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All the while Tidus and Yuna's bond grows stronger, until the point that it seems likely to turn for a sense of meaning is her relationship with Tidus. static life which consists primarily of advising members of the populace on. Tidus meets Yuna again, two years after he disappeared. . Year 2 AG, right after "Perfect Ending" At Zanarkand in FFX 2 - Marriage proposal . She asks the best healer she knows besides herself for advice on what to take. When I first played FFX, I absolutely adored the relationship between Tidus and Yuna (I mean, c'mon. They would totally be high school.

And I will do it without false hope. Instead, it is ironically the completion of her ultimate task that brings her down. Having long since accepted that achieving her goal would end in her death, Yuna has no plans for a life after Sin.

Therefore, when Sin is defeated by means other than the Final Summoning and she lives to see a world without either, she is left rudderless, her purpose in life gone. The next place she seems likely to turn for a sense of meaning is her relationship with Tidus. While her goal to defeat Sin may be gone, she no longer has to fear the separation from him that death would bring.

The short feature shows her living a static life which consists primarily of advising members of the populace on petty matters and practicing holding her breath. Given the choice between disappointing those around her by starting a new adventure, or yielding to their expectations at her own expense, Yuna is initially unsure what to do.

In choosing to live for herself and do what she wants—a vast departure from her behavior in X—Yuna looks to her memory of Tidus for guidance on how she should behave. Some of the changes she adopts are positive, such as valuing her desires and choosing to expand her horizons by traveling the world. While such would be positive if Yuna was unhappy with all aspects of who she was during X, that is decidedly not the case. She still very much enjoys helping others and doing good for the world, which those around her seem to recognize even better than she does.

Having never fully regained a feeling of meaning during the two years she spent in Besaid, seeing the sphere of Tidus gives that back, goading her into becoming a sphere hunter to search for clues to the fate of her lost love.

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Just as he could have been her purpose before, he suddenly is again, giving her something to strive for. Just as she must discover that adopting his behaviors wholesale does not reflect who she truly is, she must also realize that she cannot rely on him exclusively for her sense of self-worth. In making this discovery, Yuna comes to admit a hard truth: But nothing leads to you.

Her decision to protect Spira is her own, not influenced by how she believes she should behave, and she demands to set the terms of how it will be done. With the final battle against Shuyin who is, in a way, the culmination of her own internal struggles; he is at once the shadow that sent her on a fruitless pursuit of Tidus, and someone with whom she can empathize, having lost someone just as he hasthings finally click into place for Yuna, and her true self shines through.

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Under certain circumstances, a very revealing scene occurs when Yuna leaves the final battle—as she crosses the Farplane to return to the surface, Tidus appears to her as a specter.

Yuna then says that her love for him is still strong, but she no longer fears living a life without him: You were with me the whole time.

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I kept thinking you might be, kept hoping. You will always have a place. While there are other possible endings wherein this scene does not take place, the sentiment applies across the board: These spoilers might even make the game a little more comprehensible for first-time players.

I know I struggled to keep up during my first brush with the game. ProtagonistSome people will insist that Yuna is the protagonist, not Tidus. Okay, the first act introduces him as a time-traveling underwater football player. Listen to my story. Western heroes are so often emotionally invincible. But Tidus wears his emotions on his hilariously outlandish sleeves. I get why people hate him. But I felt a strange connection to the guy. I was the same kind of opinionated annoying dipshit at one time, so his faults make him real to me in a way that say Corvo from Dishonored or Joel from Last of Us never were.

This world required exactly this blend of irresponsible idealism and bumbling iconoclasm to solve its problem. The World of Spira Sin rises from the ocean. My first time through the game, I thought this guy was, like, summoning a tsunami or something. But no, he's raising his bottle to the world-eater. No, I don't have time to explain that. The world of Spira is bonkers. Nor is it another secretive cult like you see in so many fantasy stories.


The apocalypse happened so long ago that this is just the new normal for them. The religious leaders come off as evil on your first time through the story. But once you know the whole story, their treachery seems less like predatory scheming villainy and more like the inevitable result of a long series of moral compromises by people who really thought they were serving the greater good.

The setup works like this: It spawn demons, wrecks villages, and is generally a walking natural disaster. Think of the Kaiju from Pacific Rimonly bigger. They go on a pilgrimage to the ruins of Zanarkand. As they go, they learn to summon larger and larger supernatural beings — called AeonsIt really is hard to avoid jargon.

At the end of their journey they master their powers and summon the Final Aeon. This Aeon battles Sin. If the summoner is strong enough, they defeat Sin. Either way, the summoner always dies in the process. This brings about a period they call The Calm.

They build a statue to the fallen summoner. They pray thanks at the temple. And they pray that maybe this time, Sin will stay dead for good. But Sin always comes back. Sometimes it takes a decade. But it always returns. The temple teaches that if people could just be good enough, they could be free of Sin forever.

But now for the real spoilers.