Stacious and movado relationship marketing

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stacious and movado relationship marketing

What relationship do you have with your parents? MOTION:Music is a universal language so I am gearing towards every market not just one. .. will Mo accept that Movado is still sleeping with Gavesha and Stacious. will she stop stalking. David Constantine Brooks (born 30 November ), better known by his stage name Mavado, . two children, Vuitton and Daisy. Mavado also has three children from other previous relationships, Danielle and Dante (siblings), and Gavyn. The clothing line was not Mavado's idea, but the artiste says he fully endorses but wi just put out the appropriate thing weh ready fi di market and the deejay fully endorse it. .. It features cameos by Timberlee, Stacious, Ward 21 and Voice Mail. and the court heard that the couple had a 15 year long volatile relationship.

Is that a Harjuku shirt he has on?. Can he play an instrument e. Does he plan to sing about anything controversial? How ambitious is he really? Is he hungry or doing this for a hobby?

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Does he have attitude? No, I have dark brown eyes, I can play the piano but controversies are delicate and if I do a controversial song it will have a positive message. What do you consider to be the perfect woman? The perfect woman would be someone who is down to earth, realistic, not boring, lady in the street but bad a yard lol.

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What else are we to look forward to from you? More motivating music and before I gogive a shout out to the people on your site, I like your fan base so give them a shout out for me.

stacious and movado relationship marketing

But if you were paying attention you would have seen, heard, experienced some of the things that made our Best Of list this year.

Tarrus Riley has been blessed with a soothing voice and amazing energy that may last a lifetime. Mr Singy Singy has a fanbase too much to number, and it spans lovers of lovers rock, reality, tributes to Rastafari and other intrinsically Jamaican topics. From there we saw a number of counteractions being released with each side making strong comments about the other.

Simply put, this feud showed up the lyrical abilities from each side and it was good to have two unexpected fighters instead of the usual sets.

Mavado (singer)

Since the debut of the Nobody Canna Cross It music video by DJ Powa in the summer ofthis slang has been the centre of many jokes and gibes.

Though no one would be able to tell you exactly what this means, it is used daily by many Jamaicans. When Chi Ching Ching debuted the song One Knock in Septemberit began a new trend as people quickly adopted the slang, adding their own unique twists to the phrase. The video actually tells a story, combining so many great artistes that each put in their own piece to the tale. It will elicit a laugh, chuckle or even just a smile from anyone who watches it.

stacious and movado relationship marketing

The movie had a good quality with more than decent editing from Michael Cushnie, and many will agree is the best Jamaican music video of Best Riddims — Overproof and Matrimoney Another tough one, we had to split the honours for the best Riddim between Overproof and Matrimoney. Each of the seven tracks on the piano-driven authentic dancehall production was within their own right a hit single, whether it was Wayne Marshall crooning to his Good Ole Wife, Sean Paul and Fambo being the Wedding Crashers amongst others.

Released in August, Overproof Riddim did not get the summer push it wanted, but instead has now achieved a monstrous almost six-month reign with a staggering count of over 25 tracks with more still being added. Best Producer — Washroom Entertainment The year was meant to be a brand-building year for Washroom Entertainment, and the production house exceeded their own expectations to become the producer of the year. The music video gained over million views on the popular website Youtube and still has lots of TEENs shuffling.

It was also the seventh song ever to spend a minimum of 25 weeks in the Top It also came second for the best-selling single of the year on iTunes. Great song, great video quality and has an awesome vibe. With great music provided by some of the best disc Jocks Jamaica has to offer, the promoters had everything in place to please the patrons.

A foam pit, water slide and a mechanical bull, the patrons could not get enough. Patrons left the venue well satisfied, and for days people kept talking about how awesome the event was.

Marco Polo is by far the best party forproviding patrons with the greatest party experience.

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Coupled with that is, of course, the entertainment including the hottest sports on over 30 big-screen televisions and those special nights for deals, mix and mingle or those special star-studded events.

