Ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

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ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

The next Ratchet & Clank game will be — most likely, Insomniac Games we really delved into Ratchet making tough decisions and his relationship Allgeier promises a game-ending "trip down memory lane" for longtime. "My relationship with Insomniac will continue, as will my Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus will launch this holiday season only on the PS3. Deadlocked was okay but it didn't have the ratchet and clank feel to it. time developing a relationship and it would be pretty hard to convey anything all of the R&C titles have been like this since the end of the Future Saga.

The duo confront and defeat Neftin, but Vendra manages to open a portal to the Netherverse, allowing Mr. Eye and his soldiers to enter the real world. Revealing his manipulation of Vendra, Mr. Eye has her cast into the Netherverse. Ratchet and Clank escape and make contact with Neftin, who instructs them to travel to his hideout on planet Thram.


There, the duo meets the Smuggler, who hires them to hunt the native wildlife in exchange for a pair of Hoverboots. Tracking down Neftin, they learn that the device used to free the Nethers was modeled after the original Dimensionator, which has been put on display in the Intergalactic Museum of History on planet Igliak.

As it is now the only thing capable of breaching the Netherverse, Neftin asks Ratchet to retrieve it for him. The latter agrees on one condition: With the help of a Tourbot stolen by Neftin, the duo make their way through the museum and locate the Dimensionator, just as the Nethers launch an invasion. While Neftin, Pollyx, and Qwark work to restore the machine to working order, Ratchet and Clank engage and defeat the invaders.

Eye moves to attack them, Ratchet maneuvers him into a one-on-one battle. Using the Dimensionator, Neftin sends Clank into the Netherverse, where he rescues Vendra from captivity.

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Combining their powers, the Progs banish Mr. Eye and the Nethers back to their own dimension before surrendering to galactic authorities. Clank takes possession of the Dimensionator in the hopes that he can use it to locate the Lombax race, despite Ratchet's admission that he has no desire to leave Talwyn. In a post-credits sceneCronk and Zephyr are shown as ghosts in front of a display dedicated to them in the Museum's main hall. After briefly trading insults, the two leave.

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ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

One of the game's key themes is gravity with various puzzles and gadgets based around the use of gravity. While developing the game inspiration for many of the gameplay features were taken from previous games in the series. The developers played through many of the previous games and took inspiration to bring back many favorite features and also to tweak the game engine. The 2D sections using Clank were inspired by a concept of turning Clank into a shadow.

ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

Insomniac Games' creative director Brian Allgeier used a projector to demonstrate Clank changing gravity. This eventually developed into the 2D Netherverses with gravity changing mechanics. Into the Nexus was written by TJ Fixman. The plot is also about Ratchet coming to terms with his decisions in A Crack in Time. NEXUS but no other similarities with the project are present. However, as Ratchet still required a robotic ignition system to fly a starship, Clank offered him an ultimatum that he would only start Ratchet's ships if he agreed to help planets under threat from Drek, starting with helping the Commando on planet Batalia.

ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

Ratchet, on planet Batalia The two later confronted Qwark and shot down his spaceship at the Gemlik Base in the orbit of planet Oltanis. After celebrating in Qwark's defeat, an infobot showed the extent of the damage the blarg were doing under Drek to Gorda City on Oltanis' surface, prompting a change of heart in Ratchet, in which he made peace with and apologized to Clank, now determined to stop Drek.

While exploring QuartuRatchet learned that Drek was going to use a weapon called the Deplanetizer to destroy planet Veldin so that his new planet could replace Veldin's orbital position in the star system. This enraged Ratchet, driving him to seek vengeance and defeat Drek. He eventually confronted Drek over the Deplanetizer on Veldin, and the two defeated Drek by propelling him to his new world, and destroying it with the Deplanetizer while he was still on the planet.

After this, Ratchet and Clank did not part ways, and the two bonded to become lifelong friends. The re-imagined game describe Captain Qwark 's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon though those which correspond still apply. Grimroth, with Ratchet as an infant. In Qwark's retelling and the holofilm, Ratchet's story is slightly different.

