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big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

Meet the characters from Disney's Big Hero 6 movie! Conceived and built by Tadashi Hamada, Baymax just might revolutionize the healthcare industry. Fred (Big Hero 6) is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one after spilling the food of the same name onto his shirt on one occasion), as well as when he meets the younger brother of his friend Tadashi, Hiro Hamada. . to recreate Baymax, and with the robot's revival, the Big Hero 6 superhero team. Big Hero 6 Clip - Meet the Team - High Quality! - YouTube. Hello I am Baymax (Big Hero 6) - YouTube. Hello I am Baymax (Big Hero 6) - YouTube.

Wasabi can also be seen wearing all black, jikatabi shoes, which are often found in Japanese fashion. When wearing his super suit, Wasabi dons mostly green, almost turquoise armor, accompanied by a flowing, shimmering cape in promotional materialand what appears to be Japanese cropped pants, with particular patterns layered over it.

Wasabi's jikatabi fashion also remains intact with his armor, though given red linings to accompany the black. Powers and abilities Like the rest of his teammates, Wasabi's scietifically engineered abilities are based off his latest school project; laser induced plasma.

In addition to his natural physical strength and scientific skill, Wasabi's suit contains a pair of retractable plasma blades housed in the forearms. These blades are razor sharp and can slice through most, if not all, materials with relative ease.

In battle, Wasabi appears to be the most powerful or capable member of the team, excluding Baymax, as seen when he used his plasma blades and own physical agility to counter nearly every one of Yokai's attacks. He has very quick reflexes, as shown during training when he easily cut down all of the tennis balls aimed at him from the quick tennis ball cannon without getting injured and was able to hold his own for a short time against Yokai while not overpowered, Yokai was able to use the microbots to grab Wasabi's feet.

Wasabi is first introduced at San Fransokyo Tech, where he is working on laser induced plasma, with a little magnetic confinement for ultra precision.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

During the testing process, Wasabi meets Hiro, the younger brother of his friend, Tadashi. Wasabi takes the time to demonstrate his creation, as well as introducing Hiro to his method of organization, only to be thrown off by Go Go. Hiro also learns that Wasabi received his nickname from Fred after spilling the food onto his shirt on one occasion.

Later on, Wasabi and the others assist him in a project to earn enrollment by Professor Callaghan.

Wasabi attends the showcase, claiming to have several different necessities in case of an emergency due to nervousness. Afterward, a fire breaks out, which kills Tadashi and Professor Callaghan.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

Wasabi and the others mourn the death of their friend, and reaches out to Hiro in hopes of having him join their side in school, only to face rejection. Later that night, Wasabi and the others were out on the city streets when they spot Hiro and Tadashi's robot, Baymaxsnooping about the city. Wasabi follows behind in his van, and the gang soon finds themselves near the bay. A fearful Wasabi trying to evade Yokai. Wasabi confronts Hiro on his actions, but it leads to no real explanation.

That is, until a menacing figure wearing a kabuki mask arrives and attacks them; nearly killing a panicked Wasabi, though he is rescued by Baymax. Without further hesitation, Wasabi and the others retreat to the former's van, and a car chase ensues. A by-the-book Wasabi constantly obeys the traffic laws, however, slowing the group down and heightening of the mask figure's success in murdering them, until Go Go, out of frustration, takes the wheel.

The chase ends with the team and van crashing into the waters of the bay, having the mask man believe them to be dead, thus taking his leave. Once emerged from the waters, Fred offers a place for recovery, which turns out to be his mansion home, much to Wasabi's surprise and utter confusion.

After drying off, the friends discuss the mask man, and he's revealed to be a man who managed to steal Hiro's Microbots, and the cause of the fire that killed Tadashi.

Wanting to bring him to justice, Hiro suggests they become technologically advanced superheroes to bring Yokai down, themselves. Wasabi is the first to express his apprehensions on the matter, exclaiming they're simply a bunch of nerds, and as such, don't stand a chance against the villain.

Nevertheless, he goes along with it, and "upgrades" are given to each member.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

Wasabi witnesses his plasma blades for the first time. Wasabi is given special armor, with his primary weapons being plasma blades based off his latest school experiment.