All in all, this trendy hangout spot seamlessly captures the idea of casual dining with high energy that never seems to die. This is evident in the amount of gospel albums that were released this year, some which carried the hit factor, and some which were just okay.

RICKY TROOPER vs REDD HEAT: Which is your favourite dub?

Notwithstanding, there had to be one that stood out the most and that is certainly Omari. His album contained some of the right ingredients such as Help, Jehovah Guide Me and Impossibly that made the project a standout one. Comeback Artiste — Wayne Marshall After taking an extended honeymoon from the dancehall scene, it was only appropriate that his first hit single back was on the Matrimoney rhythm.

The artiste, known for his witty play on words finally came back in with Good Ole Wife produced by Washroom Entertainment. Yes you guessed it! As if one hit song was not enough, Marshall teamed up Tifa and Fambo to record arguably one of the songs of the year Swaggin. Marshall was definitely one of the big acts for and if his recent works are anything to go by, TEENage can officially announce that the Marshall is back in town.

Best Song — Ravin by Popcaan Oh gosh! The song of the year without doubt is by Andre Sutherland better known as Popcaan. The song, which is lyrically compact, is also very melodious and has a way of getting the common man or woman to just rave. Recently, she released her book entitled Good Girl Gone Bad and with all these accomplishments, she continues to justify her multifaceted character and it makes her well deserving to be recognised as the Best Media Personality of A campaign saw him become the youngest-ever m World Champion at the age of 21 — at the expense of his training partner Usian Bolt, who false-started and was disqualified.

But that is not the moment we relish. The performance, which in the minds of many Jamaicans and track enthusiasts worldwide eclipsed his World Championship exploits, was the blistering The show, which started slow in January, rapidly increased viewership as it got closer and closer to the finals. Across the island, watchers could be seen gathering at sports bars, corner shops and even on the roadside to cheer on their favourite contender.

Still maintaining a signature style that is hot, hype and trendy, uptown style with a yaadie flair, Chino dresses according to mood.

His very clean style can sometimes venture into adventurous, but never gets too extravagant. Never without his shades and matching watch, he shows that he not only knows how to piece things together to co-ordinate his outfit, but his accessories as well. But what really pushed Chino to get our best dressed male pick: This fashonista extraordinaire has an eclectic style, mixing delicate and feminine with street urban with the help of local celebrity stylist Dexter Pottinger.

Tifa brings avant garde styles from the runway to the streets, and toes the line between costume and style by employing her keen fashion sense, which she proudly states she inherited from her mother.

stacious and movado relationship marketing

She had many females dancing towards to end of the year with Dash Out and with Move Ya Body she showed that her musical talent could be stretched to a dance tune. Tifa is one of the few female artistes, who, especially during live performances, strongly supports and encourages education as a priority. And although many might have predicted that Vybz Kartel would have been crowned as king, our panel of TEENs think otherwise.

He also built on the egos of the men to be Steppas of the nation. The bonus DVD is a feature-length film written, and also starred in by Working with Dr Dre and Eminem, 50 Cent returned to the way it was when he recorded his first album. Coming on stronger than last year's "Curtis," "Before I Self Destruct" in both formats, is reflective of many harsh realities in global communities and features Dr.

Dre and Eminem as producers and guests on some tracks. Before I Self Destruct, both album and film, continues 50 Cent's phenomenal rise from street culture hero to super stardom. Three tracks reached the Top 40 of the Hot Upplagd av Clash kl. Facebook argument ends in woman's death A Croydon, South London 34 year old woman was fatally stabbed by her husband over a Facebook posting; and the crime landed him in jail for life.

Emma Forrester changed her status to 'single' on the social network's online profile that she formulated for herself. Hubby Wayne Forrester took offence and told police that what Emma had done only days following his moving out, devastated him.

It was on February 18 that the out of control Wayne attacked his wife by stabbing her with a kitchen knife and meat cleaver. The Old Bailey was given the gruesome details about Wayne Forrester, who pleaded guilty to murder and must serve a minimum 14 year sentence.