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Topics: 21 Dating Relationship History & Ex Girlriends of JC DE VERA Dating Relationship History & Ex Girlriends of JC DE VERA. They hid annually More about the Rhian Ramos and Kc Montero dating / relationship. Rhian Ramos shares lessons from exes Mo Twister, KC Montero The two have been dating for more than 6 under:full throttle•kc montero•mo twister•the rich. It's no secret that Rhian Ramos and KC Montero are in a relationship and in fact, 'It' girls rock the silver screen via GMA Films' MMFF entry “Sosy Problems”.

Once they got the right ball, they would shoot it in their basket attached on a wall. Whoever shoots first wins a point for that round; first tribe to get five points wins immunity. Night of Day Gino comforted Betong and Arthur after the elimination of Isabel. The original Bulan alliance, KC, Gino and John, had planned to lose the immunity challenge so they can vote out Arthur. Stef finally came back after she was cured of the cobra's bite.

Bulan practiced their throwing after they read the treemail that said throwing would be part of the reward challenge. At the Reward Challenge, Arnold was the first to find a rope ring and it progressed as he found all the three rope rings, that made Tala's third consecutive win.

It led him to get an immunity bracelet. Tala chose Jon Hall as he was considered the biggest threat of the previous season while Akihiro Sato, last season's Celebrity Sole Survivor, went to Bulan. For the Temptation Reward, Arnold volunteered to go and declined the money to strengthen the tribe's trust to him. As a reward, Tala enjoyed their fresh shower and hot coffees. Back to their camps, Akihiro and Jon taught their tribemates how to improve their shelters and gave some advice about playing the game.

In the Immunity Challenge, at the first round, Akihiro and Jon competed with each other. Jon led first but Akihiro ended up winning the round. Bulan led by winning the first two rounds, but Tala caught up thereafter. After a tight race, Gino ended up winning the last round accidentally, although their goal was not to win.

After the challenge, Akihiro and Jon bade their goodbyes. At Tala, instead of worrying for the next day's Tribal Council, they bond together at playing at the sand.

At Bulan, Gino reached Betong to join their alliance because they were thinking Arnold and Mara is now in alliance with the original Tala members, especially Carlo.

Betong would see if he would join their alliance. Back to Tala, talks about voting out Stef had been going on. Stef had thought she was the next one to be voted out because she was always the one left out when her tribemates were having a group talk.

The next day, Stef made friendship bracelets so her tribemates wouldn't think of her to vote out. At the Tribal Council, after the voting, Arnold gave his immunity bracelet to Stef, which shocked the original Tala members. Stef used the immunity bracelet and when the votes were revealed, Tala's perceived leader Carlo was blindsided and was sent home without even using or passing his anting-antings, Days [ edit ] Immunity Challenge: Contestants must first traverse over a bamboo wall, then cross a bamboo bridge maze.

When one falls off the bamboo maze, they had to restart from the beginning. Next, they would cross through an elastic wall and run through a burlap maze to search for three bags containing three-dimensional puzzle pieces. Once the bags were retrieved, they would run to a table and assemble the puzzle, a replica of the Manunggul Jar.

First to finish the puzzle would win immunity. They were still horrified of what happened. Stef started crying due to Arnold's deceptive actions in the Tribal Council and her not being informed of the plan to give to her the immunity bracelet. The tribes met for a reward challenge, that they didn't know was fake. Richard instructed them to dig a wooden cylinder on the sandpile and go back to their tribe mat for their further instructions.

Maey was the first to find a cylinder while John was the last one. They were then instructed to open them and it contained their new merged tribe buffs.

Richard later revealed that their tribe would be called Apolaki and also revealed their tribe flag. They were then instructed to go to their merge feast. They ate lechon and their respective favorite foods.

They were entertained by the renowned Rachel Lobangco and Puerto Princesa performers. While eating lechon, Mara found an immunity bracelet hidden in the lechon's belly, which was almost nabbed by Stef. Chuckie and Maey talked about what happened at the last Tribal Council to their original Tala alliance while Arnold did the same to his original Bulan alliance. The new tribe used Bulan's camp as their new camp.

