Sokka and toph relationship memes

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sokka and toph relationship memes

This page is comprised of Sokka's relationships with other characters in the The two later became brothers-in-law as a result of Aang's marriage to Katara. Thank you very very much aang katara sokka toph zuko suki momo appa airbending waterbending firebending Memes, Sokka, and Aang: Th you for Woah!. · Memes, Sokka, and Aang: es avatarthefourelements avatarlastairbender . Bad, Friends, and Love: How to keep a relationship Communicate.

This is how they rolled together. For Toph, it was a new experience. Having someone treat her as an equal was what she had always wanted and craved from her parents. Many of these volcanos are active, providing a constant source of power for Firebenders. They even built their capital city directly in the crater of a large volcano. The weather is hot and humid year round with a landscape of rough plains which is home to a tiny amount of wildlife.

Using slaves in the mines to gather coal, the Fire Nation thrived on industrialization and war machines. His contribution to Avatar: This hilarious meme shows the irony in Mark playing Luke and then voicing Ozai. Despite achieving fame through playing a hero, Mark Hamill has created a legacy out of voicing evil characters.

He makes evil sound enticing, entertaining, and attractive. And the infamous cactus juice turned into edibles which could be sold through mass distribution is brilliant.

Despite his common comical antics shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka became a public speaker in his later years. Sokka would also become a student of the sword under the tutelage of sword master Piandao.

sokka and toph relationship memes

His teacher claimed his creativity, versatility, and intelligence were traits that defined a great swordsman. When asked to stamp his identity on paper without writing his name, Sokka put ink on his face and smashed it onto the sheet.

As fate would have it, those who distrusted him the most ended up having missions with him.

sokka and toph relationship memes

These field trips, as Toph refers to them, helped put the past where it belonged while allowing him and other members of Team Avatar to bond. Aang had private time with Zuko as he trained and taught him Firebending. When Aang went missing before the comet, Toph immediately volunteered to go with Zuko to look for him — hoping to have a life changing moment with Zuko too. When Toph brought up her parents lack of love, Zuko shot her down and disclosed his own issues.

Sokka, being his usual self, encourages the fight and self-appoints himself as the referee. Katara asks Sokka to break up the fight, but all he has is a bell with him.

Piandao, as seen to the far left, runs into battle with the other benders without any regard for his safety.

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Or perhaps his skills with the sword were equal to that of a bender. For Iroh, tea holds spiritual and medicinal benefits. According to Zuko, it is nothing more than wet and hot leaves. As the series Avatar: Zuko felt he was doing him a favor by not involving him in the chaos that followed the Year War, but Iroh was always one to enjoy his company no matter what. The Last Airbender seem like two completely different shows on the surface.

sokka and toph relationship memes

Sasuke could easily be Zuko in an alternate universe. Katara and Sakura also share some similarities while Sokka and Rock Lee are alike in ways too.

There have been nasty rumors that Avatar: During the underground tournament in which she met him, Toph asked if his fighting name was The Fancy Dancer because he was so light on his feet. Toph on the other hand assigned herself the nickname Melon Lord. While practicing and honing their skills in preparation to take down the Firelord, Toph jumps up on top of the dummy with a melon for a head and claims she is the Melon Lord with an evil villainy laugh.

Toph, however, never got tired of calling Aang by his nickname. As Lin stated she wanted nothing more to do with her after saving their family, Toph solemnly accepted the words, stating that she would agree to it if that was what Lin desired. Later, after successfully having saved everyone, Lin apologized for her harsh words, to which Toph admitted she had not been the best mother, though was nonetheless proud of how she had ended up with the great daughters.

sokka and toph relationship memes

Saying that it was enough for her to know that Lin did not hate her, Lin accepted her words and shared a small hug. But one way or another, I ended up with two great kids. In AG, Toph had her second daughter, Suyinwith another man. Suyin also inherited earthbending and mastery of the sub-skill of metalbending, although Toph felt that Suyin never quite mastered all the key elements of these skills.

A year later, Toph retired, while Suyin went on to build the city of Zaofu. They both reconciled from the incident and Toph would often visit before she went off in search of enlightenment.

Toph Beifong's relationships

Upon being reunited with her youngest daughter, Toph let herself be hugged and readily returned the embrace. After successfully escaping the prisonToph noted how proud she was to have such great daughters as Suyin and Lin. While not often openly kind, Toph showed a warmness toward her only granddaughter. During her visits to Zaofu, Toph would often tell her tales from her past. In AG, when Toph went to rescue her family, Opal rushed to hug her, an action Toph did not resist, although she cut it short and moved to hold Opal's hands instead.

Appraising her granddaughter, she fondly noted how much she had grown, though questioned her judgment when learning that Juicy was her flying bison and Bolin her boyfriend.

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But they never gave me the one thing that I really wanted: Toph had a complicated, love-hate relationship with her parents, Lao and Poppy Beifong. Being that their daughter was blind, her parents viewed her as helpless and fragile and therefore were extremely over-protective of her. Toph was restricted inside her family's house and guarded at all times. As a result, she never had any contact with her peers and never managed to form any real friendships.

In fact, they kept her under such close guard that many people in her own village were not even aware of her existence. Toph resented her parents for their treatment of her and as such, would often run away from home.

After using an impressive display of earthbending to free Aang from Xin Fu and his fighters, she confronted her father who had seen the whole thing. She pleaded with her parents for them to see her for herself and not as a helpless blind girl.

Her father reacted by placing her under even more restrictions which caused Toph to run away from home, join Aang on his journey to save the world, and teach him earthbending. She claimed that her parents had changed their mind, but in reality, they had not and still held the same opinion of her.

After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth KingToph received a letter she thought was from her mother. Toph seemed happy to find out that Poppy was in the city and that she seemed to finally accept her for who she was, judging by the sound of the letter which Katara read to her. Nevertheless, Toph was nervous at seeing her mother again after she ran away from home before she was able to enter through the doorway of Poppy's supposed place of residence.

Once inside, she found herself captured in a metal cage, her hopes concerning her parents smashed by the fact that they had sent two bounty hunters to drag her forcibly back home.