Alameda swap meet stores at the mall

T-shirt Printing in Los Angeles - Slauson Super Mall

alameda swap meet stores at the mall

Slauson Super mall is the best shopping center in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the top 10 swap meet store in CA known for providing goods to meet every . Reserving a Space: Reserve your space in the Fox Plaza Shopping Center Management Office located at: Alameda Avenue, El Paso between am . Visit the West Wind Coliseum Swap Meet in Oakland for unbeatable Whether you want a rental space to open a second store or simply sell your used family.

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What looked like a good in the internet photo turned out to be too cheep to sell when it arrived. So you need to actually see the products before you buy. Los Angeles Wholesale District. Los Angeles, CA You need to buy at least 6 of each item to get the wholesale price. If you are buying a lot, you might get bigger discounts.

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They have monthly auctions. Basically, they serve the hobby store industry. Might not be ideal if you are selling to ultra-thrifty swapmeet customers.

alameda swap meet stores at the mall

If you see the styles you want, you can e-mail them from their website to find out the wholesale price. Or you can head down to their store. They even have a Made in USA section! This outlet sells popular styles wholesale.

Exploring LA: SLAUSON SUPER MALL (Swap Meet)

This outlet is designed for starting a small business or adding Jewelry to your product mix. They have a wide variety of popular import fashions. Seems to be for younger women and girls—they buy a lot of clothes after all. They basically have everything for a store or swap meet vendor. We are not sure of the pricing. Wholesale Mall E. Every so often there will be a massive raid on many locations so that merchants will not be tipped off. But be careful police are going after the small vendors and retailers.

First time offenders might end up with probation, but this will hurt your chances of getting a job, joining the military, or getting into college.

Be careful when shopping in LA. If you are buying a name brand product, it might be a fake. And you might be supporting street gangs.

alameda swap meet stores at the mall

Other Wholesale Outlets These consist of large warehouses near transportation hubs. You may need a resale license just to get access, and you need to buy in volume. Off the between the and They sell stuff that has been returned to major retailers. They even made a commercial: But they also carry tools, candy, toys … You need to have a business to get access, they will have someone contact you.

They ship to your store.

alameda swap meet stores at the mall

Maybe not ideal source for swapmeeters. They sell a wide variety of stuff. It is hard to figure out there theme—maybe just good deals. You need to purchase by the doz.

El Faro Plaza | Los Angeles Indoor Swap Meet

They only do internet sales. Despite their name, the seem to be located in La Habra. As the name implies, this is were they sell stuff to those dollar stores. The quality might not be the highest, but what the heck, it retails for about a buck. They say they are in Los Angeles, but they are actually located in Carson. They can even make private label perfumes.

The name is a bit misleading. When you log onto this site, it feels like your first trip to a Wall Mart. This is where wholesellers and major retail stores get their inventory. You will be amazed at how low the prices are. You can even customize the items with your logo. Del Amo became the largest indoor shopping center in the world. Magnin followed in with part of their store eventually occupied by Old Navywhile Burlington Coat Factory opened in the basement of the former Del Amo Center.

Robinson's became Robinsons-May in At first, the company attempted to sell the building to Bloomingdale'sbut after three years reopened it in July as a Macy's home and furniture gallery, its largest stand-alone home furnishing store in Southern California.

Montgomery Ward dealt another blow when it closed following the chain's bankruptcy and failed to become[ discuss ] Target. This resulted in the closure of an entire wing of the mall. Robinsons-May converted to a second full-line Macy's on September 9, Lifestyle Court The new open-air lifestyle center opened on September 14,bringing new specialty stores, dining, entertainment, a Lucky Strike Lanes now occupied by Old Navyand an AMC Theatres screen multiplex to the mall.

Simon assumed management of Del Amo Fashion Center at this time. In Aprilthe mall's website was placed under the Simon. Simon expansion[ edit ] After increasing its ownership stake in the property, Simon presented preliminary plans to revamp Del Amo. The plans were considered vague and underwhelming by Torrance residents.