The original Tala alliance was targeting Stef to be their new alliance member as she was seen as an outcast when she's with her original tribemates. They decided to build another camp to accommodate themselves, instead of expanding the old one. They received their first treemail consisting of drawings instead of words, which was later adapted on the next treemails.

A sketch of their flag and paints were engraved, citing that they need to decorate their tribe, which was done by Maey and Stef. The Bulan boys started thinking about the closeness of Stef to the Tala alliance, which would definitely bring a tie if she went with them. The castaways competed in the first Individual Immunity Challenge where KC, Stef, and Mara forged ahead while everybody else was stuck at the bamboo maze.

KC was the first to finish his puzzle and win immunity. Back at camp, they found that the chicken they were about eat suddenly disappeared. Betong noted Mara's lack of remorse for the missing chicken as she was the one who tied it. Betong felt he had received the full burden when it was lost although he just helped Mara bring it back to the cage. Betong saw a fish floating on the waters, in which he and Stef decided to cook.

Betong, Maey and Stef cited Mara's lack of consideration as she took the cooked fish first, not letting the others eat it first. The tribe noted Chuckie sleeping and not feeling well Chuckie himself later attributed this to lifelong intermittent bouts of vertigo. With rain continuously pouring at camp, the nearby stream started to widen into a river, eroding its sandy banks. This forced the tribe to be evacuated to a safer place. Later, the castaways were interviewed by Celebrity Showdown contestant Aubrey Miles about tribal life and their fellow tribemates.

At Apolaki's first Tribal Council, Aubrey revealed the results of her survey, surprising the castaways, especially Stef, which received most of the votes when it comes to questions involving deceit.

Aubrey also noted Gino's sarcasm when she interviewed him. Talk then turned to how the game had changed the individual dynamics of three of the whole pairs still in the game, Stef and Gino, Betong and Maey and the Volcanoes duo. Despite the negative situation in which Stef was slowly finding herself in, concerns over Chuckie's wellness and perceived weakness prevailed as the tribe made him the first member of the jury, 9—1.

Contestants were each tied to a rope that was wrapped around a rail. They would need to maneuver themselves around the rail to lengthen the rope to which they can run to platters of varying distance containing coins.

Rhian Ramos shares lessons from exes Mo Twister, KC Montero

Assigned with pouches, they would fill it with coins and run back to their main table to unload their coins. There would be five coin platters for each contestant.

The challenge will end when at least one contestant would gather coins from their fifth and farthest platter and return to their main table.

If no one would reach their fifth platter within five minutes, an additional two minutes would be allotted for the challenge to end. The one with the highest amount of coins gathered would win the reward. Steak and mashed potatoes and the power to choose what food would his tribemates receive between, in descending order, spaghetti, chocolate cake, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, monay type of breadtuyo dried, salted fishtwo tofu cubes, a candy and a glass of water.

The castaways would hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left wins immunity. Upon camp, Stef was starting to doubt about her standing in the game, knowing her Bulan tribemates are gradually abandoning her. Meanwhile, the remaining Tala members planned on how to align with Stef, even though it would still put them on a disadvantage by numbers.

In the morning, Betong divulged with Maey his worries about their future in the game, to which Maey assured to him about sticking with each as long as they could. The castaways then competed in the first individual reward challenge. No one had reached the fifth platter after five minutes so an additional two minutes were added.

KC led up to the fifth platter with Arnold catching up, with KC finishing up the challenge. KC received his food and as part of the reward, he chose one-by-one to who gets what.

After KC's hard selection, Richard announced that letters from their loved ones would be given but only to KC and the first four who KC selected to receive the first four foods: Maey spaghettiGino chocolate cakeArnold peanut butter and jelly sandwich and John monay. Only excerpts from their letters was given to the last four: Stef tuyoMara tofu cubesArthur candy and Betong glass of water. KC was further given an opportunity to pick from the last four who would get a whole letter.