Ratchet begins on Veldin in the garage of Grimroth Razzhis boss, where he is a reckless mechanic who installs unnecessary modifications on ships after clients only requested a repair, who dreams of greater things and idolizes the Galactic Rangers. When Captain Qwark and the Rangers host tryouts on the planet looking for a new recruit in the wake of Chairman Drek's destruction of planets, Ratchet convinces Grimroth Razz to allow him to participate in the tryouts, only to be rejected by Qwark, due to his reckless past and his inexperience.

Returning home solemn, Ratchet then spotted a ship crash land from the sky, and investigated it to recover the robot inside, whom he nicknamed Clank.

ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship

Ratchet, eager to help, claimed to be a friend of the Rangers, and the two set off to the city. After crash landing on Novalis, where the Plumber repaired his ship, [5] Ratchet arrived on Kerwan, and made use of the Mag Booster he installed on his ship to propel warbots into a Class G Dreadshipand stopped the invasion. Ratchet landed on the planet to applause, and after being put on the spot by interviewer Dallas WanamakerQwark made Ratchet a Ranger, giving him a training course, and granting him a protosuit and a new starship.

As well as rescuing Skidd McMarx on Aridia and competing in Rilgar's hoverboard races, Ratchet took on many missions for the Galactic Rangers, including investigating the Blarg Tactical Research Station and planet Gaspar for new equipment, as well as fighting on planet Batalia. Throughout this, Qwark grew jealous of Ratchet's popularity, while Cora Veralux and Brax Lectrus were visibly annoyed by him, which Ratchet was blissfully unaware of.

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At the beginning of the battle, Qwark puzzled the Rangers by claiming he would "reason with Drek", and deactivated his communicators, going alone. Ratchet, fearing Qwark's safety, flew to the Deplanetizer himself, losing his starfighter in the process, and infiltrated the station to disable it. Drek, humiliating Ratchet, caught him with a Mag-Net Launcherand took Ratchet to a shuttle home so that he could witness his failure first hand.

On the way to a shuttle, Ratchet saw Qwark relaxing with other blarg in the Deplanetizer, realizing that Qwark had betrayed the Rangers due to his jealousy of Ratchet. Ratchet then returned to Veldin, solemn after his defeat, and returning to his old life. Clank returned to Veldin later, attempting to convince Ratchet to rejoin.

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With a push from Grimroth Razz, proud of how far Ratchet had come, Ratchet then rejoined the Rangers as their leader, to which they welcomed his return. The Rangers then deduced that Dr.

NefariousDrek's mad scientist, was simply using Drek to humiliate the Rangers by seeing them fail, and that the Deplanetizer's next target, Umbris, would destroy not only Umbris but several planets with it. Ratchet confronted Qwark, and after a battle with him, convinced him of the error of his ways, causing him to help them fight Dr.

The three managed to defeat Nefarious, causing him to crash land on Umbris, and fled the Deplanetizer shortly before it was destroyed, while the Rangers caused the Deplanetizer to destroy New Quartu with Drek still on it. Ratchet walks with Clank on Veldin. Afterwards, Ratchet returned home to Veldin, before being visited by Clank again, who would become his lifelong companion.

Celebrated as galactic heroes, Ratchet and Clank both appeared in an interview for Behind the Hero in which they detailed their life following Drek's defeat, and Ratchet claimed he was busy in a "domestic sense", believing "no one needs a hero right now". At this moment, they were teleported away by Abercrombie Fizzwidgetwho recruited and trained Ratchet as a MegaCorp commando, giving him the task of tracking down an unknown thief in the Bogon Galaxy that had stolen a biological Experiment later known as the Protopet.

Ratchet agreed, while Clank was given an apartment in the city of Megapolis on planet Endakobeginning by tracking the thief to their base on planet Aranos. Ratchet chased the thief down planet to planet, while fighting off the thief's hired Thugs 4 Less mercenaries, though when learning in the space resort on Maktar Nebula that the thief had kidnapped Clank, Ratchet rescued Clank and the two were reunited.

They then chased the thief down, and returned the Experiment to Fizzwidget, who left both of them stranded on planet Tabora. The thief caught up with them demanding they return the experiment, though clumsily dropping the disguise and revealing herself to be a female lombax named Angela Crosswarning them that the Experiment was deceptively dangerous.

Ratchet and Clank went on to learn more about the Experiment, learning that it would be manufactured into a pet known as the Protopet, a dangerous pet that could breed rapidly and would devour its handlers.

ratchet and clank nexus ending a relationship