Ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Marriage.

ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

Looking back on previous readings I am connecting these two cards reversed with relationships where one person is a commitment-phobe. Because the Ace is a potential, look to other cards to see if the feelings will turn into action. The four of Wands is an excellent card to receive in a love reading. Look for the Four of Wands and Three/Six/Ten of Cups which would support this When it comes to Relationships, The Ten of Pentacles can suggest you are.

They had a beautiful house, stunning garden and were in a position to afford anything they wanted. They no longer had to work so hard and were enjoying their well-earned rest, secure in the knowledge that they had provided well for their future and the future of their family. They had everything in place and a strong family around them. As we enter the scene in The Ten of Pentacles we are struck first and foremost by the sight of Ten Pentacles dominating the front of the imagery.

The Pentacles seem to be everywhere and we must look behind them to see the personalities and scene behind. The Pentacle is a symbol of protection and with so many floating around in this Card, we can be certain the people and buildings behind them are well protected and secure.

Therefore these Ten Pentacles have been earned or inherited by someone. He sits on a comfortable but lavish seat decorated in vines and healthy bunches of grapes.

ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

The grapes symbolise, wealth, abundance and riches. It looks to be quite expensive and made of high quality material. He must have some money to be able to afford such attire, but he looks comfortable in it and also quite at home sitting on his chair. This display of wealth and luxury is nothing new to him, and he does not feel apologetic for wearing it in front of so many of us who could only dream of affording similar.

He likes others to acknowledge this too and respect him accordingly. It was tough and he had to make many sacrifices, but he knew he could do it.

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He was very young then, full of energy and high ambition. He dreamed of the day when he would be mature and in full possession of his abilities and potential.

It would take time, much time, but he was patient and prepared to give his all to make a success of his life. This was were he really laid down solid foundations for his future. Anyone could see by the way he applied himself to his studies and work that he had the makings of becoming a Master and Successful.

These places of worship were made out of solid stone, top quality materials, and built to last. It was an honour to work on such a magnificent construction that would still be standing long after he had departed this earth. Imagine that, hundreds and hundreds of years later, people would still be entering the building, touching the walls and admiring his craftsmanship.

Like the building, The Pentacles Man intended the same for himself. He was here to stay and his success would live on long after he had gone. He was not going to be a one hit wonder or a flash in the pan success.

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Marriage.

He wanted more than that and he knew he would have to work hard to achieve it. It was quite a bleak time for him really and he had much to learn about money and possessions, for he had become, like many who are ambitious, quite obsessional and even a little ruthless.

There was little fun or relaxation in him as he drove himself and those around him to the limit of their abilities. It was all about work and money, saving here and saving there, sharing nothing, not even his time.

Alas, his lesson about money and possessions, when it came, hit hard and fast.

ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

He lost everything in The Five of Pentacles and found himself cast out on the street like so many others, with no money, no food, and no roof over his head. For a time he was lost.

His hard work was beginning to pay off and he was nearly there. Not only was he committed to his work, he was also a committed and loyal family man who cared deeply about his partner and children. He had been drawn to his partner because she reminded him or himself.


She was bright, ambitious and down to earth. Practical and thorough, she was a great business woman too. She followed her own career but helped him with his too whenever she was needed.

They understood each other and accepted that on many occasions, work would have to come first and pleasure second. Their children grew up with this understanding too and were proud of their working parents even if they were not always available. The Pentacle parents taught them the value of money and to respect the effort that is required to make it.

Their parents may not always have been around when they were growing up but they lacked for nothing and knew they were loved and cherished. As parents they had both started with very little but had made a success of their lives.

Their children had the advantage of a good start in life but even though they had been born into success, their parents were not foolish enough to let them think that it was their god-given right or that things came easy.