He chose Arthur as they have a secret alliance. Back to the camp, each castaway shared their letters to the whole tribe. Arnold and Mara discussed their strong alliance of two till the end. That night, Betong talked about his life to Arnold when he used to be a bagger in a supermarket, which Arnold related to as he used to be a gasoline boy in New Zealand.

Betong talked with Gino about what he and Arnold had in their conversation last night. Further on, they talked about the closeness between Mara and Arnold. This situation gave way to Gino assuring Betong that he and Maey would replace Mara and Arnold in their alliance and that they would bring the comedic duo to top 5 or 6. They also brought up the topic of voting out Arnold. Gino revealed to Betong that KC was the one who planned to vote out Arnold. Later on, Betong and Maey talked about Stef and how they need to be wary of her as she might be playing them around.

Gino told John what he and Betong talked about and planned to bring him and Maey to top 4. They also planned to flirt with Mara to gain her trust, as what Arnold did. In the Immunity Challenge, a series of bribes were given by Richard to determine the winner faster. The first bribe was whoever gets a Survivor logo tattoo would get an immunity in the next tribal council; this was taken by KC, Betong and Stef.

After a number of other bribes, the challenge was left between Maey, Mara and Arnold. After 3 hours and 26 minutes, Maey went down. Mara fell down from the pole after 4 hours and 14 minutes and Arnold came to aid her. Not desired by majority of the tribe as they plan to vote him out, Arnold won the immunity challenge. That morning, Maey prepared rice with taroswhich Betong harvested.

Maey brought up the topic that Betong doesn't have a girlfriend, but the latter told that he dated Patricia Javier, a sexy actress, for one week, while KC avoided the conversation. Gino warned Betong and Maey to be wary of Stef and insisted that she's with Arnold and Mara for final three. Betong went back in his daily job, which is picking firewood. The Bulan boys caught some crabs and decided to build a trap to catch other crabs. At Tribal Council, talks about the tribemates that they trust the most and least were discussed.

The original Bulan members, even Stef, stuck to their first plan: First castaway to catch three balls would win the reward. All afternoon in a spa with two chosen companions. The castaways would use two metal handles to hold a metal bar in tension above a tile. The last castaway to keep tension on the bar and keep it from breaking the tile would win immunity. Early in the morning, the castaways discovered that the crab trap they made the day before worked.

On the other hand, Maey and Betong tried not to think that they might be next voted out, being the remaining original Tala members. At the Reward Challenge, after a series of jostles, John won the reward, who took Arnold and Betong with him.

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While at the spa, the trio sealed an alliance. Back at camp, Stef and Mara confronted one another about their feelings with each other. That night, John, Arnold and Betong came back, with their tribemates becoming jealous in how they smelled fresh and sweet. A psychic visited them and went to determine their aura. She gave some advice in terms of what would happen in the future, not answering them straightforwardly.

Mara thought that Stef was the one who suggested to the original Tala members to vote her out in the last tribal council. In line with this, Arnold interrogated Stef, which directed into a dispute. Gino went to stop it with him calming Stef down. KC discovered a trick to lift his metal bar higher.

Gino tried to do the same, but failed, resulting to his metal bar sliding furthermore with only half of his handles now supporting it. After 15 minutes, KC tried to do the trick again but it slid down completely, eliminating him out of the challenge. After 21 minutes and 45 seconds, Gino's bar finally slid down, concluding the challenge with Arnold winning immunity back-to-back. Back at camp, John let KC know that he might be voted out, as the plan to vote Arnold out was cancelled.

John made up a new plan to save KC, with Mara as the target, provided that the latter does not use her immunity bracelet. On the other hand, Betong and Maey, as original Tala members, felt that they were not in the midst of being voted out. At Tribal Council, Richard questioned the status of the original Bulan alliance. This alliance was indeed tarnished when one of its members, John, despite using his intuition as what the psychic told him, was blindsided and became the third member of the jury, Each team, composing of a contestant and their loved one, would collect mud from a mud pit using their bodies and deposit the mud to a bucket in five minutes.

The team with the most mud as determined by weight would win the reward. An overnight stay at a resort with their loved one, along with two other castaway-loved one pair.

