Ryner and ferris relationship help

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ryner and ferris relationship help

Ferris and Ryner's relationship as a whole, with notable moments including: The about the rest of the world thinks of Ryner and that she'll always support him. As the befuddled Ryner asked, Kiefer shook her head. “No no. But it was useless, both of us shouted 'Help us!', but it was useless. .. As she thought, the two of them are in that kind of relationship, she thought. And then the. And finally, I agree on Ryner's and Ferris' relationship being Ferris is a huge flaw in the show, shes a cunt for the magority of the show and.

Help me look for it. There was another moment of silence before the two of them started laughing. Ferris merely laughed again before looking at him. Sion was about to ask what was wrong when she spoke up in a soft voice. Is he doing well? Sion didn't know what to say to her at first, he considered lying but he knew she deserved to know the truth.

Ever since the Mad Hero had been defeated, her brother became different. Right now, the only person that only had contact with him was Sion and that was only because it was her brother's duty to protect him. Sion gave an inward sigh before deciding to change topics. As in from fairy tales? Well, it's just if you think about it, we're not living in a fairy tale.

Actually most of our stories have been filled with sadness, pain and misery but now? We're not alone anymore, we have people to depend on and people we can share our burdens with. Don't you think our lives are a reverse tragedy, and if you think along those lines then you can consider our life now as the happily ever after that we've always wanted and dreamed of?

Ferris smiled before continuing what Sion said. One that both of them wouldn't mind winning. He's not that bad of a person, just ask Claugh.

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Anyways it's your turn" Sion just shook his head as he continued to laugh. She then huffed and turned away to the side. As she thought on what to say, a cruel smirk graced her face as she realized what she could tell him. Once it subsided, he looked at Ferris incredulously but wisely chose not to pursue the matter. Sion's best friend, Ferris' husband and the Greatest mage of Roland's new hobby was gardening.

They laughed for a bit more before an exhausted Claugh returned with three happy children. Iris hair was already in two neat pigtails. The four of them went to sit on the table with Claugh sitting in his original seat opposite Sion.

Arua sat next to him, and Kuku sat next to the boy. Iris sat on Sion's other side and as soon as they were all seated, Ryner came out of the kitchen with a huge traditional tea tray on one of his hands and a bundle of boxes on the other. He gave Claugh the boxes and Claugh mentioned his thanks before placing them in the space between his and Arua's chair. As Claugh was doing this, Ryner began serving tea and snacks for everyone, as soon as he finished he put the tray on the counter and sat down next to Ferris.

He inwardly laughed when he saw how everyone was looking at Sion's Sion special. He was most amused at Ferris' reaction, because at this moment she was giving the Sion special one of the most intense gaze he had ever seen her give. It's one of the new dango recipes I came up with. I call this the Sion special.

ryner and ferris relationship help

After hearing his answer, Ferris continued her observations looking at the dango that was black in color but had a mysterious sparkling glaze on it and when she leaned closer to the dango, she smelled a very fragrant aroma coming from the dango? No, it was coming from the glaze, she realized.

At that point she was torn to three, one part was mad at Ryner for having to let her suffer through the experience of seeing and smelling a new dango creation, but didn't give her any. Another part felt pride at her husband's new masterpiece, because for her any dango are masterpieces.

Now that she thinks about it, she really did have the best husband in the world. After the war, when she was spending most of her time as an apprentice to the Wynit dango shop, he surprised her by suddenly becoming another apprentice.

It was not long after that she discovered two things: That fact always makes her feel giddy and warms her heart, at the same time.

Especially when she remembers how she found that out. The second thing was that Ryner had been born blessed by the dango gods. In other words, he had a natural talent in making delicious dango and tea which went perfectly with dango. She felt really lucky to have a husband who can cook such delicious dango for her.

But going back to her original thought, the last part of her couldn't wait to try the dango later, she'd definitely make sure that he would make a Sion special for her.

So, for now she just watches Sion take a bite of the mysterious dango and watch as his face lights up. It wasn't long when their little break was almost over when Sion had suddenly fallen asleep. That's just the Shion special's side effect.

I made it with Winter Chrysanthemum flowers. That flower is known for having lots of nutrients and is used for several medicines, but isn't really used for food because it makes anyone who eat it go to sleep.

Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu:Volume 2 Chapter 3

Ryner had forgiven their friend for what he had done. No matter the sin; attempting to kill and then locking up Ryner or starting wars across the land. No matter what it was, Ryner forgave him and wanted to help him get back to his old self again.

ryner and ferris relationship help

Ferris was having a harder time with forgiveness, especially when it came to the sins against Ryner. She would never tell her sleeping love this, but if Sion tried to hurt him again, she would take off his head. Ryner Lute was hers. Hers to tease and abuse and love. And she would kill anyone that tried to get in the way o f that. With that comforting thought, she closed her eyes to get some rest herself. Ryner He didn't move when he awoke. It was a habit.

ryner and ferris relationship help

He wanted to have an idea of what mayhem might be going on around him before letting anyone know he was awake. For Ryner, it was a habit that saved him more than once in his life. The first thing he realized was that there was a hand on his bare waist underneath his blanket.

The hand wasn't moving so he wasn't worried about it yet. All he could hear was an occasional snort from the horse outside the wagon, and the sound of someone next to him breathing softly, evenly. The owner of the hand at his waist was asleep next to him.

God, he hoped that was Ferris, or his life was going to be hell again. He opened one eye, and seeing it was indeed Ferris laying on her side next to him, opened the other.

He stared at her, unable to comprehend just how lucky he was. Lucky to be where he was and lucky to be with who he was with. She was touching him and he ached to return the favor, but he didn't want to disturb her rest.

At least not yet. She had earned that rest.

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He knew for a long time that he loved her. He also knew for a fact that she couldn't, wouldn't, return those feelings. With the way she was raised, she wouldn't know how. That's what he thought, anyway. She had pulled him back from the brink so many times. She stayed with him even when he was sure he was just a monster.

As You Sleep, a legend of the legendary heroes/伝説の勇者の伝説 fanfic | FanFiction

A monster good for only death and destruction. Yet, she was there to pull him back. When he was about to lose control, she was there. When he was about to give up on everything and run away, she tracked him down.

If she believed in him so much to go through the hell he put her through and keep coming back for him, then how could he not stop running and face himself?

The answer, really, was that he couldn't do it for himself, but he realized that he could do it for her. He was afraid of losing control of his Alpha Stigma and killing her. But that was an excuse.

And boy, did she rub his face as he destroyed everthing in the area. A peerless beauty, emotionlessly, expressionlessly, swinging her sword around. Looking at the scene before her, Kiefer once again, thought back to Ryner's words earlier. It did seem to her now that there was no special relationship, love relationship to be precise, between the two of them But, at that moment.

And then, as Ryner and Kiefer breathed out a sigh of relief, Ferris looked at both her hands and wriggled her fingers, ascertaining their movements. Ryner dropped down from the ceiling. And then looked intently at Ferris. While Kiefer could not understand Ferris's actions, it seemed like Ryner had understood. Kiefer asked Ryner, "What was all that? Ferris should be bearing severe wounds from that attack by her pursuer, but as far as Kiefer could see, she had not a single wound.

In fact, she seemed perfectly fine. She swung her sword around in order to ascertain that.

ryner and ferris relationship help

At that moment, Ryner continued. And looked at Ferris. Iris thought you had died from incurring severe wounds. With a slender, nice body with a great style, she was wearing a one piece dress with a short skirt portion and cute logo of three polka-dots lined up in a straight line. Her belt and boots were of the same brand and fitted her nicely. After seeing that, Kiefer became flustered and started looking at her own clothes.

Even though the insignia was removed, what she was wearing was a light armour from Gastark Empire. Somehow, Riphal had prepared it to be somewhat cute and revealing, specially for her personal use, but still, it was not a girly one piece.

I never would have thought that I would see Ryner so soon, right after entering Roland.

"Damn you Ryner!"

And besides, I never would have thought that such a beautiful woman is by the side of Ryner. In other words, there was not a single scratch on her. In other words, Froaude? Then do you remember? The one currently fighting alone against Roland in Imperial Nelpha. With her almond-shaped, clear, blue eyes, she was staring this way at her.

Without saying a word, she stareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this way at her. This is the first time we meet. Kiefer is a classmate friend of mine.

The same with Sion as well. She looked at her face, then her body, then at her face again, and said. Feeling surprised, without thinking, she turned towards Ryner. Does Ryner speak of me often with this person? Eh, does that mean You are starting that troublesome parallel fantasy againnn The person called Kiefer, is that girl right? I should be the first to attack her! I shall go first'.

And Ferris continued further. Because this was the first time she had met such a person. Even though Riphal could be overbearing at times in his conversations, but this was the first time she met someone who would beat up the person who makes a comeback and actually carry on her own meaningless story after that. And right now, she had that self-satisfied expression.

Looking at her, Kiefer, once again, recalled the words from Ryner. Demon at the core.