They would be expected to prove themselves, their worth and follow in the family tradition of being hard, honest and dedicated workers. We had missed him in The Nine of Pentacles, when we spent time with his lovely partner or spouse. He was away doing what he loved and she was suitably occupied doing what pleased her too. These were not people who would slip into retirement or old age too easily. They would continue to have some input or active interest in the business world.

His shoes will certainly be hard to fill but he has planned well for this stage of his life and has left nothing to chance. He admired their loyalty and complete devotion and in return he loved them dearly and looked after them well. It belongs to him and his kin-folk. He has built it brick by brick, and much of it with his own bare hands.

This his work without a doubt and what a success it has all been. He looks in through the archway at the man and woman with fondness and pride. The child is yet another symbol of the family and new generations of that family. Daddy must work and so must Mammy if they all want to live in a big house and go to the best schools. He has properly provided for and cared for his family, and will leave them secure in the knowledge that they will be well looked after when he is gone.

He finds a changed world, the world he strived for and successfully achieved. Putting his money into bricks and mortar was always part of the long-term plan and has provided evidence of his lasting wealth. The women hold bouquets and wave as they run out to welcome us. Further back, crowds of colorfully dressed people greet each other.

I had previously been unfamiliar with this tradition. The image immediately brought to mind the Four of Wands. Ever since then I have understood the celebration shown in the card to be a wedding. But there is more to the card, and these further influences layer on ideas of long-term commitment, with or without a formal ceremony.

The number four represents solidity and boundaries. When ensconced by the fireplace, there is a coziness we feel that wraps around you, letting you sink into a luxurious indolence.

ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

A relationship, a job, a home, whatever it is, the Four of Wands says you can linger here. In relationship readings, the Four of Wands represents marriage or a long-term commitment to fostering and growing a relationship. He is the earthly magistrate of sacred laws. He knows the rules imposed by holy texts and is entrusted with the administration of their justice.

Religious authority and spiritual hierarchy in a time of the spiritual-but-not-religious crowd can make this card seem out of place and time.

But the traditions of heredity and culture are exactly what this card symbolizes: If you want a big church wedding, this is your card! In fact, I have heard some readers suggest that the two acolytes kneeling in front of the pope can represent a couple seeking a blessing on their matrimonial union. Notice that the robes of the supplicants are embroidered one with the rose, the other with the lily, two symbols addressed in the post on Love in the Cards in the discussion of the Six of Cups.

The rose with its fivefold symmetry is change and growth, the six-petaled lily perfection and completion. Back in the 90s when I was first learning tarot, I was living in a small three-bedroom apartment with my sister. Towards the end of the year we took in a third roommate, an exchange student from Hungary. Red would represent passion, or green could be used to invoke fertility if a family was desired.

Our new roommate said that in Hungary the bride wore white, but always changed into a red dress for the reception. The Hierophant also represents things institutional—including not only churches, but government and large corporations—the types of institutions that impose rules and regulations on their populations. Consequently this card can mean following the rules. For lovers, that might mean legalizing their partnership, usually for reasons such as tax benefits, getting health care, or other benefits the law offers.

In readings on love and marriage, the Hierophant can represent a church wedding, following family customs or societal traditions, or formalizing a commitment according to, or to reap the benefits of, the rules of legal institutions.

ten of pentacles and four wands relationship

You might be completely surprised to see the Justice card in a list of cards for marriage. The tropical sign of Libra begins with the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equal.

In terms of relationships, the balance is through partnership, two parties equally invested, equally committed, offering equal value to each other.

Although not addressing the emotional needs of the relationship, this card tells us that the partnership is strong and balanced. The Justice card can be associated with the legal system, so like the Hierophant, this card can indicate legally formalizing a relationship. Qabalistically, Justice is the Path of Lamed.

But what is relevant to our discussion at least I hope the ox-goad is not relevant to our discussion! If we think of the symbolism of Temperance, which included the idea of climbing upwards towards a higher, more spiritual connection, then Justice brings us from the height of that love back down to earth where the practical details of forging a relationship come into play.