Thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

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thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

That's my set up for 's "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot," airing 9 p.m. this two guys who just happen to cross paths and end up attempting a heist? this film that places the relationship between Eastwood's Thunderbolt and. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Jeff Bridges Clint Eastwood But, above all, the film turns on the Eastwood-Bridges relationship. urges you to show your support for independent journalism with a year-end gift to The Guardian. A review of the forgotten classic Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. The movie is about a heist but also about the relationships between the men working to plenty of excitement and thrills, and the ending is moving and well done.

Eastwood has never been more effective and affecting on-screen than in his interplay here with Jeff Bridges. We get a real sense of his character's connection to Bridges which makes the 'Midnight Cowboy'-ish ending genuinely moving.

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Like all the great 70's movies, it has some wonderfully memorable scenes and dialogue: Dub Taylor ranting about the imminent collapse of the American economy at a nocturnal gas station; Bill Mckinney as a crazed speed-freak with a trunk full of white rabbits; Bridges encountering a hammer-wielding female motorcyclist, etc, etc. Throw in some breath-taking scenic photography of Montana by Frank Stanley prefiguring the use and role of landscape in relation to character later explored by Cimino in 'The Deer Hunter' and some beautifully understated character work in the smaller roles, and you have a fondly remembered minor classic ripe for some serious re-appraisal.

A fascinating character-based comedy drama masquerading as a buddy action movie.

thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

Infofreak 12 March I found 'Thunderbolt And Lightfoot' in the "action" section of my local video store, and a quick glance at the cover and blurb might make you think you're in for a buddy action comedy, like Eddie Murphy et al made in the s and Jackie Chan is making now. This is not entirely correct.

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While it is essentially a buddy movie and there is "action" in it, it is much more character-driven and episodic than most movies in the genre, and has more in common with forgotten s gems like 'Scarecrow' or 'Fat City', than your typical Clint Eastwood fare from this period.

Michael Cimino, who co-wrote the ecological SF sleeper 'Silent Running', and wrote the first and best movie in Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry' series, debuts impressively as director here.

Eastwood himself is very good as enigmatic thief Thunderbolt, even better is Jeff Bridges who steals the movie as his young protege Lightfoot. Some people dislike this movie because it appears to meander along for no particular reason, but I really enjoyed the interaction between Eastwood and Bridges, who really seem to be having a ball working together.

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The robbery plot is almost an excuse for a bunch of enjoyable scenes between the actors, who are all excellent and really play off each other in an entertaining way. So why should you see this movie?

thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

What makes it worthy of your time? The film opens with Eastwood preaching in a church as a man with a gun arrives and chases him out of the church. At the same time, Bridges is shown approaching a used car lot, where he cons the salesman and drives off in a flashy car.

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Eastwood literally runs into Bridges in his escape from the man with the gun, whom Bridges hits with the car. Eastwood crawls into the car despite Bridges attempts to throw him off. After driving a while together, though, Lightfoot is sad to see the preacher leave.

thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

He insists that they make a good pair and were beginning to become friends. They eventually are joined by two more con men and begin to plan a large, dangerous, and complex heist. And at the heart of it all is this bizarre, yet utterly believable and charming, bond between the two men.

thunderbolt and lightfoot ending a relationship

I know there is speculation of a queer reading of the friendship between the two men —and the canon of the film does little to discourage it though they are clearly established as heterosexual and each have encounters with women in the film.

There is no need for a heterosexual romantic storyline in the movie — there are actually very few female roles in the film — and no need for a homosexual romantic storyline either.

The movie is about a heist but also about the relationships between the men working to pull off that heist. Jeff Bridges looks awesome in 70s drag.