After a little training at Fred's manor, Baymax and Hiro set out to track Yokai's whereabouts, eventually discovering it to be on an abandoned island off the shores of the city. Wasabi joins the others in traveling over via flight through Baymax, and openly expresses his lack of enjoyment due to his fear of heights. Once they arrive, Wasabi is the only member to point out the lack of precaution the others are taking, after spotting a "Warning" sign on the gates that lead to a hidden facility.

Nevertheless, a fearful Wasabi follows behind, and the team soon stumbles upon a giant machine in the making. After watching a surveillance recording, they learn that the machine is a transportation portal, that originally belonged to tech-geru Alistair Kreibut was destroyed after a malfunctioning during its test run, apparently killing the test pilot, Abigail.

This leads the team to believe Krei is the one behind the mask.

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Wasabi reprimanding Hiro on his murderous actions. And just then, Yokai attacks. Whilst the other members immediately jump into action, Wasabi stays behind in an attempt to think of a plan, only to impulsively jump into battle. Though he puts up a decent fight, at first, Yokai soon gets the upper hand and defeats him.

After a while, Hiro successfully unmasks the criminal, but it's revealed to be Professor Callaghan, who used the stolen Microbots to save himself from a fiery death. Infuriated, Hiro corrupts Baymax's programming and orders him to kill Callaghan. Knowing such action is wrong, Wasabi, Go Go, and Fred battle Baymax to stop him, allowing Callaghan to escape in the process.

Fortunately, Honey Lemon restores Baymax to his normal safe, and the robot apologizes for his actions towards the team. Wasabi and Go Go confront Hiro on his behavior, only to have the boy storm off in grief, with Baymax by his side, leaving them stranded on the island, until Fred's butler arrives with the family chopper.

Once they return to San Fransokyo, Wasabi and the team visit Hiro to comfort him, understanding his actions were out of overwhelming sadness at the hands of Tadashi's death. Go Go then promises they'll put a stop to Callaghan's villainy, the right way. Wasabi during the final battle against Yokai.

The team then shows Hiro a piece of recording footage they found at Krei's facility, where it's revealed Abigail was the daughter of Callaghan, meaning his scheme is revolved around extracting revenge on Alistair Krei. With this knowledge, the team heads to Krei Tech, where Callaghan arrives and confronts the tech-geru. Before he's able to kill Krei, Wasabi and the team arrives, engaging in battle after Callaghan refuses to stand down.

Wasabi is soon trapped between two metallic walls of Microbots, which continuously move closer from each side, as Callaghan plans to crush him to death. With the other members suffering similar catastrophes, Hiro advises them to look through a different angle to free themselves. Wasabi comes up with the idea to use his blades to get through the ground below him, thus freeing him from Callaghan's clutches. Once below, and reunited with some of the other teammates, Wasabi begins destroying the Microbots and sending them into the already activated portal, tarnishing Callaghan's source of power, and enabling the team access to apprehending him.

Wasabi and the others during the finale. One night, Fred and the others are contacted by Tadashi's healthcare robot, Baymaxto help Hiro in overcoming his depression. When the friends make their way to the Hamada household, they find Hiro and Baymax wandering about the streets. They then learn that Hiro's Microbots were stolen by a villainous man wearing a mask, named Yokai, and the former and Baymax were in the process of tracking him down.

Just then, Yokai attacks and a car chase ensues. While the team is oblivious to the villain's drive to kill them, Fred who takes joy in being part of an intense action scene channels his love of comics and quickly figures they've seen too much, leaving them targets for Yokai's wrath.

Nevertheless, the group manages to escape, finding themselves accidentally thrown off the road and into a bay. Sensing Hiro's need for warm shelter, Baymax requests a place of refuge Fred welcoming his friends to his home. Fred takes his friends to a mansion in the middle of the city, which he claims to be his home. Believing it to be a joke, Go Go stresses her frustration, until Fred's butler, Heathcliff, arrives and welcomes the team in.

The group then engage themselves in a brief tour of the beautiful home, led by Fred, until they're guided to the former's private quarters; a bedroom filled with collectible figures of comic characters, statues, arcade games, and mildly unsettling "self-portraits" of Fred, himself.

Once settled, Hiro ponders on the identity of Yokai, though the team is at a loss for answers. Fred, however, believes the culprit to be Alistair Krei, referencing his desires to buy Hiro's Microbots at the science fair.

