase three more than any of the other phases: Because of the lore in it.

From Murdoc, 2D, and Cyborg Noodle trying to find Noodle who is found to be alive to the torment that I just mentioned with 2D, it's really the phase that actually got me into the band.

Anyway, back to what I'm talking about! In this phase, to me, it's both the worst and most interesting phase when it comes to 2D and Murdoc's relationship, but it's still not my favorite phase for the two. Phase four This is when a BIG surprise has come to their relationship: I mean, yeah, Murdoc is still an asshole and beating 2D up, but he's mostly shown not as abusive as he was in the past.

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Yeah, there isn't a plot or story to this phase, but it shows how much 2D and Murdoc's relationship has changed from abusive to kind of friends. Murdoc has even called 2D: I was VERY glad that their relationship has gotten a bit better in phase four because they've been through a lot and it's nice that Murdoc has changed a little bit for 2D. However, I feel like, even though it's nice that they're getting along with eachother a bit more, it was Maybe there should've been a song or something to show HOW they've become more friendly to eachother instead of going from one phase of abuse and torment to a slightly better and more friendly relationship in the next phase.

As for phase five Phase five This is when things get a bit Murdoc is thrown into jail for being framed for smuggling drugs and, at the beginning of the phase, 2D is cool with it and feeling a bit more free from Murdoc. However, as time progresses for 2D and Murdoc, 2D has started missing him while Murdoc is slowly becoming more "obsessed" with 2D.

I'm not exactly sure in what way Murdoc is getting a bit obsessed about 2D or why he is, but my best theory is because he misses him and needs him around because, in "On Melancholy Hill", a song Murdoc wrote, he said:

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