Palestine and jordan relationship

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palestine and jordan relationship

The majority Palestinian population of Jordan bridles at the advantages and benefits . The complex relationship between the Palestinian majority and the. Jordan–Palestine relations are the strong, historical, and bilateral relations between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the State of Palestine. Jordan has an. Relations between Israel and Jordan, neighboring states that signed a peace " If you say you're a journalist from historic Palestine, lets talk.

Jordan is not Palestine

After keeping silent for 48 hours, a furious King Abdullah, normally one of the Middle East's least demonstrative leaders, fired off an extraordinary sequence of tweets, in English.

It wasn't until 7 p. Israeli analysts attributed the chaos to political pandering on Netanyahu's part as he confronts an array of criminal investigations and challenges from within his own Cabinet.

Adding to the stress, on Wednesday, his wife, Sara Netanyahu, was questioned by police as a criminal suspect in an investigation into the misappropriation of public finds.

palestine and jordan relationship

Barak Ravid, diplomatic correspondent for the left-leaning newspaper Haaretz, wrote that "Netanyahu's spin machine is working overtime, and could destroy Israel's ties with Jordan…. It's astounding to see how much damage was caused just for short-term political spin for Israeli public opinion. The diplomat was referring to Netanyahu's chilly relations with former President Obama, including a address to a joint session of Congress that he delivered without coordination with the White House.

In it, he argued against the nuclear deal with Iran, Obama's signature foreign policy objective. It is simply a continuous state of non-communication," the former diplomat said.

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Oded Eran, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies and a former Israeli ambassador to Jordan, said that ad hoc solutions will not repair the damage. In an interview, he called on Israel to "seize the political and operational initiative before international and regional entities do, and propose an international summit on measures that can prevent radical entities from violating freedom of worship and freedom of access to the Temple Mount, a site holy to both Judaism and Islam.

As relations between the two countries deteriorated, two flamboyant parliamentarians — one from Israel, one from Jordan — fought via their Twitter feeds. A photo shows Oren Hazan, a Likud Party parliament member, being escorted out of the parliament hall by ushers. He was born two years after the nascent Israeli army pushed his family from the Palestinian village of Tall al-Turmus in the war. He spent his youth in Gaza before war once again uprooted him and drove him and his brothers in to Jordan, where he built a successful career, opening several furniture workshops and showrooms.

palestine and jordan relationship

Today, Tall al-Turmus is long gone. In its place stands the Jewish village of Timorim in what is now central Israel.

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Draz, who retains the wrought iron key to his ancestral home, has never given up hope of returning home to a Palestinian state, a dream he has passed on to his six children and 20 grandchildren.

For decades he has watched from the East Bank of the Jordan River as hopes for an independent Palestine have ebbed and flowed.

Negotiators have come and gone, but for years, the peace process has gone nowhere.

palestine and jordan relationship

How much do you know about the Palestinians? Take our quiz Now he sees a different path to statehood.

palestine and jordan relationship

His proposal was hardly new, yet his statement was met with murmurs of agreement. Confederation, a union of sovereign states, has long been a polarizing fringe idea that was — and mostly still is — publicly dismissed outright by Palestinian and Jordanian officials alike. Joining Palestine with Jordan was a political non-starter. So why is there a groundswell of new support for a rejected idea?

Analysts say it is a product of the despair East Bank Palestinians feel at not having a political voice as they see their dream of independence slip away.

palestine and jordan relationship

They feel estranged from the West Bank-based Palestinian political institutions, have little faith in either the PLO or Hamas, and so are turning to the government of their host country. And Jordan only surrendered its right to represent and administer the West Bank in after pressure from the Arab League.