Sora and riku relationship

sora and riku relationship

When Sora and Riku are young and Kiwi comes into the picture, and oh, well this must be the type of relationship people say I should have!. In Kingdom Hearts one what really grabbed me about the game was the relationship between Kairi and Sora, I loved the story. And now as we. So I'm playing + and I'm on the first game again and I can't help but notice how one-sided the relationship between these two is. They.

The end of the game is quite questionable. Kiwi earns a hug in their reunion, but once Sora learns that he has reunited with Riku, he is on his knees and crying, so relieved from the concern for him that he had been feeling during his entire journey.

When they are sitting together in that place at the end, it's like everything is right again, just with the two of them. Another hint is when Sora is groping Riku's butt when he helps him walk over somewhere the last time I beat KH2 was a few years ago so I forgot the specifics of where he was taking him, sorry. There are so many other ways to help someone walk along, but he chose his butt.

I'm not certain if this was confirmed by the developers I've only heard rumorsbut it's the popular opinion at least, and I can definitely believe it, as it expresses longing from both of them. The line "I need more affection than you know" is practically the icing on the cake.

sora and riku relationship

Another bit of icing on the cake is the cover for FM Sora and Riku are in a heart-shaped cloud, which screams symbolism. That's just how I interpreted it, though. There's a lot more evidenc besides this, too. Sora meets Ventus's heart. When they prepare to go home, Sora suddenly feels sad and sheds a single tear. Riku tells him that perhaps someone from another world connected to him is sad somewhere and tells him to try to reach him. Sora closes his eyes and reaches out, which results in him being sent to the Awakening and encountering Ventus's lost heart.

It had lost its path and must return to slumber, though it is reluctant to do so and asks if it could become a part of Sora's heart. Sora accepts the request saying that as long as he can make it happy by doing so, he is willing to. Kingdom Hearts "I've been having these weird thoughts lately… like, is any of this for real… or not? She was adopted by the mayor, and Sora and Riku quickly became friends with her.

Another day, Sora and Riku found a small, hidden cave on their islands. They search the "Secret Place" while discussing Kairi and the meteor shower that had recently fallen.

sora and riku relationship

They find a door with no handle at the back of the cave and, because they couldn't open it, they leave, but not before Riku sees the world's Keyhole.

During their childhood, Sora, Riku, and Kairi often wonder about what lay beyond their small world. By the time they reach adolescence, they decide to build a raft, in the hopes of sailing to other worlds.

Kingdom Hearts

The day when they start construction, Sora dozes off on the shore of the beach, and has an odd dream where he travels through an odd, dark realm and battles a massive dark creature. Sora is awakened by Kairi, and he goes to help get the provisions for the raft. However, the night before they set sail, a storm ravages the island along with a strange, dark force.

Riku succumbs to the force, claiming he is not afraid of the darkness it so clearly embodied, while Sora tries and fails to save his friend from the darkness.

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However, it is during the tempest that Sora first unlocks his potential as a Keyblade wielder, summoning the power of the Kingdom Key to battle the Heartless that now infested his home. He makes his way to the Secret Place where he finds Kairi, who disappears when their bodies meet, forcing Sora to battle the same dark creature from his dream. Sora defeats the monster, but he is swept off the island and thrown into a Corridor of Darknesswhich lands him in a world called Traverse Town.

Under orders from The Kingthe pair are searching for two things: As the King has disappeared in his own quest, Donald and Goofy accompany Sora and they start searching for their respective friends. In addition to that, Sora finds that his Keyblade might perhaps be the mysterious key the King had asked them to find. Sora discovers that Riku is also searching for Kairi, though neither of them can find her. With this false knowledge, he sets out to find Kairi on his own as Sora travels to a number of worlds to stop the Heartless.

From there, Sora locks the Keyholes out from the reach of the Darkness to protect the worlds' hearts. His quest allows him to make countless new friends while the power of his heart increases, which also improves his Keyblade's power. Upon reaching Hollow BastionRiku confronts Sora and reveals to him that Riku himself was the true Keyblade master, explaining that Sora "was just the delivery boy".

Riku then claims the Keyblade for his own. Despite their guilt at doing so, Donald and Goofy are forced to abandon Sora because of the King's orders: When Beast pulls himself up to continue to the castle, Sora tells him to be careful due to his injuries. However, Beast shrugs off Sora's worries, saying that he would not leave before he completed what he'd come there for; to find Belle. When asked what he came for, Sora realizes that he needs to show the same attitude as the Beast, and continues with him into the entrance hall of the castle.

There Sora meets Riku, Goofy, and Donald once more. Feeling guilty, Donald and Goofy return to Sora's side. Riku then asks Sora, "How do you intend to fight without a weapon?

Thousand Years (Sora/Riku)

I've got a better weapon. Riku taunts Sora, calling his heart pathetic and weak. Sora proceeds to tell him that his friends strengthen his heart. At this, the Keyblade realizes that Riku has turned to darkness, and Sora's heart is far stronger than Riku's, so it returns to Sora.

Enraged, Riku fights Sora and loses. Furious at his weakness, he makes the mistake of listening to a mysterious man. Opening his heart fully to darkness, he allows himself to be possessed by this man. After this, the party encounter Maleficent and defeat her.

Using a Keyblade born of six of the Princesses of Hearts' heartsRiku unlocks the darkness in her heart before stepping away through a Corridor of Darkness. She transforms into a black, fire-breathing dragon from the proliferation of darkness in her heart, but is again defeated and the Heartless swallow her heart.