Novak djokovic and ana ivanovic relationship quotes

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novak djokovic and ana ivanovic relationship quotes

Novak djokovic ana ivanovic dating - Narnijos kronikos princas kaspijanas online of Ana Ivanovic, biography, Ana Ivanovic boyfriend list Relationship history. Belagrade: Novak Djokovic has not invited fellow tennis players Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic to his wedding, which is set to be the. Here we gathered Best ☆ Andrea Petkovic interview quotes ➜ Follow to know her Rules We have a daughter-father relationship and don't want to compromise that, so we don't want to travel full-time. . Novak Djokovic gym workout with son on Twitter . Bastian Schweinsteiger has married Ana Ivanovic.

A sizzling backhand leaves Sharapova struggling. And on the next point, until Sharapova scampers like anything to muster a forehand winner on the run.

But back comes Williams and she duly breaks. Game face time for the American. Two pure winners on the backhand hand her two break points. Sharapova is treating Williams' serve with little respect and the double break is secured. Williams ekes out a lead, forcing Sharapova into consecutive, rare errors.

novak djokovic and ana ivanovic relationship quotes

But two unforced errors on the forehand gives Sharapova the edge. The best point of the match ensues, both hitting with force, before Williams again nets on the forehand.

Sharapova eases to three break points in next to no time. Williams can't get a first serve in for good measure. But she does rally toreceiving warm applause in doing so rather like a hapless first round opponent winning a game against Federer in the old days. That turns into a cheer as she reaches deuce. She wins five points in a row to take the game! Seventeen of the last 20 points won now. Williams is completely rattled. The focus has gone.

This should be over in 15 minutes. This is quite staggering from Sharapova, who breaks Williams to love. She ends it with two sizzling winners, one either side of the hapless American. Is this the best Sharapova has ever played, we wonder? Moreover, she has only summoned 44 per cent first serves in, so she is being helped by Venus too. First, she sends Williams to both sides, who can then only punch her return mid-court. Like a hare, Sharapova latches onto it.

Williams then sends a good serve out wide, but Sharapova is tasting this ball like a more than decent bottle from the Maragaret River. First set after half an hour. Her serve and direction is right in sync as she coasts to within one game of the first set.

I think it's a disgrace for the sport to have an athlete like this. He cheated the sport.

novak djokovic and ana ivanovic relationship quotes

He cheated many people around the world with his career, with his life story. I think they should take all his titles away because it's not fair towards any sportsman, any athlete. It's just not the way to be successful. So I think he should suffer for his lies all these years. After 28 games on the trot, Sharapova finally relents as Venus holds to Williams has her game face on. This, though, is a one-way stroll.

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Wiliams is getting utterly harangued on the wide ball, with Williams netting every time. Four love up, 18 minutes gone. We're seeing a former multiple grand slam champ getting battered here. The American has her atbut a double fault and a clean winner with the Russian standing way inside the baseline is enough for yet another game notched up.

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Radek loves the big stage. You saw how much fun he had. I also had a lot of fun playing. It was a very entertaining match. Williams is taking to Sharapova's second serve like a duck to water and she now has a break point with a glistening winner down the line.

The Russian is sent wide twice but at the crucial juncture, Williams nets with Shara scrambling for position. Two points later and Sharapova has banked her 26th game on the trot. They say this one is all about the serve, but judging by Shara's two double bagels already, we might need only 12 games here.

Serena's quips nearly as good as her game in 2015

Six years on, it will be Venus to serve. His son is representing Serbia, of course he will talk about Serbian sport when his son is playing for Serbia, of course he will talk in the first person plural when he is talking about his son, who is playing for Serbia.

Where in that interview did he said that he isn't of Montenegrin origin, where in that interview did he said that his wife is not Croatian? Can you find any, reliable, link where Novak's parents origin is claimed to be Serbian? I am sure, if that it is true, you wouldn't have any problem finding one. I am not playing stupid, thank you, I am just saying what it is, and that is that you are reaching. But since he is not that means he considers himself a Serb, which should be mentioned in the wiki article.

The video obviously shows that your Croatian article isn't accurate. Most people take Djokovic's Serbian ancestry as fact and thus don't question it, this is why there aren't many sources. However, what Djokovic's father is saying in the interview is very nationalistic and so is what Djokovic himself says. So his father is atleast a Serb from Montenegro and his mother is probably a Serb from Croatia although I can't prove it yet.

Do you get my point? There are many examples like that. Your arguments are weak, and you still haven't provided a single reliable evidence that will support you claims. By the sources I have provided, his father is Montenegrin and his mother is Croatian.

Prove me wrong, with reliable sources. In the interview I linked, it is pretty obvious that Djokovic's father considers himself a Serb from Montenegro. My argument isn't weak because I'm citing an interview of Djokovic's own father who is basically saying that he himself is Serbian and that Djokovic has Serbian roots.

I mean come on you saw the video it's pretty nationalistic. Therefore I propose you say that Djokovic's father is a Montenegrin Serb in light of the video. The video is a very reliable source. In the link that you have provided, there is no mention of Srdjan Djokovic declaring himself as a Serb from Montenegro, and why would he declare himself like that when he is not born in Montenegro. Just by that you are reaching. His father doesn't basically says that his is Serbian, that is your interpretation of that interview.

There is no mention of Novak's Serbian roots, just the basic talk how he plays for Serbia and it's people, how we Serbs are very talented people, etc. And that basically doesn't mean anything, it is like when George Clooney for example is talking to US reporter and starts to talk about how America or it's people are very talented.

