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What is Jin Kazama's Relation with Asuka kazama(I read in an FAQ Lastly where I can get more information on char. relationships? That has nothing to do with the following Tekken 6 story, that trailer was merely a test. Namco hasn't confirmed anything about Jin and Ling being lovers but they do give hints of them having some sort of relationship since they. We know little how Jin was before he turned as self-hating emo due of Heihachi's threw Kazuya off the cliff to test that he was a "True Mishima" and later he . We do know a little about his personality though; Xiaoyu states.

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♡ Ling Xiaoyu & Jin Kazama ♡ (Part 3)

Открыв ее, она увидела несколько дополнительных папок; создавалось впечатление, что у Хейла было множество почтовых адресов. Один из них, к ее удивлению, был адресом анонимного провайдера. Сьюзан открыла одно из старых входящих сообщений, и у нее тотчас же перехватило дыхание.