Seppia and seppius relationship

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seppia and seppius relationship

The undertones of the incest relationship is still there but there isn't a Seppius and Seppia's incestuous relationship was originally going to. In the second season there is a sort of canon ship Seppius and his sister Seppia. Their relationship is strongly hinted on the show and. It is hinted that Seppius harbored romantic feelings for his sister, Seppia, and that the two may have been engaged in an incestuous relationship. Though not.

Both Seppia and Seppius were introduced early on but provided little in the way of entertainment. Seppius was an obstacle for Glaber to overcome but hardly developed as a character in his own right. He was a nuisance and Glaber's real competitor, Varinius, could have played double duty in that role. There was a hint of an incestual relationship between Seppius and Seppia Hanna Mangan-Lawrence but it was never explored, thanks to Game of Thrones beating them to the punch.

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Seppius' usefulness was only revealed in his death as it acts as one of the markers of Glaber's transformation into a much more ruthless antagonist. It also provided Lucretia with a key piece of the puzzle to help free herself from Ashur's bondage. As for Seppia, much like Seppius, her usefulness was only apparent near the end of the season when she is played as a pawn between Lucretia and Ilithyia.

As a naive guest in the House of Batiatus, she played her part well but she only became interesting very late in the game. Varinius proved to be the only worthy adversary for Glaber. A fellow Praetor with a thirst for power, Varinius would have acted as a far better nemesis in the hunt for Spartacus than Seppius.

Considering he had already won over the affections of Glaber's wife, Illithyia, Varinius could have played a much bigger adversary than he ended up being. Ultimately Varinius, Seppius and Seppia acted more as distractions from the main plot instead of critical pieces of the puzzle. The first half of the season provided a few boring interchanges between characters that provided little in the way of riveting narrative. The season improved quite a bit once these distractions were sidelined and the narrative focused much more on the core characters.

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Needless to say, Liam McIntyre had a daunting task to carry out this season. While he didn't make quite the impact in the role of Spartacus as Andy Whitfield did in Blood and Sand, he still did an admirable job in the role.

He never felt out of place and quickly made the character his own. He succeeded in conveying every rousing speech and every heartbreaking setback. McIntyre was a great bit of casting in a very tough situation. He did the role of Spartacus justice. Katrina Law as Mira. Much like Glaber's arc, the evolution of Spartacus as a leader went through quite a metamorphosis throughout the season. As his army of rebels grew, Spartacus struggled to find a way to get them to work together.

There was constant backstabbing and infighting amongst the group. This was exemplified by the relationship between Agron Dan Feuerriegel and Crixus, whose cultural differences got in the way of their common goal.

It's an intriguing conundrum for Spartacus to solve and he stumbled several times before finding a satisfying conclusion. But it's good to see the character faced with a task that isn't easily solvable with a sword and shield. I just keep watching that GIF over and over again. It gives me happy shipper butterflies. Glaber shows off some men from the slave rebellion that he has captured at the party proudly.

Varinius accepts the gift. I just thought it was strange. Everyone, but especially Seppia, looks pretty excited at the prospect. But Varinius decides to save the men and have them face off the arena.

Glaber should have done that in the first place, and just dedicated those games to Varinius.

seppia and seppius relationship

Now Varinius has one up on him, in front of everyone. Seppius is insulted by the presence of the men and the rebelliousness still in their eyes. I think he is.

Especially since Glaber jumps on board and agrees. Varinius suggests they find a middle ground, and offers one of the men to be executed there during the party. Seppius finds this begrudgingly acceptable, as does Glaber, though he adds that Lucretia should choose the man. We get some nice tension between her and Crixus. She spares him that night, in order to see him suffer more later. In retrospect, she should have chosen him.

There was some discord between them in earlier episodes as Seppius failure to apprehend Spartacus and put down the rebellion continued, but Seppius seems to hate him now and I can only assume that Seppia is a factor. Seppius steps aside, so that Glaber can make the announcement, and Lucretia can make her selection.

He looks over at Seppia, and she frowns. Varinius, or if it has to do with Spartacus and Sextus and his failure to stop the slave rebellion. They string the man up in the next room, and Seppius cuts off his tongue.

seppia and seppius relationship

It takes a lot to shock me anymore, but these scenes are pretty gruesome. The guests take turns slicing and lacerating and stabbing, careful not to injure him so grievously that he dies. Lucretia watches this exchange.

seppia and seppius relationship

She gets involved later. Varinius hands the knife to Seppia, to finish him off. I love that Seppius got first blood, and Seppia is given final blood. Look at his face!

seppia and seppius relationship

Varinius laughs and tells her that his experienced hand will guide her. The camera shifts back and forth between jealous Ilithyia and jealous Seppius. I just think the phrasing is odd. But one thing is clear: Seppius is being pretty obvious. The only thing I can recall is in the second episode when Glaber suggested combining their men, and Seppius said that he would need to speak to Varinius first.

Kind of a rock and a hard place for Seppius, if his sister insists on being so horny. Well, Seppius takes the jab pretty well at first, but he does get crazy eyes for a flash second. Varinius places the knife for Seppia, and then he backs away and leaves her to do it by herself.

But the dying slave lifts his eyes up to Seppia, and she loses her enthusiasm instantly. She stands there, wavering and muttering and apologizing for a second. Varinius is extremely disappointed.