The challenge consists of two stations. At the first station, the loved ones would dig in the sand to find a round peg. Then, they would use it to decipher a table maze. Once finished, they would break a tile, signalling the takeover of their paired castaway on the challenge. From that point, the castaways would climb to a giant wall using climbing pegs. Upon reaching the top, they then must solve a word puzzle.

First castaway to finish the puzzle wins immunity. The castaways talked about John's unexpected ouster, which led to discussions on their dealings with John and a common conclusion that he double-crossed everyone, including Arnold. Before competing in the reward challenge, the castaways were reunited with red buff-wearing loved ones: Gino's sister, Maey's sister, Betong's sister, Stef's mother, and Mara's father who brought his newly finished surfboardas well as KC's brother Troy in the latter's second appearance in the franchise as a loved one and Arnold's Volcanoes teammate Chris Hitch.

By default, the castaways were told that their loved ones, regardless of the result, would stay with them at camp and would help them in challenges before the next Tribal Council. In the Reward Challenge, KC and Troy almost filled their bucket with mud, clearly winning the challenge. KC chose Gino, Betong and the latter two's respective sisters to join him and Troy in the reward. KC was then given another choice of having a loved one among the others who would not accompany their castaway partner at camp, visiting instead the next day for the immunity challenge.

Knowing every other loved one present is related to their partner, KC selected Chris since he was the odd man out. The other castaways then went back at camp with their loved ones.

The loved ones, upon arriving at camp, became surprised on the current living conditions of the castaways. They were then given instructions on how to live at camp. KC, Troy and their invitees headed to the resort where they ate dinner and had a sleep.

Before KC, Troy and their invitees went back to camp, different activities were prepared for them, which were ziplining where Betong's sister sprained her armtomcar riding and horseback riding. At the same time in the camp, the castaways and their loved ones except Arnold's teammate surfed using the surfboard brought by Mara's father. Instead of heading back to camp after the reward, KC, Troy, and their invitees immediately were brought in the Challenge area.

After the challenge, the castaways said their goodbyes to their loved ones. Back at camp, Mara noticed the disappearance of the surfboard, which went along with his dad.

Stef, Maey and Betong enjoyed Stef's new found accessory, the immunity necklace, with Arnold noting that this is an act of showiness.

Rhian Ramos Denies Being in a Relationship with KC Montero

The castaways noticed how Arnold became so nice and hardworking at camp, knowing that the latter is no longer immune. The castaways then spent their night stargazing. When Maey was hanging blankets on the clothesline, Arnold and Mara came and offered her Mara's immunity bracelet. After that, Betong, Maey, Arnold and Mara bonded around by the sea and talked about the latter's offer to give the immunity bracelet. KC noticed how the four were having a private talk away from the camp, so he interrupted.

But talks about it continued later, with Mara and Arnold assuring them the two spots in the final three, with either him or Mara getting the last spot or be the last jury member. Before Tribal Council, Mara purposely gave her immunity bracelet to Maey, with the latter objecting it. However, Betong told his partner to get it, and so she agreed. At Tribal Council, talks were about their reasons in joining the game. Due to the late change of alliance by Betong and Maey, Gino was blindsided and became the fourth jury member, From the starting point, the castaways would roll their six crates one-by-one until they reach their designated final platform.

Once they placed all of their crates, they would assemble a three-step stair puzzle. After the puzzle was checked, the castaway would then drag a rope to reveal their flag. Whoever finishes first, wins the reward.

The castaways would balance a small wooden statue on top of a pole. At regular intervals, the player would add an additional section to the bottom of the pole, making the pole longer and harder to balance. The last castaway still holding the wooden statue up would win. Mara and Arnold were enthusiastic about what happened at the previous Tribal Council, calling it their best plan currently in the game, while Stef, KC, Maey and Betong just slept, overhearing their remarks.

