Tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

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tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

As played by Rogers and Emma Samms, this dashing twosome navigated through their Was it hard to juggle the Robert/Holly and Tristan/Emma relationships. I believe that Tristan went across the pond with Emma for Emma's sister . Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers were thrown together as lovers on GH and . I will always believe that the major think that killed their relationship was. Help us build our profile of Emma Samms and Tristan Rogers! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your .

Yeah, I'd like to see the relationship end on a happy note. I think it has been a significant relationship in daytime television. And I want to see it endure.

tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

I want to see it just fade away, but for it to be a happy fading. To know that these two people are meant to be together and they should be together. Robert should have gotten on the plane with Holly and disappeared because there was nothing for him to do after that. What was the worst? The marriage of Scorpio and Anna was really inappropriate.

tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

Their relationship was totally unique for daytime television. They cared about each other and wanted the best for each other and were good friends. Then suddenly, they're falling in love? Suddenly, these two are gonna get married. I said, come on now, they've been together now for 8 years, he turns around, walks in the room and he's in love with her?

What, what--what kind of rubbish is that? Robert battling colon cancer has given you the storyline of your career. Were you shocked you received this kind of meaty material so late in your career? You always hope you get good material. This was definitely a bonus. To be honest, when I went into this storyline I had no idea how it would unfold.

From the beginning, we all wanted the story to be raw and gritty.

tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

My approach was to make people feel uncomfortable. Witnessing a superhero undergo a colonoscopy was quite the memorable scene. And I think we did it. Have there been any talks about you joining the show in a long-term capacity now that Night Shift has ended? I have a very emotional bond with GH.

Consequently, I love working with a lot of the people over there. I would be stoked to continue playing Robert. It was on a wish list, but the main crux of this story has always been about father and daughter, and then doctor and patient.

When Finola came on, the story took a different direction regarding Anna and Robert. That was a surprise to everyone. It was a wonderful bonus. Robert and Anna finally addressed their feelings and history on the show. Those reunion scenes were spectacular to watch. And they were vastly different. Emma would have been appropriate in the dream sequence. Having said that, at some point Robert and Holly do need to reach some kind of closure.

There probably would have never been a Robin or an Anna. History took an interesting turn at the juncture. Did you know all along that GH was not planning to kill off Robert? That was established from the first moment I walked in the office, that this character was not dying, because I would not have been a part of the deal.

Sri, however, wanted to play the cancer-death beat right up to the very possible millimetre. He wanted to leave people hanging.

And he did an amazing job. Speaking of Sri, were you surprised Brian Frons handed over the reins of Night Shift over to a relative, albeit talented, newcomer? Sri made a fantastic story pitch, and it was very clear he had a solid understanding of the history of the show. After our first meeting, I was confident Sri was the right person to helm the series. Is it depressing to be a part of the new realities of the genre?

The networks are aware of this. Soaps have had a question mark attached to them in the past twelve months.

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By re-adjusting our stories to focus on the dramatic situation America finds itself in written for adults in a respectful, entertaining, and enlightening manner is what the audience needs right now. People are going to be stressed and depressed, and if history is any indication, soaps have always flourished in hard times. From your lips… Tristan Rogers Official Website June During the Wes Kenney years, you fought hard to protect the sanctity of the Robert and Holly romance by refusing to utter lines that would imply that there had been a rift in the marriage of RnH or that Holly had been unfaithful prior to her "death".

Why did you make that stand at the time? My reasoning at the time was very simple. I felt that Emma and I had really done something quite unique with this relationship and there was no reason to screw it up I was not going to be part of another soap sellout. Happily married couples back then were rare. They were happy, and also, they liked each other.

And all of this came across. There was nothing more to it than that. How would Robert feel about this recent reveal by Holly and Luke that they cheated on Robert and Laura while both couples were married? Well, it's been over 20 years and at this point I doubt Robert would get upset about it. I think Robert might realize that the relationship may not have been what he thought it was. Again, it has been a long time. He might reflect on it, or he simply may not believe it.

Especially at this point in his life. June As far as we're concerned, the phrases "General Hospital" and Luke Spencer are inextricably linked. Anthony Geary has been playing the lovable rapscallion sinceand was just nominated for a Daytime Emmy award.

Right now, Luke's involved in a big storyline where he's just discovered that lovable rapscallion coincidence? We spoke with Anthony on the phone from his Amsterdam home about the story and his recent Emmy nomination. Congratulations on your Emmy Nomination! How does it feel? Thank you so much. Tell us a little about the recent revelation that Luke and Holly have a son together [Ethan].

Ethan was conceived when Luke and Laura were together. Do you feel this tryst with Holly was in character? I feel it's in his character I really love this story and I really believe in it.

Luke grew up in a whorehouse. He can, and has separated sex from love really easily. This is not the guy in the white hat.

Emma Samms

So I don't have any doubt that Luke was devoted to Laura, and always will be. It doesn't mean he didn't have dalliances. Don't forget that Holly was the second love of Luke's life; she almost had his baby. She's a game player and so is he, so it makes perfect sense to me that they got together. I'm thrilled with this story.