Fred's ideas are rejected by the other members, however, who believe Krei is too high profile for such sinister plots. Just then, Baymax reveals to hold information that allows Hiro to track Yokai, who suggests turning himself and his friends into a team of heroes in order to catch the villain.

Fred trying on his monster suit for the first time. Unlike the rest of the team, Fred immediately agrees to the idea, and is given a battle suit with the appearance of a Kaiju and the ability to breath fire. After some training with the help of Heathcliff, the team heads to an abandoned islandwhere Yokai is thought to be hidden. As the team sneaks inside, Fred sings his own theme music much to the annoyance of Wasabi until they manage to find a large portal.

Through a series of recorded security footage, they learn that the portal was built by Alistair Krei, which was destroyed after an accident resulted in the supposed death of a girl named Abigail. Before they can see more, Yokai attacks, and Fred immediately jumps into battle, only to be defeated instantly. Eventually, Yokai is uncovered by Hiro and is revealed to be Professor Callaghan.

Furious, Hiro corrupts Baymax and orders the robot to kill the professor, prompting Fred, Go Go, and Wasabi to intervene. Callaghan manages to escape just as Honey's able to restore Baymax, and a frustrated Hiro leaves the island, leaving his friends stranded.

Fortunately, Fred is able to contact Heathcliff, who rescues the group on the family helicopter. Fred during the final battle against Yokai.

Once they return home, Hiro, Fred, and the others are able to reconcile. Afterwards, they show Hiro a piece of footage from the island, which reveals Abigail to be Callaghan's daughter. Fred declares Callaghan's villainy to be driven by revenge against Krei, and the friends rush out to save the tech-geru at his headquarters. In the midst of battle, Callaghan subdues each member of the team, grabbing Fred by all limbs of his suit; hoping to brutally rip the boy apart.

Realizing it's only a suit, Fred is able to use a piece of scrap metal to destroy his bonds. After regrouping with his friends, Fred follows Hiro's new strategy: Fred spat fire at some of Honey's chem-balls, creating a smokescreen to obscure their intent from Callaghan. Fred then sets his signs ablaze and uses them to destroy Microbot clusters. Before the portal meant to destroy Krei's building destroys itself, Baymax senses life within the machine and rushes inside along with Hiro to retrieve the civilian.

While Baymax loses his life, Hiro returns with the survivor, Abigail, who is taken into medical care, while Callaghan is arrested. Fred reunites with his father. After Callaghan's downfall and the safety of San Fransokyo is restored, Fred and the others return to their normal lives, happily welcoming Hiro into San Fransokyo Tech as an official student. Over time, Hiro is successfully able to recreate Baymax, and with the robot's revival, the Big Hero 6 superhero team is reformed, with Fred rejoining his friends to protect the city from any and all dangers; in honor of Tadashi.

Fred lastly appear in the post-credits, where he stares at the portrait of his parents to cope with his familial loneliness. Wondering how his father would feel if he knew of the events that recently occurred, Fred lets out his feelings in front of the portrait, until he accidentally uncovers a secret passageway leading into a technological lair, filled with weapons, gadgetry, and a superhero outfit.

Astonished, Fred takes a quick look around, until his father suddenly arrives and reveals his secret life as a superhero, to his son. Fred embraces his father out of excitement and joy before the latter explains they have a lot to talk about. The Series Fred in Big Hero 6: Fred appears in the television series, voiced by Brooks Wheelan.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

Having returned to their normal lives following Callaghan's defeat, Fred wishes to reform Big Hero 6. Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon initially refuse, and Hiro eventually does the same in hopes of bettering his time at school. After Yama creates an army of Baymax clones to steal a coveted piece of technology, however, the group reluctantly jumps back into action as a superhero team and successfully defend the city from Yama's invasion.

In service to the team, Fred proves to be useful through his love of comics, which have occasionally aided in the defeat of various villains. He also has access to his father's superhero equipment and database, which Big Hero 6 occasionally consult for information in criminals.

Fred tends to follow comic book logic when trying to overcome a problem or adversary, such as when he roped Hiro and Honey into staking out near an art museum as it seemed like an obvious target for a villain; he turned out to be right, as the museum was robbed by Globby shortly after. He also has a habit of dubbing criminals with supervillain names; this was the case with Globby, as well as Obake before the team learned his actual name.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax shirt

In the episode " Mini-Max ", it is shown that Fred is sometimes forced to take on crime alone when the other members of the team are busy in school.