The tribe made a meal of crabs with coconut milk, which they considered as a gourmet meal. Betong and Maey found out that the latter was the second option to be voted out if Arnold uses Mara's immunity bracelet, which would result of her and Mara fighting in the tiebreaker challenge. The duo explained to KC why they voted off Gino instead of Arnold, not telling him about the immunity bracelet they received.

In the Reward Challenge, videos from their beneficiaries were revealed. KC and Arnold led the challenge. Afterwards, Stef and Mara started cheering for Betong as his beneficiary has colon cancerand they felt he needed the money the most.

Despite all the support Betong is receiving, Arnold ultimately won the reward, himself feeling some guilt that Betong didn't win. On the other side, he felt that his aunt also needed the money as she also has a disorder. Back at camp, Betong was still depressed about losing the challenge for his friend, to which KC and Arnold offered help after the game. It was later revealed that his friend died in October 28, While preparing their meal, Stef got irritated by Arnold.

Maey, Betong, Stef and KC talked about the relationship between Mara and Arnold and also teased about the names of their future children. At the Immunity Challenge, Mara was the first one out. Next was KC and Stef who went at the same time. Then, Betong came next, leaving Arnold and Maey.

When Arnold was about to reach the next section of the pole, his statue fell off, giving Maey her dream of beating Arnold in a challenge, and immunity as well. When Mara hugged Maey, she whispered if she can have her immunity bracelet back to her. On the other side, Mara also came to hug Stef, whispering that the latter is the one that the former chose to vote off in the upcoming Tribal Council.

After the Immunity Challenge, Mara and Maey decided to climb a coconut tree, to experience it before the game ends. KC and Stef talked about the votes that the latter thought of happening: Stef went to Maey and Betong and told them what Mara had said to her after the immunity challenge.

KC notified Maey that her and Betong's votes would be the deciding point on who would be the next jury member between Arnold and Stef. The castaways then goofed around, having a fashion show between the boys. Maey and Betong went on a disagreement on who to vote out, then told KC of them having Mara's immunity bracelet.

Later on, Mara and Arnold tried to steal the immunity bracelet from Maey's and Betong's bags, but stopped soon after as they felt that they can't do it. Mara and Arnold then decided to ask Betong to give it back but was left disappointed of Betong not answering them. At Tribal Council, they had a chat about Gino's ouster, to which Betong concluded as a great plan, as Maey might be voted off if it didn't happen. The conversation continued about who are the threats and what does the word "deserving" mean to them.

When they are about to vote, Maey decided to transfer her immunity necklace to Betong. After an intense voting, Richard announced that the use of an immunity bracelet would be valid only until the next tribal council. Days [ edit ] First Reward Challenge: Each castaway is provided a one-arm balance with a small disk at the far end. During the challenge, the host will call out specific dishware that the castaway must take and stack on the far end of the balance. Last castaway remaining wins immunity.

Helicopter tour of Palawanan overnight stay in Flower Island and a visit to a pearl farm in a nearby island. From the starting point, the blindfolded castaways would go under, over and under three hitching rails to be guided by a rope.

At the end, a puzzle table awaits them, which has nine symbols they need to memorize using their sense of touch. After which they would obtain three bags of puzzle pieces and go back to the starting point doing the same routine on the hitching rails. There, another puzzle table awaits, less the symbol pieces, which they must fill using the pieces in their bags. The castaways can repeatedly return to the puzzle guide doing the same routine if it deems necessary.

First castaway to finish the puzzle wins reward. A brand new car and the power to give another car to a fellow castaway. Each castaway would stand on a slanted platform, attached to a large post near a mud pit, holding a rope attached to the post. The rope has four knots in it. Every three minutes, the castaways would transfer their hands a knot farther from the post, leaning back with their feet still in the platform.

Last castaway standing wins immunity. Mara was crying as they went back to camp after Arnold was ousted. She asked Maey to bring the bracelet back as the former said that it was the only item that will let her survive further in the game. Due to sympathy, Maey decided to bring it back to her. Mara then revealed to Stef that she had her immunity bracelet back. After the handing over of the bracelet, Betong argued to Maey about giving the bracelet back, and about why she didn't use it in the previous Tribal Council as what they had planned.

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