I think it's good for the audience to be challenged [by this story and Luke's past infidelity manifesting itself]. What appeals to you about this story? We're getting to see a lot of Luke's facets that have been overlooked and laid dormant And he [Ethan] is sort of everything he [Luke] was and always wanted to be.

Ethan is like Luke at the beginning of his life, and here's Luke closer to the end. And this boy loves him, and Luke loves him back. How was it working with Emma Samms again? I love Emma to pieces. We picked up right where we left off.

The scenes where Ethan and Luke reacted to Holly's bombshell about the truth were really compelling. I liked taping those scenes. What's it like working with him? I'm loving working with Nathan. A lot of the feelings [for Ethan] as Luke are from mine for Nathan.

We are a lot alike so much that it's a little creepy. We are really close friends- it's fed the on screen relationship. I like that this story makes Luke a character with a dynasty and a legacy. I'm really lucky to have three great actors to take the torch. They are wonderful, and all extensions of Luke in their own way. Lucky has Luke's rage. Lucky's sense of justice and injustice is just as strong as Luke's.

Lulu carries Luke's optimism. And she could jump off a cliff and work out how to land [Like Luke]. And Ethan has Luke's treachery.

Thu Feb 11 The first one I ever had was hysterical. What were you doing? I saw a little bit of it. Do you get offered lots of reality shows? They want you to lose the plot and get cross with people and go a bit mad. Maxwell Caulfield, who played your husband in The Colbys, recently appeared in Emmerdale - would you like to appear in a British soap? When my kids are older then it might be a great thing to do. What did you think when you first heard about it? The cliffhanger was always a big deal and they tried to keep it a secret so we thought they were trying to do that by issuing a false script.

Was it fun to film? The special effects were great as they used the same people who did Close Encounters. They all kept it terribly secret so when we filmed it they used the back-end of a truck that they morphed with computers into a spaceship. What was really funny was that the silver suit they gave him to wear was a little too tight in the crotch area which was embarrassing for him but hysterically funny for me.

I had to stand and stare at him in a very hypnotic way and to do that and not laugh was almost impossible! Oh, I hope not. How depressing would that be to see us all aged?

tristan rogers and emma samms relationship

Since the heartbroken Holly found Robert after going through the wringer with Luke-the lovable pair have snuggled in a sauna, dashed through an amusement park and now they're traipsing through Mexico, where Luke has been spotted of late actually San Antonio, Texas-the Mexican location shoot would have been a bit dear, as Emma would say. Happy marriages usually have a brief shelf life on daytime dramas but this one endures: Tristan and Emma a perfect couple on screen, are not and never have been contrary to reports hot item off screen.

They're perfectly happy to be single. And no perfect marriage. General Hospital emphatically proved this point inwhen the soap's "only happily married couple" was torn assunder. Until now, each storm weathered by Robert and Holly Scorpio only served to bring them closer. Life was a challenge faced together. The emergence of his ex-wife, Anna Devane, uncovered lies, secrets, deceptions, guilt.

But no matter how dark and bleak the situation becameHolly leaving her husband to flee to England, Robert teaming with Anna and pretending to be lovers to fight Sean, Prescott kidnapping Holly, etc. It did, and boy, were we happy But you can't have everything. Robert and Holly Scorpio may walk off into the Australian sunset together, but their memory still lingers.

Thanks and praise to Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms for their splendid work. It was our privilege to see them develop outstanding characters and forge such a riveting partnership. SOD, The revelation went against everything the Scorpios' marriage stood for: How could Robert Scorpio have had a first wife and not told Holly?!?

Loyal GH fans didn't understand, and neither did we. Yes, it was well done, but that is irrelevent. General Hospital asked its viewers to accept the absolutely unacceptable, and they reacted with justifiable outrage.

The writers trashed an exciting, vibrant marriage to advance a hot triangle. Robert's character and credibility were destroyed as he tap-danced his way through a minefield of a storyline. Meanwhile, innocent Holly went from feisty fighter to melancholic, betrayed victim--a senseless casualty. As for Annathe first wife, her behavior can best be described as schizophrenic, as she went from sinner to savior in three easy lessons.

It was a long, discouraging summer indeed. With a string of disasters the top rated soap may just fall from their perch. Emma Samms, the shows shining star and one half of the scintillating Scorpio marriage is leaving after signing on with Dynasty.

Tristan Rogers' morale is low because of his drop in popularity and the departure of co-star Samms, with whom he is involved on and off the set. GH's main concern is finding a replacement for Emma's popular Holly Scorpio character. It's a feat no one thinks they will be able to accomplish. Since Dynasty goes on break in April Samms will be available to GH until the show starts back up again buying the show some time to figure out what to do. Tristan has been unhappy with the show a lot lately.

He threatened to leave the show until Monty beefed up his storyline last year giving him an adventure storyline with Tony Geary. He is also dating Emma Samms and is very happy with that relationship on and off screen. Rogers' popularity has dropped since the addition of actors Jack Wagner and Steve Bond.