Relationship non negotiables in the classroom

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relationship non negotiables in the classroom

Eight Non-Negotiable Expectations for All Educators Establish and maintain high expectations for you and your students. of investing our time and energies into building trust and relationships with our students. But j. The purpose of establishing rules and consequences is to guide students in their Discuss consequences and the relationship of each to the related rule. Most non-negotiable rules are already in place as school or system wide rules that. as (Student Achievement, Community and Schools Relationships and Engagement,. Climate tional practices that are non-negotiable in every classroom.

It requires a growth mindset of acknowledging and validating their individuality.

10 Non-Negotiables in a Relationship

It means regarding their character with esteem and building them up. Meaningful teacher-student relationships stresses genuine caring for students. When we build those relationships, we view and treat the kids differently. Sometimes, teachers overreact to discipline and find themselves asking a student to challenge their choices.

We have to be careful on what and how we pick those choices. Too often, educators mandate behavioral adherence based on their own experiences, backgrounds or unconscious biases leading to unnecessary negative consequences for the student.

As teachers, we need to be selective on what we are going to correct or demand that a student change about themselves. This is not to suggest that students are free from responsibility, or that teachers should not help students correct certain behaviors, but take the time to deliberately think about disciplining the student for the act or what we consider misbehaving and whether it is a non-negotiable e.

Whether it's an effort to cease or diminish misbehavior or to absorb students in learning, build and maintain meaningful relationships with them. Take the time to talk with students, whether at their lunch or in the hallways.

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Get to know them for who they are, their aspirations and fears. Have conversations about a variety of topics that are not school-related. Let them lead the discussions and ask you questions.

It starts turning into something bigger than just a friendship. What do you need to do?

Mr. Gillespie's Office: Eight Non-Negotiable Expectations for All Educators

Well, one thing I would suggest is to determine your non-negotiables. It can be a mental list or a color-coded, typed set of bullet points. Whatever you do, know your non-negotiables in advance. Even, if you are single, you can make this list. When thinking of non-negotiables, think about things that you are absolutely NOT willing to give up in a relationship.

Making around five to ten non-negotiables is reasonable. I talked to some TWAMPS, and asked what they considered some non-negotiables and the things they came up with included: Your good friends and family are your best resources because they know you the best.

Once they meet this person, talk to them and see what they say.

relationship non negotiables in the classroom

Share the same values. For example, it might not work out if you want to save the environment and your significant other drives a gas-guzzler and litters.

relationship non negotiables in the classroom

You probably want your boo to do a whole bunch of new things with you. These interests could be learning to salsa, trying a new restaurant, skydiving although that could be very dangerous and scaryand any number of things that would interest you or your partner.