Yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

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yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

Feb 20, PSA: Urahara Kisuke and Shihōin Yoruichi are NOT nice people Have I got your attention? Soifon's relationship to Yoruichi is vastly different, and while I do . Ichigo expressly told her he doesn't want the help, but Yoruichi. Yoruichi, dismissing this, told Urahara to hurry off to his duty, and told Suì-Fēng to help prepare for Urahara's Captain's Proficiency Test. Yoruichi was present. May 27, Urahara and Yoruichi are forced to be a couple at the annual ball. "Yoruichi wore her flirtatious smile as always and held on to Urahara's.

What the hell was that about? Urahara responded with a smirk, "You did say to put on a show, Yoruichi-san," he slurred in an amused yet matter-of-fact manner. Yoruichi eyed him carefully and then grabbed at his shirt. She smiled at him with a raised eyebrow, "You're right! Her tongue carefully slipped into his mouth and lingered there for a while. Eventually, she broke the kiss, looked up and smirked at his dazed expression.

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She smiled, quite satisfied and walked away slowly. His eyes followed her well-toned, curvy figure longingly as she walked, "Damn! While hanging out with their friends at the tables, Yoruichi and Kisuke were urged to dance with each other.

yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

After all, they were a couple for the night, and everyone danced with their date, Yoruichi's friends reasoned. Both actually wanted to dance together but of course neither admitted it. They semi-grudgingly agreed and walked on to the dance floor together. Yoruichi wore her flirtatious smile as always and held on to Urahara's shoulders, "Lighten up Kisuke, it won't be any fun if you don't play along!

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Urahara held Yoruichi's waist and smiled easily. They swayed comfortably to the slow, romantic song that was being played at the moment. Nearing the end of the song, there was slight tension between them, as they were overcome with new, confusing emotions. They gazed into each others eyes and didn't realize that the song ended and switched to a much more sensual tune. Yoruichi noticed a flicker of hesitation in Urahara's eyes. She teased, "I hope your dancing skills aren't as poor as your fighting skills.

They both danced great, keeping up with the rhythm and displaying fiery passion.

Do Urahara and Yoruichi love each other?

It was very entertaining, both for them and for the onlookers. At one point, Urahara dipped Yoruichi backwards and passed his fingers slowly along her arms as he pulled her back in. This made Yoruichi tingle. Urahara realized this and smirked to himself. However, the Shihouin princess was not to be outdone. She brushed his ears with her lip and whispered temptingly into them.

He didn't hear a thing that she muttered over the loud music but he liked it.

yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

After he spun her around and dipped her backwards again, she seductively wrapped one leg around him. He held her thigh firmly and she held his head with her left arm. Their faces were inches apart and they breathed heavily. Their friends were a bit surprised but looked on eagerly. The same passion the two usually displayed when they fought, was now being channeled differently.

Unable to properly convey his feelings, Urahara held Yoruichi's chin with his free hand and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. The problem though, is that the blame here lies entirely with the creator, not with Kisuke.

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Not because it swaps higher mental faculties for more power. Let me put up the following mini-collage for your consideration: Yes, I edited that top panel with a more accurate translation, because it was bugging the hell out of me.

I explain why here Interesting how in the first instance, while Yoruichi is still herself, Kisuke is being a pervert. Yet when she switches to her new mode, when her reasoning and much of what makes her Yoruichi is gone, the pervert up and vanishes. Sure he enjoys affectionate Yoruichi to some extent: They are not tamed animals. Not in the sense dogs are. Humans have interfered with canine DNA for thousands of years now, and wolves already carried a pack mentality in their genes to begin with.

Meaning that dogs are literally wired to respond to a superior, an Alpha. But cats are vastly different. Humans have only been messing with cat DNA for the past years or so, and only for cosmetic reasons.

Human-cat relationships have always, always been relationships between peers.

yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

Which is why when a cat comes to you, ahhh… Now that is trust. Praise Bastet, amen can you tell I kinda like cats? He literally spells it out for you in the chapter that she does as she damn well pleases. The only thing Kisuke has control over is when her transformation happens and possibly when it ends. If you want to argue that the cat transformation made Yoruichi look ridiculous and took away from the gravitas one might expect at this point in the story, I am in full agreement.

It was gimmicky and silly, but it does not change my opinion of either character one iota.

yoruichi and kisuke relationship help

The nyan-nyan silliness does leave a bad taste to my mouth, but Yoruichi remains my flawless, problematic Queen.