That by your standards would mean that George Clooney is denouncing his Irish ancestry, and that he in fact is native American? Korenje means roots last time I checked, and is it not true that in order for someone to have Serbian roots he must have Serbian ancestry. The George Clooney argument is a weak one, because America is a country of immigrants and the only ethnic Americans are native Indians. Serbia on the other hand is not and saying that you're Serbian means that you have at least some Serbian ancestral roots.

This is what makes America, Canada fundamentally different from other countries in the world, it's a melting pot, meaning that an immigrant can become an American.

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However, in European countries you can't really become an Italian for example, no matter how much pizza you eat. This difficulty around accommodating immigrants in Europe is why you have far-right parties for example Wilders in Holland, BNP in Britain gaining power. At any rate I hope this discussion is educating you. Show me where he said that. Second, you are taking words out of a contents and you are using them as they fit you.

Only you know how you were able to derive, that he in fact is saying that he is Serbian. So in Serbia there are no citizens who are of CroatianMontenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian or any other ancestry, and who identify them self as a Serbs? George Clooney and natives was an irony, I was hoping that you will get that.

The article never says that she is ethnic Croatian, you are just assuming it, just like you accuse me of doing that for this video. Try to read with understanding.

Tata je Crnogorac, a ja Dad is a Montenegrin, and I If he decides to make that step, Djokovic is welcomed - said the president of Croatian Tennis Federation" ". My articles are clear like morning sky, you are the one who is fishing in the in troubled waters. Just like you claim that the video I posted doesn't show that Djokovic's father is an ethnic Serb, even though he makes it pretty clear that he considers Serbs one of his own, since he uses the first person.

Unless, the Serbs of Croatia are identifying themselves as a Croats by the members of their families and by the officials of the federation, which is very unlikely. I have provided two articles, where specifically is stated of what ancestry are Novak's parents. What have you provided? Lame video where Novak's father is talking about his son playing for Serbia, talks about his son being born in Belgrade and that he has roots there. Of course he will have roots in Serbia and Belgrade when he is born there.

If someone considers Serbs of his own, that doesn't necessarily means that they are of Serbian ancestry. Monika Seles considered Serbs of their own, she even played for you afterdoes that mean she is Serbian? Provide reliable evidence that I am wrong, provide evidence where it states that his mother is not Croatian and that his father is not Montenegrin. If you are right, it shouldn't be that hard. Your inferring ancestry, whereas it is not clearly stated in the article. You can say that Djokovic's mother is a Croatian national but that's it.

In the interview Djokovic's father said Djokovic has Serbian roots. According to Merriam-Webster roots means "one or more progenitors of a group of descendants", therefore Djokovic must have one or more progenitors of Serbian decent for his father's statement to make sense. This means someone in Djokovic's family has to be Serbian. Furthermore, being born in a country in no way means you have roots there, your logic makes absolutely no sense.

If someone is born in Canada for example doesn't mean he has roots there. Seles never considered herself a Serb but a Yugoslav, but she distanced herself from that too, I guess since she didn't have Serbian roots. Again you say to provide evidence but everyone assumes that Djokovic is Serbian by nationality and ethnicity so no one ever questions it, except some ancient Croatian articles you dug up.

I think we should find someone neutral to mediate, someone who isn't Croatian or Serbian, but someone who understands the language and the region. At this point our arguements are going in circles, I say that your article only says Djokovic's parents are from the nations of Croatia and Montenegro but the ethnicity is vague, you say that being Croatian means someone has to be ethnically Croatian, even though you seem to disprove this point yourself, when you say that more than one ethnicity can claim to a country Clooney example ect.

I've changed the article to state what his parents were without making claims to his ancestry. Those claims are unsupported by the references in either direction. All we know is what his parents are not what his "ancestry" is. The sources seem reliable enough btw.

I also wonder why it matters what his parents were? This sounds like nationalistic bickering to me. Also, when discussing someones ethnicity you want to get it right. I think right now we can only say for sure that Djokovic's parents are Croatian and Montenegrin nationals, ethnicity is still vague. Djokovic should clear this up himself in the future. If a secondary source has indicated that the "ancestry" of his parents has some significance, please add the significance with a source to the article.

Otherwise, there is no reason to mention it no encyclopedic reason. I agree with Johnuniq and think the real solution here is to delete the information about his parents altogether. Because then we can start deleting whole other bunch of Wiki biographies regarding famous people, where in almost every one of those biographies, there is a mention about those persons parent ancestry-origin.

I think that here we have an issue with some Serb users who are refusing to accept the fact. If there is no problem with all those mentioned biographies and plenty more, and their parents ancestry-origin, why it should be a problem with this one?

This is misleading and it should be left out until Djokovic clears it up in the future. When Novak was born what form of citizenship did his parents have? For instance, Jean-Paul Belmondo who was born to a father of "Sicilian decent" we are told.

Ana Ivanovic: 'Novak Djokovic is a joker, he always used to make me laugh'

The way to fix that problem, however is to fix those other ridiculous entries as well. Though of the examples you have given they are not all like this. There really isn't much information on the topic of Djokovic's parents.

It is pretty clear where were his parents born, and it is pretty clear of what origin is his mother 2 reliable links were provided and his father 1 reliable link provided. There are plenty of others links just like those, used to specify someones parents origin, should we question them all because some people have trouble with facing the truth? Or is it just Serbs vs. This interview is probably not correct.

Nowhere else does not mention that fact. So that source is not reliable. If it is true, that means his father is a Serb from Montenegro and his mother is probably a Serb from Croatia and can not be said to be something other than Serbs. For more information see Reliable sources.