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us and greece relationship

It is almost incredible, what is happening in the relations between the United States and Greece. Things that just a few years ago were. Greece, Cyprus and Israel are the United States' three most AHI's aim is to strengthen the US-Greece relationship, says Nick Larigakis. Extremely neutral since Turkey is a major US ally. Greece is part of NATO so military drills between the US and Greece do happen regularly.

  • With Turkey Ties Strained, US Warms Up to Greece
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However, it complained that its financial system was chaotic. The far left boycotted elections in March that were held under international supervision.

USA: Trump 'commends' Greece's military defence expansion amid strong relations

The US judged them fair and supported the new conservative government, as it did the plebiscite that brought back King George II. Behind the scenes, American diplomats tried to convince the government to end corruption. Fighting broke out inwith the communist element receiving arms and bases of support across the border in Yugoslavia. London secretly informed Washington in February that its funding would run out in a matter of weeks. A crisis was at hand and the US decided to act decisively.

Greece–United States relations

In the Greek Civil War, communist partisans, who had been organized to fight the Germans, were by strongly supported by the Tito's Yugoslavia but received no support from the Soviet Union. They were grants, not loans. Truman declared to Congress on March It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.

The policy meant rejecting any rollback strategy to end communist rule where it already existed. American military and economic aid to Turkey also proved effective.

Turkey did not have a civil war and was heavily funded well into the s. Both countries joined NATO in Economic programs were phased out bybut military assistance continued. In fiscal yearGreece was the fourth-largest recipient of U.

With Turkey Ties Strained, US Warms Up to Greece

The current "mutual defense cooperation agreement" provides a continued U. Likewise, the Republic of Cyprus is an important, Western-oriented nation for US interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, and it is a key partner on counterterrorism and security issues. The two countries are part of an important geopolitical region to the United States due to the significant energy, commercial and communications resources that transit the region.

The discovery of hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean reinforces this position. Do these visits necessarily serve to underscore what the US policies toward Greece and Cyprus will be? Nonetheless, it is a good indicator that this administration views the relationship with these two countries as important to cultivate and to strengthen.

And unlike the visit by Turkish President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan to the White House, with which the administration has many outstanding issues, the US relationship with Greece and Cyprus appears to be strong. Most important, State Department officials who are responsible for this region are very involved and constantly reach out to leaders of Greek American organizations to brief them on current developments, or to be briefed.

There is unprecedented access to the State Department, and this has been the case since the latter years of the Obama administration.

us and greece relationship

Separate from the administration, it is important to note the US Congress has a vital role in the development and implementation of US foreign policy.

As US citizens, we must communicate continually and advocate positions on issues involving US interests with Greece and Cyprus to members of Congress.

History of the U.S. and Greece

A new Congress will be elected later this year and will take office in January Therefore, it is essential that we educate incoming members of Congress on these issues. How does the Greek-American community approach the possibility of a solution to the issue over the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia?

It is very encouraging the current government in FYROM is not ultra-nationalistic and that it understands the time has come to resolve this issue, which unfortunately, previous FYROM governments have exasperated with their intransigent positions. However, as it relates to the Greek-American community position, there is not a clear barometer from which to gauge.

History of the U.S. and Greece | U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Greece

Those who follow this issue do welcome the encouraging signs that it might be resolved soon. Greece has been a long-time, faithful ally and important geostrategic partner providing for peace and stability in the region. Is there cooperation between different parts of the Greek-American lobby?

us and greece relationship

As you know, there are only a handful of professional-based organizations in the United States who advocate on issues affecting US relations with Greece and Cyprus.